Last month we had a fun project to work on with CTV’s The Social…a real, bonafide dog party (pawty)!

In early June, Trevor Frankfort of Trevents contacted me to run a doggie photo booth for the honoured furry guests. Of course, I happily agreed.

The Details

If you take a look at Trevor’s site, you’ll quickly see that he usually plans incredible wedding events around the city. So, I knew this dog party would be an amazing party to photograph!

Getting there early to set up and this gorgeous sight greeted me – look at all of these luscious details fit for a dog! The colours, the textures, and yes, all of those treats were handmade for doggos.

Detail photos of the dog event with The Social on CTV.

The Guestlist: Dogs

When the furry friends arrived – there were 8 of them – they were all encouraged to spend some time getting on the outfits handpicked by Trevor himself. Quite the fashion show.

We then photographed each of them individually in front of this incredible, custom-designed background by Kaidy Balloons. It can bring a little chaotic fun, but with an experienced pet photographer running your dog photo booth, it usually only takes 1 or 2 minutes to get the perfect portrait!

pet themed background for photos at dog event
shih tzu in a dress in dog photobooth in Mississauga
shih tzu in a dress in dog photobooth in Mississauga
poodle in dog photo booth in Oakville
shih tzu in dog photo booth mississauga
westie in dog photo booth GTA
black dog in photo booth in Toronto

Behind the Scenes

Now, not to be forgotten was all of the food and treats for the canine guests. Some were initially a little shy. Or, maybe they were just trying to be polite. Others though – like Liv Tyler here – were quite happy to climb up and tuck right in!

puppy having photo taken with cell phone.
black dog eating dog cake off of table.

As any dog influencer knows, if you are invited to such an exclusive event, the paparazzi will be out. So, it’s important to always have your ‘fit and pose on point.

puppy having photo taken with cell phone.

The Hosts: Jess Allen + Trevor Frankfort

We couldn’t leave without getting a few photos of the hosts Jess and Trevor.

Jess Allen from The Social with Trevor from Trevents.
Jess Allen with dog at backyard puppy party.

The Final Photo

Truthfully, I was not even sure we could get this final shot of the day – and I sort of regretted suggesting it. Afterall, 8 people and 8 dogs all looking in one direction at the same time, is no small feat. But once I had spoken up, we just had to try.

(dog photographer insider tip: the people are harder to photograph than the dogs tongue-out)

And you know what? We got it! Here are the dog mums and the invited guests and hosts in one glorious photo!

Dogs with dog moms at backyard dog party.

Hosting the Pet-Event of the Season?

Need event coverage or individual photos of the guests? Get in touch with the details and we’ll see if we are a fit!

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