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It’s your session. Custom design it.

Doodle dog poses in autumn colours in Burlington, Ontario


Outdoor, Indoor and Studio Sessions

brown tabby sitting on bed with head tilt


Outdoor, Indoor and Studio Sessions

Toronto pet photography mini sessions


Select days during the year.

Are you ready for your ultimate pet portrait session?

dog and dog mom at Inukshuk and Hotel X

The Toronto Pet Photography Experience. Your very own.


Why choose Posh Pets® Photography? Because we are creating images of your dog and cat. The heart of your family. And, you are looking for the custom experience as well as the beautiful art products to go with it.

This is more than a photo session. It’s the bespoke portrait session for Toronto’s pets.

Artwork. A permanent record of your bond.

dog photography Toronto
pet photography Toronto
pet photography Toronto
cat photography Toronto

What We Do

We are Toronto’s premier pet photography team, catering exclusively to the dogs, cats, horses, and yes, ferrets, rabbits and hedgehogs…along with the people who adore them.

The perfect experience begins with a conversation.

Would you like portraits outside? Or, in-studio?  At your home or cottage? With the family or not? Where will you display these portraits? What colours do you want to be incorporated in the final portraits?

Taking the perfect image begins with an idea. Together we will build the experience that will result in the portraits you will treasure.

It is why we say: We are Toronto pet photography done properly.

People love us. You will too.

The portraits Karen created were outstanding! Everything from the photo shoot where she was so knowledgable about staging each image, to her final presentation of the artwork was wonderful.”

~ Laurie

couple photographed with doodle dog in their home

Please photograph my pet!

Toronto pet photographer Karen of Posh Pets Photography

The Photographer

Four images.

That’s all it took for me to realize that I wanted to photograph the four-legged amongst us. Really wanted. As in, heart-stopping, inner-voice talking, eureka-moment type of want.

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Let’s make it happen!

Karen Weiler is an award-winning dog and cat photographer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In addition to photographing the beloved family pet, Posh Pets® Photography consults with architects, consultants, event organizers, and interior designers who need animal imagery for their projects. Available for private commissions and commercial projects within Canada and worldwide.

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Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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