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Where is Posh Pets® Photography located?
We are based in Toronto, Ontario, but have photographed clients across Canada and beyond.
My dog is shy/fearful/barks when exposed to new situations. Can you still photograph them?
Yes. Posh Pets® Sessions traditionally last about 1.5 hours, so we have plenty of time to work within their comfort level and create some beautiful imagery. If we need extra time, we will take it. A word of caution here though: your pet is a unique individual with individual needs and abilities and it is never my intention to push them beyond those limits. In other words, if you have always dreamed of an image with your dog running through the water along a shoreline and they currently will not go near water out of fear, that is probably not an image we can create. Ultimately, these images will be your permanent record of your pet as they truly were – memories that can certainly be nudged in a certain direction or stylized, but not completely fabricated.
How should we prepare for the Session?
So glad you asked! I want to make this fun and stress-free for you, so no long set of rules. Just a few suggestions to ensure things go smoothly:

  • If your pet is a dog, give them a nice long walk approximately 1 hour before the session is to begin. But don’t overdo it. The goal here is to let them run off nervous energy, not to completely tire them.
  • Arrive approximately 15 minutes before the session begins. This gives your pet an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the potentially new surroundings.
  • Bring water and treats (if your pet is allowed them). Also bring any items, such as a favorite toy, that will assist in getting your pet to focus their attention in a particular direction.
  • If you want images taken in your home, de-clutter the areas you want photographed.
  • Remember to take care of your physical needs as well. We will be working together for approximately 1½ hours. Bring water and treats for you too.
  • Most importantly, remember to have fun!
Should I have my pet groomed before their session?
That is totally up to you. A bath can do wonders! I had a dog that just walked a little prouder and strutted a little faster when he knew he was clean and beautiful. Others in our family have had a what-you-see-is-what-you-get attitude. Either is fine, and you know your pet best. The only thing I would hesitate to recommend is to have your dog groomed the day of your Session. Not only can the grooming process completely drain them of any energy but, just like people, sometimes they get a bad haircut and it needs to grow out a little. Think of your poor dog – who wants pictures when you know you look silly?
I would prefer natural looking images. Does my dog have to be on leash during our session?
Usually, yes. This is primarily for safety reasons. You may have a dog that is 100% obedient and has a 110% recall rate, but a Session is a new experience for them and you and I want to ensure their safety. If you decide to hold your Session in a place that is designated leash-free and is safe for you dog, you are welcome to remove their leash.

But do not worry! Practically all of the images you see in my portfolio feature dogs that were on leash when the images were taken, even the running/action shots. The leashes were removed during the editing process and any images you purchase will also have the leash removed. (Of course, if your dog has the coolest leash around and you want to make sure it makes it into the final images, I will be happy to leave it there.)

I don't want to be in the final images. Can you photograph just my pet? / Can I be in the images with my pet?
Yes and yes. A Posh Pets® Session is all about your pet, so no one will force you to step in front of the camera. On the other hand, if you would like to be in a handful of images, then that is perfectly fine too. You don’t see a lot of people images on my website and blog out of respect for the privacy of my clients, but I do photograph humans during sessions.

One thing I do suggest though – whatever your final decision, come dressed in case you want to have a portrait with your furry face. I’ve had many a client say that they didn’t want to be in any images, but by the time we were half way through the Session, the sheer fun we were having caused a change of heart.  You will definitely be more hesitant to just jump in if your hair is not brushed, your clothes don’t match and you don’t have cool shoes.  I am serious about the shoes – we almost always get a picture of those.

That being the case, consider the colour of your pet. If he/she is a beautiful ebony black, consider something that will compliment them and that they will show up against. Try lighter colours for pets that shed a lot as the hair will not show up nearly as much. Press your shirts, wear jeans without stains…and don’t forget about those awesome shoes.

I'm so excited! When will I get to see the proofs?
Your gorgeous proofs will be available for viewing approximately 2 weeks after the date of your Session. We will set up your personalized Ordering Session so that you be confident in your final image choices and receive your beautiful art as soon as possible.
I would like to ‘borrow’ my friend’s or family member’s pet for the day, have you photograph them, and present the images to them as a surprise gift. What do I need to do?
First of all, you are an awesome person for thinking of something so unique! Custom portrait photography of a beloved pet is such a beautiful, personal gift and I am sure that they will appreciate the time and effort you went into selecting it for them. And, I would love to make it work for you. However, there are a few questions…

Will your friend or family member want to enjoy and be a part of a customized experience? I am not just talking about whether they will want to be in photos with their pet, although that is an important consideration. It is a precious part of the family pet dynamic to spend time with your furry face, taking them to their favourite haunts and having that relationship forever immortalized in art. No one knows their pet better than the owner and that is why I always have a pre-session consultation with each client to find out exactly what they are trying to capture. They tell me what they love most about their pet, the adorable habits and expressions that make them special…and I specifically design the Session around that information. While you and I can have this discussion, we may miss important details, simply because neither of us had an idea that that is what they wanted photographed.

Who owns the pet? Before I can photograph anyone’s pet, I need the pet owner to sign a contract allowing me to do so. What that means is, if you are planning this session for your spouse or the pet lives in your household, in all likelihood, you will be able to sign the contract because you are the owner. But…if this is for a friend or involves a pet who lives outside your home, you simply do not have the authority to grant me the right to photograph them.

Okay…so what should I do? Rather than surprising someone with images, I suggest you surprise them with the experience itself by purchasing a Posh Pets® Photography Gift Certificate. Your friend will be thrilled at the thought of designing a customized portrait session for their pet. Read all about the perfect gift here.

How do I purchase a Posh Pets® Photography Gift Certificate?
It really is as easy as contacting me! You can purchase a gift certificate in any denomination you would like and I will help you navigate your options. Gift Certificates come beautifully printed, packaged and are ready-to-give.
Do you photograph any other animals besides dogs and cats?
Yes. Horses, rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs, birds…pretty much anything other than snakes. Honestly, snakes scare me.
Can I purchase digital files?
Yes, absolutely. In fact, this is where you might find Posh Pets® Photography a little different from other boutique portrait photographers – with every print and/or product you purchase, you will receive the digital file that created it for you.  You will also receive a Print Release that will allow you to have other copies printed anywhere you choose. You have come to me for gorgeous prints and wall art, but I understand that you may want the file for archival and sharing purposes.
I am getting married and my dog will play a big part. Can I hire you as my photographer?

Generally, no. I am a contemporary pet portrait photographer, not a wedding photographer. I am happy to consider requests for sessions documenting proposals or creating Save the Dates featuring your furry family member. In some cases, your dog is playing such a large role in your wedding and you want to capture part of your day from their point of view. As long as you have a dedicated wedding photographer covering the main event, Posh Pets® Photography can be there for your dog. Of course, if your dog or cat is the one getting married, let’s talk! (Yes, it’s a thing – see for yourself here.) Or, if you have another unique session in mind that you just have to have Posh Pets capture, then contact me with the details.

I can certainly refer you to other photographers who specialize in weddings in the Toronto area, and I strongly urge you to hire someone with weddings as a large part of their portfolio. There is no ‘do-over’ of your wedding day – you want someone who has the knowledge, equipment and experience to document your day.

You have answered all my questions - how do I book?
So happy to hear it and booking is easy!

  • Step 1: Take a look at your Session options here.
  • Step 2: Contact me, below, to book a session.

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