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Cats are different from dogs.

Any human owned by a cat can tell you this. And so many pet photographers are, in fact, really dog photographers. But not here at Posh Pets® Photography – we pride ourselves on being the home of Toronto cat photography.

So, bring us your cuddly kittens and your feline overlords. We would love to spend our time with them.

Outdoor Cat Photography

We can hike with adventure cats that hike while on leash. Cats who like to travel in backpacks. Or those that have the run of the farm. As long as we can see them, we can photograph them.

At-home Indoor Lifestyle Cat Photography

This is the session for the ones who enjoy sitting on a window sill looking out, relaxing on their cat tree, or napping on the couch. We will follow your kitty throughout their domain – well, only places you allow us to go, of course – capturing their every day lives.

Studio Cat Photography

Lights, camera, action! This session works the same was as dog sessions. First, we decide on a look and style for your final portraits. We select the perfect colours to complement your kitty and, for the hesitant travellers, we bring the studio to you. We will bring toys and catnip and anything else necessary to turn your independent cat into a model.

I would like a portrait of my cat and dog together. Can we do this?

Yes. The more important question is: how? And that will depend on the relationship your dog and cat have.

If your dog and cat enjoy each other’s company and often spend time hanging out together, we will work with them to create opportunities for that to happen naturally. And when it does, we will take the photo.

However, if that is not their usual behaviour, we can do a ‘composite’. That is, take 2 individual photos and merge them into a final print. This approach works best with studio images.

If this is something you would like, we will determine our approach during the Design Consult.


Cat sessions are priced the same as for dogs – there is no extra charge to work with your kitty. Meow!

Posh Pets Boutique™ (outdoor and/or indoor lifestyle) sessions begin at $400, while Posh Pets Studio™ sessions begin at $500.

Sessions can be combined with dogs from the same household.

We travel extensively throughout Toronto, the GTA, Southern Ontario and beyond.


“Thank you for taking such care with Sammy. The photos are more than I could have hoped for.”

- James

Look at your cat. You know they want this.

Let us design your purr-fect session.

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