June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month | Five Reasons to Adopt a Cat

June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month | Five Reasons to Adopt a Cat

Why adopt a shelter cat? We’d love to tell you! June has been declared Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat-Month and we at Posh Pets are huge kitty lovers. Our resident cats, Baxter and Panda both came from Toronto Animal Services and they are absolutely wonderful! Baxter has been with us for three years and Panda for two and we cannot possibly imagine life without them. Every night I’m reminded, as my legs are pinned together in one place because they sleep on opposite sides, that a purr in the house makes it a home.


So obviously, we are big supporters of adoption. Maybe you’re thinking about it, but maybe you’ve heard stories. So, here are five reasons to consider a shelter cat:

1. There’s a cat personality that’s just right for everyone.

I find it is a huge myth that all cats are aloof and shun human interaction. Baxter and Panda are proof-positive. I often call them my ‘puppy-cats’ because they greet us when we come home, respond to their names, love to be petted, brushed and will often cuddle up on my lap when I am working. There’s no doubt that my husband and I have created an environment where that type of behaviour flourishes, but the fact is, they were very sociable while still in the shelter. And it showed. That’s probably one of the great things of visiting a shelter to choose a kitty – there are many different breeds and personalities to choose from all in one place. Add to that, the staff usually have a good idea of the personalities, and can help you choose the perfect cat for you and your lifestyle.

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2. You’re saving a life.

Many shelters are overrun with cats looking for homes. It’s a harsh world for a cat or a kitten on the streets. Fifty percent of feral cats die within their first year and are considered ‘lucky’ if they make it past 2 years of age. Whereas, a well-cared for indoor kitty has an average lifespan of 15 years! Adopting a cat not only gives them a great life, but also saves the life of the one who now has a ‘spot’ at the shelter. That second cat now has their own chance at a forever home which, when they find it, leaves a spot for one more. Believe me, hearing the thankful, content purr of a feline friend that you share your home with, is simply amazing.

relaxing brown tabby cat pet photographer

3. Shelter and rescue cats are a good financial decision.

If you have weighed the benefits and costs of cat ownership, then getting your furry feline from a rescue or shelter makes sense. When you adopt an animal from a shelter, you are receiving the benefits of all of the work has been done before. They have had a health check, received necessary vaccines, are often spayed or neutered and have passed a behavioural assessment. They are also often sent home with a ‘starter kit’ consisting of lots of information, food, some health insurance. Plus, your adoption fee is a donation towards the medical needs of yet other animals in the rescue’s care. It all makes perfect cents!

brown tabby kitten sitting on scratching post

4. There are health benefits to owning a cat

Having a pet has shown to minimize our health risks. Everything from lowering the risk of stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease and heart attacks. Much has even been written on the health benefits of a cat’s purr – it’s certainly calming to listen to a happy kitty purring by your side. So, you’re saving a life and they, in turn, are lengthening yours.

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5. It’s a great way to support a great cause.

Rescues and shelter are doing great work helping cats live better lives. Your adoption sets a great example for those who believe that a shelter cat is somehow damaged or unhealthy. You’re helping get the word out that they are indeed loveable pets and can give so much back in return. If you are unable to adopt at this time, you can consider making a donation to a shelter or rescue that you believe in. As they say:

orange cat in tree house

Adopt. If you can’t adopt, foster. If you can’t foster, volunteer. If you can’t volunteer, donate. If you can’t donate, educate.

If you are looking to adopt a shelter cat because you want the companionship of a great cat or kitten, there are many shelter and rescue organizations within the GTA. Here are some of them:

Toronto Animal Services

Toronto Humane Society

Annex Cat Rescue

Toronto Cat Rescue

Team Cat Rescue


Mega Pet Adoption Event – CNE | Toronto Pet Photographer

Mega Pet Adoption Event – CNE | Toronto Pet Photographer

So, this weekend (July 4-6, 2014) is the first Mega Pet Adoption Event in Toronto.  It is being held at the Exhibition Grounds on the waterfront and is a joint effort between Toronto Animal Services, Toronto Humane Society, Toronto Cat Rescue and Pet Smart Charities…all in an effort to get lots and lots of furry faces forever homes! Adoption fees are only $25 for either cats or dogs, plus the license fee if you live in the City of Toronto. By all accounts the event is going very well and we are only at the end of Day 1!

Toronto Mega Pet Adoption Event

Last week, I spent a few hours at Toronto Animal Services – North photographing as many animals as we could. It is so nice if they can have a beautiful adoption photo that showcases their beautiful little mugs and charming personalities. If you or anyone you know ends up welcoming one of these guys or girls into your home, please drop me a line at Posh Pets and say “hi”. I absolutely love to hear happy endings.

If you are thinking of adding a pet into your family, this would be the weekend to come down to the CNE. Don’t believe me? Well, I have news – my husband and I just adopted a new little furry girl into our family! I’ll definitely be sharing more about her shortly  🙂  In the meantime, enjoy these lovely faces…

boxer dog in front of his dog housegrey tabby kitten coming out of her litter boxborder collie sitting beside his dog housetabby kitten posingbrown tabby kitten sitting on scratching posttorte cat sitting in a blue boxlittle bub look-alikeJRT posing in front of his dog houselabrador puppy with awesome earswhite maltese in front of his dog housemini poodle leaning to the sidelabrador dog black lying on the groundsleepy beagle in torontodog sitting by his house smilingorange tabby relaxingpoodle mix dog with his dog housespider man kitten on his cat scratcherpug standing by his dog houseblack poodle mix with his dog house in Torontoshih tzu in Canadagrey tabby cat on fake grasssleepy beagle in Ontarioblack border collie in Torontosmiling running collie in the sundoberman dog standing against brick wall in Toronto

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Toronto Pet Photography

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Toronto Pet Photography

Yesterday was a glorious day (for pet photography and otherwise) in Toronto! We finally had some bearable temperatures, beautiful blue skies, sun and fresh, clean snow. The dogs were excited to finally get outside and not freeze their paws and bums off and, quite honestly, we were too. It was such a pleasure to photograph these adoptables and give them a chance to shine.

Each of them are available at Toronto Animal Services – North Region. If you are interested in adoption, be sure to call ahead and make sure that your intended is still available. You’ll also see their adorable furry faces on the Posh Pets Photography Facebook page. For now, take a look!

american bulldog pet photographyterrier dog oakville dog  photographychihuahua GTA dog photographygolden doodle premier toronto dog photographerpremier canadian cat photographerdindo pet photographer in GTAlabrador dog photographer in torontoorange tabby toronto cat photographerpomeranian toronto dog photographerpuggle toronto pet photographershih tzu ontario pet photographeryorkshire terrier toronto pet photographer

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographer

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographer

I headed out as we at Posh Pets made our weekly visit to photograph the adoptables at Toronto Animal Services – North. We met a lot of furry faces this week! Lots of wiggly dog bums and many happy kitties in the bubble…all awaiting their special someones to show up and give them a forever home.

As you look at their lovely faces, if you see someone you would like to meet, please contact TAS – North directly. They will be able to answer all of your questions and give you a current status on any individual pet. Even if you are not planning on adopting right now, please share this post in the hopes that many, many eyeballs will see it and through the power of the internet, we can help them find their homes!

black cat laying on postblack and white cat standingboxer standing in snowcurious brown tabbybrown tabby playing with toyChihuahua standing in snowshepherd sitting in snowgrey and white kitten posing in cat tunnelblack lab puppy sitting in snowminiature poodle standing in snoworange tabby sitting looking at camerashepherd mix standing in snowdog standing in snowdog sitting in snowrough collie sitting in snowtorte cat sitting on shelfwhite shepherd standing in snow

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographers Toronto

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographers Toronto

Amid all of the excitement generated by Darwin, the “IKEA Monkey” on Monday, we were able to photograph a “perfect 10”. Five lovely cats and five wonderful dogs…all looking for their forever homes. They are all currently living at Toronto Animal Services (North Region), so please contact them directly if there is a furry face in here that you would like to meet in person. As always, there is also a little about each of them on the Posh Pets Facebook page!


Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services (North) – Toronto Volunteer Pet Photographer

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services (North) – Toronto Volunteer Pet Photographer

Here is this week’s round-up of adorable adoptables available at Toronto Animal Services (North). As always, we have a little more information about each of them on the Posh Pets’ Facebook page and you can get all of the details by contacting TAS directly.

Incidentally, Miki (the beautiful dog in this first photo) was our 299th subject for 2012! I’m sure you would agree that she is stunning and, in person, is such a calm, sweetheart who walks beautifully on her leash. Come and meet Miki and all of her friends today!

Chester & Abbey | Part II of A Wonderful Dog and Cat Photography Session in the Park!

Chester & Abbey | Part II of A Wonderful Dog and Cat Photography Session in the Park!

Today, I am very happy to spotlight one of our recent sessions – the lovely Abbey! Last time we featured her gorgeous brother, Chester, but Abbey is so beautiful she deserves her own Posh Pets’ post.

When I first heard that I would be photographing Abbey, I nearly squealed with delight – I absolutely love orange tabbies! It goes without saying that they tend to be very good-looking creatures with lovely personalities, but, I think the reason I am so drawn to them is because of our own orange tabby Ripley, who we lost a few months ago. In any case, any time I see an orange tabby, I just know that it will be wonderful!

Abbey patrols her territory like any respectable kitty, and she soon came by to determine what we were doing with her brother, Chester. When she saw that nothing was amiss, she went her way to explore a little more. However, when we returned from our park session with Chester, there she was, waiting in the driveway for her turn in the spotlight. On that beautiful evening, we got some lovely images of her which will forever grace the rooms of the home she shares with her humans. (I believe that some images are heading off to university this fall…) Just look at those eyes!

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | This week we have a bird…!

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | This week we have a bird…!

There was a whole gaggle of furry faces that passed in front of the Posh Pets‘ lens this week! And each one was adorable and is eagerly awaiting their forever family to come and find them! There is a little more info on each of these future pets on the Posh Pets’ Facebook page, but please contact Toronto Animal Services (North Region) directly to arrange an introduction. And thank you to all that share their lovely images…it really does help in finding them homes.

Project 52 – Favourite Things | Pet Photography Toronto

Project 52 – Favourite Things | Pet Photography Toronto

Back with another edition of Project 52 with the Beautiful Beasties group! And this week’s theme was to photograph the “favourite things” of our pets. Truthfully, it wasn’t hard to identify those with our two senior kitties. At 17 and 15 years of age, Ripley and Lady Jane are not very much interested in any toys that they might have collected through the years. And they are quite different from one another in their tastes – Lady Jane likes treats; Ripley not so much. Ripley loves to be picked up and cuddled; Lady Jane lets out a plaintive cry if we carry her anywhere. But the one thing they can both agree on is how much they love the bed.

As in, OUR bed.

Sleeping and lounging these days is a full-day affair, and our bed seems to be the favourite venue. I have often joked with my husband that Ripley and Lady Jane allow us to sleep in THEIR bed, not the other way around. Even now, as I am typing this, my husband is attempting to change the sheets on the bed and Ripley is “helping” by staking his claim and refusing to move.

So, here is Ripley, looking cute as ever, hanging out on our bed…(All this sleeping must help…I think he looks much younger than his 17+ years!)

Next is Fort McMurray Pet Photography, KLAD Photography – it will be fun to to see some of her dogs’ favourite things! And then please click all the way around the blog ring until you wind up back here. Ripley will still be lounging when you make your way back…



Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographer Toronto

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographer Toronto

Here are the lovely adoptables we photographed this week! If you would like to inquire about any individual pet, please contact Toronto Animal Services – North Region and they will be happy to answer your questions. Also, be sure to visit the Posh Pets Facebook page, where you can gather a little more information, including ID numbers, so you can be sure who you are interested in. Thanks to all who share their pictures!

Visit to Jordan – Part 1 | Pet Photographer Canada

Visit to Jordan – Part 1 | Pet Photographer Canada

It feels good to be home! The Posh Pets family just returned from visiting Jordan (yes, the country in amongst Israel, Syria, Iraq, Iran in case you were wondering…) and while travelling is a lot of fun, there is nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed. One of the highlights was the opportunity to walk through the famed Petra, now a “Wonder of the World”. It was truly incredible!

However, as a pet photographer, I am always drawn to photographing the animals I meet in my travels. Some are working animals owned by their employer, some are pets, and some are strays, but the place animals hold within a people does give you insight into a country and its culture. I believe it was Gandhi who said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”, and in my personal experience that is true.

I am happy to say that Jordan does not have nearly as many strays as other countries I have had the pleasure to visit. Those that were, were generally cats who did not look thin and emaciated like so many other animals who live on the street. So, kudos to Jordan!

There is a funny thing about the cats that live in Petra and, for the most part, the rest of Jordan – they are all orange tabbies! In Petra, you can see that they could potentially all be related, but everywhere in the country? We did meet the occasional brown tabby (3, I think), but the rest were all orange. Even stranger is that I have heard that orange tabbies are predominantly male, so who is the busy mom of this brood? I don’t think we will ever know…

The good thing is that in Petra, I believe they are all taken care of by the tourists. They are friendly, used to strangers and have come to learn that these visiting humans cannot resist a cute face and give them food. One orange guy we met walking around a castle ruin in the middle of the wilderness is fed by the staff who work there. So, it seems that the Jordanian kitties have found their place in the tourism industry.

We did meet these two adorable puppies in Petra. I nearly took this little guy home – he literally sat in my arms like this for 10 minutes and looked into my eyes as I talked to him. It was soooo hard to put him down and walk away.

I was somewhat comforted by the fact that he had this little friend to spend his days with. And the fact that the Bedouin who work there seemed to know them and petted them nicely when they approached.

Well, that is it for this instalment! Stay tuned as I will post some images of working animals in Part  2.