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If you want to know about Posh Pets® Photography, you need to know that it began with four images.

Four images.

That’s all it took for me to realize that I wanted to photograph the four-legged amongst us. Really wanted. As in, heart-stopping, inner-voice talking, eureka-moment type of want.

Truthfully, I’ve always wanted to be a photographer. I was, and still am, fascinated with how images freeze time, tell stories and preserve emotions from a specific time and place. The permanence of it makes me smile. Four images can be the sum total record of a life lived.

And, as can be expected, I love animals. 

But the path to where I am now was not always clear. As a child, armed with my little Kodak Instamatic camera, I remember happily taking one glorious picture after another. This was the age of film, so photography required patience. With sweet anticipation, I would send in my roll of film and wait for it to be developed. Those pictures, back in my hands, with arms, legs and the occasional head missing from my subjects would frustrate me (I didn’t realize that I could have had a future as a fashion photographer) … and so I set my camera down.

With digital came the courage to try again. Initially, I thought that I would shoot weddings. As such, I found myself at a friend’s house, photographing her preparing for one of the biggest steps she would take in her life. In all the hustle and bustle was her little dog. Wanting to be involved, always underfoot, the pup spent the morning vying for attention from all the new people around. Tired of it all, she finally retired to the couch to wait it out.

I saw her and clicked the shutter four times.

Four images. 

And Posh Pets® Photography was born.

~ Karen Weiler

Karen Weiler of Posh Pets® Photography

“I would rather see the portrait of a dog that I know, than all the allegorical paintings they can show me in the world.” ~ Samuel Johnson

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