Ways To Display Your Portraits

Your final images are works of art and deserve to be enjoyed every day. A selection of bespoke photography art products are available à la carte or as part of one of our sought-after collections. Explore the options by clicking below. However, the best way to experience these are in person, which will happen at your Ordering Session.
Matted art print of yorkie by Posh Pets Photography

Matted Art Prints

All Posh Pets® Photography sessions begin with the quest for the perfect image. And all images in the Posh Pets world begin as matted art prints – they are a part of every one of our Collections. Gift Prints are 7×10 prints with a 2″ archival mat. The result is a beautiful 11×14 sized image, perfect for your Folio Box, displaying on an easel or for framing to create a collection for your wall.

Posh Pets® Folio

This is a signature Posh Pets® Photography item and what many of our clients come here for – a gorgeous, elegant Folio Box. It is simply beautiful and holds 11×14 archival matted prints of the images you order, accommodating up to 20 individual prints. That size – 11×14 – is the perfect size for framing and placing on your wall, and/or safely treasuring in their own special box for transporting and sharing with others.

Posh Pets Folio Posh Pets Photograhy
Gallery wrapped canvas with float frame

Framed Canvas

Having dedicated the time and energy to a custom photography session and seeing the beautiful imagery created, most Posh Pets® clients simply want to go BIG. As in a large, beautiful Gallery Wrapped Canvas to hang on a prominent wall along with a collection of smaller sized canvasses to compliment the large statement piece.

Stand outs

The Posh Pets® Standout is a beautiful archival lustre print, fused onto a wooden base, and laminated with a satin finish. It is therefore protected to spend the rest of its days happily displayed on your wall. Every time you pass by it, you will smile!
Standouts Posh Pets Photograhy

Gallery Framed Prints

Your images should bring you pleasure for years to come which means, quite simply, you need to see them displayed in your home. You may have the best of intentions, but life is busy and many simply do not ever find the time to frame their artwork. However, that will never be a problem if you have selected Wall Art pieces from Posh Pets® Photography. As the name implies, Wall Art is meant to hang proudly on a wall and that is why every piece leaves the Posh Pets® studio ready-to-display.

Session Albums

A Posh Pets Boutique™ Session is at the core of your experience with us. The happy result is that you will now have the difficult task of choosing the key images of your furry face to decorate the walls of your home, your office, even the cottage. However, for most clients, it is difficult to leave it at that. In fact, we at Posh Pets® Photography consider it a job well done if you have a hard time narrowing down your choices and simply want to take them all! That is when a Posh Pets® Session Album is just the product you want.
Session Albums Posh Pets Photograhy
Acrylic Art Piece Posh Pets Photography

Acrylic Art

Acrylic art pieces are a modern, stylish alternative for your ‘hero’ images. With a high-gloss sheen, your dog, cat or equine will shimmer and shine on you wall and will remind you why they are centre of your world.

Gift Certificates

A Posh Pets® Gift Certificate is a personal, thoughtful, and unique gift for the person you love. Knowing that your gift will be absolutely perfect is a wonderful feeling.

Toronto pet photography gift certificate
Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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