Dog Wedding in Toronto | A Tail of 2 Pugs

Dog Wedding in Toronto | A Tail of 2 Pugs

On Wednesday, August 5, 2020, you could feel that love was in the air in downtown Toronto as Miss Pickles & Tyson tied the knot at Stackt Market. It was a beautiful evening – not too hot or too cold – as the 2 pugs exchanged their vows. And I’ll admit, I liked this dog wedding more than most human ones.

The lovely couple and their guests were hosted by Love Shack Toronto and the Belgian Moon Brewery. Wedding Favours were courtesy of Pupfectionery, and the gorgeous florals were from Flower Treasures.

And no dog wedding would be complete without friends. Tyson and Pickles were supported by their well-dressed attendants (click on name to see their Instagram accounts):


bride and groom at dog wedding

It was a who’s who of dogs from all over Toronto who came together to celebrate two pugs.

See all the action (the dresses! the colour scheme! the processional!) in the attached album. You can click on each photo to see them up close.

Congratulations to the happy couple! May you enjoy many wonderful days ahead together!

Is there a dog wedding in your future? Are YOU getting married and your pup will play a role? Have another pet event you need an official pet photographer for?

Summer Safety Tips for Dogs + Cats | Toronto

Summer Safety Tips for Dogs + Cats | Toronto

Summer has finally arrived in Toronto and, with it, the heat! Despite any grumbling, it can be fairly simple for us humans to stay cool in the summer. Thanks to the gift of opposable thumbs, we have choices – we can turn on the air conditioning in our homes and cars, change our clothes, or alter our activities to be more comfortable.

For Toronto dogs and cats, it is much more difficult to adjust to the heat. Even when we find that we are uncomfortably warm and there is no option for air conditioning, our bodies help us to cool down by sweating. Our pets are not as fortunate; not only are they wearing fur, but their ability to sweat is limited to their paws and an open-mouthed pant. Summer safety is our responsibility.

While heat is the main cause for extra pet safety precautions in the summer, just staying out of the sun will not guarantee a safe pet. Here is how you can help your dog and cat stay safe this summer:

summer safety tips for dog in marina in Toronto

Keeping Pets Safe Outdoors

  • Pets should never ever be left in a car alone. Just do not do it. Please.
  • Clean, fresh water should always be accessible. Warmer temperatures cause water to evaporate more quickly, so check their water bowl more often.
  • If outside, pets need to have access to shade. Remember, just because a specific location is shady at 11 a.m., it does not mean it will be shady at 1 p.m.!
  • Protect your pets against fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and other pests.
cat looking out window in summer

Keeping Pets Safe Indoors

  • Again, ensure that clean, fresh, water should always be accessible.
  • If not air conditioned, homes should use fans and opened windows for circulation.
  • Open windows and doors should have screens to keep your pet from getting out without your knowledge. Strictly indoor kitties may be drawn to the breeze, but would not know how to survive on the street, so be extra vigilant with them.
grey cat lounging on car in the shade

Summer Safety for Cats

  • Know where your cat is before shutting doors to sheds, garages, car doors, etc. You would not want them to be trapped somewhere hot!
  • When possible, keep your kitty indoors during the hottest part of the day (11am-3pm). This helps to ensure that they will not get caught somewhere similar where you are not there to watch out for them.
golden doodle resting in the shade

Summer Safety for Dogs

  • Walk and exercise dogs in the morning and evening to avoid the full heat of the sun.
  • Check pavement with the back of your hand to determine if it’s too hot for dog paws. Burns hurt!
  • Carry extra water for long walks and/or particularly hot days.
  • Know the signs of when your dog is too hot and is in distress. Act quickly and take appropriate action.

Before you go…

Want to capture all the summer time fun with your pup and kitty? Sign up here for the Tips for Taking Drool-Worthy Pictures of Your Pet With Your Phone – a free pdf showing how to work with your phone to get great imagery. Have fun out there!

Khaleesi | Toronto Puppy Photography Series

Khaleesi | Toronto Puppy Photography Series

It was mum that first contacted me. She was so excited because the family was welcoming a brand new puppy into the home and she wanted to document it. I, of course, was thrilled to hear this because the mere idea of photographing a new puppy is always a special high for me. I was even more excited when they chose A Year in the Life Luxury Portrait Series – this is the premier Toronto puppy photography series, giving them a chance to document Khali as she grew. The 3 sessions would be at their home, at the cottage and downtown Toronto. We were set!
A little side point: Khali (Khaleesi) is named after a character in a little known TV show. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Now, I must admit, I have never watched an episode of Game of Thrones, but you really could not get away from all of the press surrounding the series ending. So…I know enough to know that this little, furry Khali will have a much better ending 🙂

First Photography Session | Home as a Brand New Puppy

Our first location was at home. Khali was so, so tiny! Precisely the reason I encourage everyone to book their session before the puppy comes home – this smallness is such a fleeting moment in their lives and you soon forget how very little they were. It was Dad’s idea to photograph her in his bucket because it would give him a frame of reference as Khali grew.
dog photography ontario
We also did a few portraits of the happy couple with Khali in Dad’s arms. She literally was so light he could hold her with one arm!
dog photographer ontario

Second Photography Session | The Cottage

A few months later, we made the drive north to their beautiful cottage on a lake. We headed out to the dock and did some puppy and family shots. You can see how she had grown in just a few short weeks!
dog photography ontario
We also did a family portrait in front of the cottage. This one will hang on the wall.

Final Session | Downtown Toronto

Khali is truly a Toronto pup – a dog from the 6ix. So, it made sense to photograph her in front of one fo the most recognizable skylines in the world. By this time, she knew the drill. Pose, look amazing and get all the treats! I really think she should have a cape here.
dog photographer ontario
And, of course, one with Dad. It is these kinds of images, taken over a series, that really highlights the growth spurt puppies go through. And, if you cannot already tell – Khali has her Dad wrapped around her (now much bigger) paw.
dog photography ontario
Finally a portrait in the leaves. Afterall, it is a beautiful time of year in Toronto.
hamilton dog photographer with boy
Thank you Khali for taking me on the epic ride during the first year of your life. I know your mom and dad and brother all love you very much – and I hear you might have a starring role in some upcoming nuptials! (Psst…let me know if you need a personal photographer to capture the day from your point of view 😉 

Want your very own session with your new puppy? Here is how you can make it happen…


A series of Boutique™ Sessions to capture the first year or the seasons.

  • series of three (3) Posh Pets Boutique™ Sessions throughout the year. Perfect for capturing puppy or kitty’s first year. Or, to document the life your pet leads with the different beautiful seasons we enjoy in Southern Ontario as your backdrop.
  • The result of this series will be a gorgeous life story that you will treasure forever.
  • A Posh Pets Studio™ Session can be substituted for one of your session for a small fee.
  • Please note: The Creative Fee covers time and talent to photograph a maximum of four (4) subjects, which can be any combination of people and up to two (2) pets who live within the same household. Additional subjects may be photographed at a cost of $50 per subject.
  • More information on A Year in the Life Sessions can be found here.
Hound & Purr’s 1st Anniversary Party

Hound & Purr’s 1st Anniversary Party

On Sunday, September 30, 2019, Hound & Purr celebrated their 1st anniversary. The day was busy with 3 events:

1. A dog fashion show put on by the Little White Dog;

2. A meet-and-greet with some of Toronto’s famous pups (Maximillion, Dexter, Prince Louix CXIII, and Java); and,

3. A chow down, hosted by Puppy Gang Fresh Foods in which Arson the Dalmatian came off victorious.

You can click on each photo to see them up close. Enjoy!

Swissridge DoodleRomp

Swissridge DoodleRomp

Saturday, August 17, 2019 was the date selected for the 6th annual Swissridge DoodleRomp. Looking at the weather during the couple of days beforehand, it was forecasting the worst of weather. I had therefore emailed the organizer to ask her if we had a Plan B in case of terrible rain. She, of course, had thought of everything, but ended her email with “It never rains for long on this special day 😉

I’ll be honest; I was not so sure. We woke up on Saturday to torrential rain where I live. But, as we made our way north to the Pinetree Pet Care Centre in Guelph, Ontario, the skies began to clear. By the time we arrived, we had sun! She had been so right.

All For A Good Cause

Each year the pups and humans of Swissridge get together to have one huge play date and raise money to support the training of a therapy dog for a special child. This year was no different.

It is a tradition to take a ‘group shot’ during the last half of of the event which is always a challenge with so many pups and people. A wide-angle lens is a must!

CB2 Dog Photography

I really love this next photo. This is the moment after I called out, “we got the shot!” and everyone released their dogs. Luma ran straight for me – she knows who has the treats.

CB2 Dog Photography

Find the full photo gallery here:

It is always remarkable to me how well the doodles behave with one another. One large off-leash park and not one scuffle. That is due, in large part, to the attention each human pays to their dog. If someone is getting a little too excited, they can easily be brought outside the fenced-in area for a moment to calm down, before trying again. I wish all dog parks had owners like these!

I had a small booth this year and it was busy. As a result, I did not get out to photograph the dogs as much as I would have like. However, enjoy this small gallery of the fun event. See you all next year!

Ice Cream Social | Studio Opening

Ice Cream Social | Studio Opening

We opened our studio with a bang on August 23, 2019 with an Ice Cream Social in our new studio, located in Brampton. We had lots of furry visitors, met up with old  clients, and made tons of new friends. And, of course, enjoyed ice cream courtesy of Barker & Snouts.

Here are some of the sunny, bright summery photos from the day!

CB2 Dog Photography
MAUJI (@mauji.the.airedale)  I photographed this handsome boy when he was just a wee pup!
Stormy & Akita
Myca (@myca_in_to) Also a boy I photographed a few years ago.
Ducky & Nimbus
Thanks to everyone who came out – we loved seeing you all!
Park & Bark Event | May 11, 2019

Park & Bark Event | May 11, 2019

We had a ton of fun last Saturday with Andrea Bertucci, a real estate agent who serves the Leslieville area, at the first Park & Bark event of 2019. For those who do not know, Park & Bark is a dog festival and outdoor market that works its way around Toronto parking lots on select Saturdays throughout the year. The event is free and well-behaved dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome. There will be 3 more events this year, so be sure to check one of them out!

This past Saturday, the weather was near perfect and the dogs were plentiful. Andrea and I shook paws with lots of happy dogs, met awesome owners, doled out treats and gave cuddles. We photographed so many great pups and raised money for a good cause – the Toronto Humane Society. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday!

Here is a roundup of the visitors we met…

Celebrity Sightings

We had some bonafide dog celebrities show up and show us their best side. This is DEXTER and pretty mum who coordinated their denim outfits just for their photo. He is kind of a big deal in these parts – Dexter was named #TorontoTopDog for 2019! But for all of his fame, he is really a down to earth kind of guy. Go follow his Instagram (@dexosaurus)  to follow his adventure and see where you can meet him next. (hint: it is the biggest dog festival in North America)

CB2 Dog Photography

Next, was GUCCI and WINTER, also known as @thefloofywoofs on Instagram. Photographing dogs in a parking lot with lots of other pups and distractions around is never easy…getting two together is even more of a challenge. But these two made it happen because they are stars!

BEAUFORD (@bisforbeauford) is a senior snout near and dear to my heart. While we have *known* each other for years on Instagram, this was our first time meeting in real life! Three years ago, Beauford was given a devastating diagnosis and prognosis. Since that time, he has been checking items off of his #bucketlist, all the while defying the odds. It was so good to see this precious boy! And his winning smile is second to none!

Tiny Paws Dog Rescue Canada

These two are best friends in real life and absolutely had to have a photo together. HARLEY is the tri-colour corgi on the left (@harleythecuriouscorgi) and MYLO, Duke of Eglinton (@mylo_corgi) is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi on the right. Both smiley, happy boys eager for their model turn!

Not to be forgotten is CHARLIE (@charchar_westie) who also chose to wear denim for the occasion.

Find the full photo gallery here:

There were so many more beautiful, happy, furry faces, so take a look through the whole set here. The first one is ALICE, the sweetest little puppy who, even though it was her first time at such an event, showed she is a natural when it comes to being photographed.

Want a chance to have your pup, kitty, ferret or…  photographed in studio by us? Find out about our in-studio sessions, below.


Available on only select days during the year. Shorter sessions perfect for those looking for a couple of portraits of their favourite family member. Find out when the next one is by signing up for the invite list.


Softchoice | dog@work Toronto

Softchoice | dog@work Toronto

I think you would be hard pressed to find a more dog-friendly workplace than the one the folks at Softchoice enjoy. That much is apparent when you first step inside their Liberty Village offices and are greeted by Clyde (pictured below), an impressive presa canario who is, in my estimation, one of the best ‘receptionists’ you will ever have the pleasure to meet. And in case you thought that perhaps there was a mistake, there is a sign on the desk that introduces you to Clyde and assures you that yes, he is meant to be here.

CB2 Dog Photography

The D.O.G. program manages 100+ dogs

It is not really all that surprising when you get to know a little about Softchoice and their take on dog@work.

There are currently over 100 dogs in the D.O.G. program at softchoice, spread out over their 2 buildings located in the Liberty Village hub. As anyone can tell you, that is a lot of dogs! Dogs who interact with each other and the humans around them on a daily basis.

A well thought-out program the key to success

There is a hardworking committee of 6 who oversee the program. There are some basic principles: an application and approval process; everyone should feel comfortable at work, zero tolerance when it comes to bites. These sound great on paper, but how to navigate the pitfalls of fear, allergies, washroom accidents and conflict?

So, how do they make it work? We sat down with the committee members and asked them…

Q – What are the requirements to bring your dog into the office?

Not everyone can just bring their dog into work with them. First to be considered is the human. Every employee must be in-role for at least 3 months before they can apply and must have their manager’s approval.

Then, comes the pup. All dogs must be potty-trained, vaccinated (the core 4), and females in heat cannot come into the office. All potential canine workmates are brought into the office to meet other people and other dogs and assessed on how they behave. If this goes well, dogs are approved.

Q – What about employees who have allergies or a fear of dogs?

Dog-free zones are established within Softchoice and are strictly enforced. Essentially anywhere with a sink (kitchen, lunchroom, gym, bathrooms) is dog-free. There are also dog-free working areas for those who find it uncomfortable or who are fearful of working with dogs.

For those with allergies, some dog-free areas have separate air duct systems and an employee can request to sit there.

Even within areas where dogs are allowed, all dogs must be on leash and connected to something (a desk leg) or someone at all times. They must also be supervised at all times by either the owner or a designated sitter. There is no allowance for inappropriate interactions.

Q – There must be, ahem, ‘accidents’…?

While every pup is potty-trained, accidents can and do occur. It is clearly the responsibility of the owner to clean up. There are clean-up kits (see below) distributed within the offices and 1 bathroom outside designated for this purpose.

Q – What about conflicts?

Softchoice has zero tolerance for biting. Any incident will be investigated and if a bite has occurred, the pup is immediately suspended for 6-12 months. After the time period has elapsed, the owner can request a reassessment, but it will only be considered if rehabilitation or training has taken place during that time. And any dog allowed to reenter the workplace will be on a probationary basis.

The employee complaint system is anonymous and follows a “3 strikes” system for employees found to not be following the rules: a dog not on leash, found in a dog-free zone, or being disruptive to fellow coworkers. Bringing a dog into the workplace is a privilege and employees who cherish it follow the rules.

Sounds great…now, can we meet some pups?

Everyone of the 17 dogs we met and photographed during our visit was a darling. As you will quickly see, Softchoice boasts a pretty awesome interior full of coloured walls, exposed brick, collaboration spaces, nooks and cranies for all…including all those dogs!

The Album – click through to see everyone!

Huge thanks to (in order) Molly, Murphy, Rosie, Gertie, Madison, Murphy, Clyde, Lola, Chili, Ducky, Sushi, Kaiser, Rosa, Q, Myla, Moose, and Kai. And of course the team of PEOPLE at Softchoice who coordinated it all!

Would you like us to come to your offices and photograph your corporate canines or first-rate felines? Contact us to see how you can bring Dog @ Work to your workplace.

Dog Portrait Award for Toronto Posh Pets® Photography

Dog Portrait Award for Toronto Posh Pets® Photography

Toronto commercial photographer vet visit tips

I have a confession to make – I have never entered a print competition. It is one of those things that I never got around to because choosing images to enter into a competition is a job in itself, and requires you to step away from from your images and analyze them for perfection. I love each and everyone of my furry clients and therefore felt that I was far too emotionally attached to their images to make hard decisions.

But, in February I received the opportunity and some encouragement to enter Portrait Masters. Even then, the truth is, I almost did not make the deadline. It was cold and dark outside when I hit the submit button – I think with only 2 hours to go! (shhh…don’t tell anyone…)

Then, you wait

There were over 8600 images entered and each image had to be reviewed by a panel of 5 master judges. So, as you can imagine, that takes some time. And the period between hitting submit and the results being published, is the worst! It gives you all sorts of time to second-guess yourself: did I choose the right image, is it good enough, will they like it…?

All that wondering though, came to an end on Friday when the results were released.

The portrait received a score of 76, and a Bronze Merit.

I have to admit, I was a wee bit chuffed to see the score. While I know that dog mums and dads everywhere love the portraits of their furry family members (as do I), it was admittedly a great feeling to know that completely independent judges feel the same.

Thank you Lilly!

I would be remiss not to thank my little client, Lilly, who is the subject of the portrait. Although she was initially a bit shy when I first met her – it was probably all of the studio equipment I brought and set up in her house – she turned turned into a star once she knew what I wanted. I can truly say:  without Lilly, none of this would have happened! So, thank you, sweetheart.

Are you looking for an award-winning portrait of your own dog or cat? See the details below and let’s make that happen!


Classic studio portraiture

  • Studio portraits with a twist…we come to YOU! These sessions mean we are bringing the backdrop, the lights and all of the equipment necessary to set up a  photo studio in your home. Of course, if you prefer, you are welcome to come to our studio.
  • The result of this series is classic artwork with a timeless aesthetic that you will be proud to display on your walls.
  • Ideal for puppies, smaller breeds, cats or pets who are not comfortable travelling or spending time in the great outdoors.
  • Please note: The Creative Fee covers time and talent to photograph a maximum of four (4) subjects, which can be any combination of people and up to two (2) pets who live within the same household. Additional subjects may be photographed at a cost of $50 per subject.
  • Examples of portraits from Posh Pets Studio™ Sessions can be found here.
Myca, The Director of Happiness |dog@work Toronto

Myca, The Director of Happiness |dog@work Toronto

Lots of organizations in Toronto and the GTA these days participate in Bring Your Dog to Work Day. Some routinely have well-behaved pups in their workplaces each day. But, how many corporate canines actually have a role and a title?

A dog with a corporate job?

I would like to introduce you to Myca who holds the title Director of Happiness at BTI Brand Innovations. Myca is a bernedoodle who, according Parveen Dhupar, Chief Creative Officer, came as part of the ‘package’ when his mum was hired.

dog photography ontario

If you thought that Myca’s role was some sort of gimmick, you would be wrong. He is a full-fledged team member. You can find his photo along with the humans in the BTI’s About page and, like every other employee, he has his very own page with his bio. (go ahead, click on his headshot at the bottom of the page. You know you want to.) Sometimes he even sits on a chair to do his important work.

dog photographer ontario

Has having Myca in the office benefited BTI? It would seem so. Parveen shared that 9 out of 10 clients begin engaging with BTI over a conversation about pets. Talk about some serious ROI!

dog photography ontario

Would you recommend organizations integrating dogs into their workspace?

Parveen answered unhesitatingly, Absolutely! Although Myca is currently the only dog at the office, there is no saying that it will always be that way.

(Side note: the HR professional in me has to ask if Myca can claim those reading glasses as part of the company benefit plan 😉 )

dog photographer ontario

Like any valued employee, Myca participates in regular one-on-ones with the CCO of BTI, Parveen. I hear he receives a great amount of praise and commendation for his willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. And I am sure that, with a smile like that, he is well compensated for his performance.

dog photography ontario

I loved spending an afternoon at BTI and talking to them about Myca in the office. They are truly an organization that inspires.

hamilton dog photographer with boy

Would you like us to come to your offices and photograph your corporate canines or first-rate felines? Contact us to see how you can bring Dog @ Work to your workplace.

Bo, The German Shepherd of Cottage Country | Collingwood Dog Photography

Bo, The German Shepherd of Cottage Country | Collingwood Dog Photography

When I got a call from Bo’s mum, she was clear. She wanted to create a beautiful portrait of her german shepherd while he was still young and healthy, in the prime of her life. Which was absolutely wonderful! I cannot stress enough how important it is to think of getting portraits now, when your pup is enjoying life and you can capture this phase in their life forever. While I love the seniors, too many clients express regret about not having arranged a session earlier.

Discussing it further with Mum during our Design Consult, it became really clear that the family property north of Toronto in Collingwood was very special to them all. They have a restored historic farmhouse on some of the most magnificent grounds I have ever seen and when I suggested that perhaps, just maybe, the session should take place there, mum’s reaction was immediate: Oh goodness…yes please!


dog photography ontario

So, one early Saturday morning, we set out before the sun was up to meet Bo and his family in Collingwood. I knew that this would be a spectacular session when we turned into the ‘driveway’. This is the approach to the house, just beyond the gates as you turn from the road. When I saw this scene – the curved road with the forest-like trees – I turned to my assistant and said: We are definitely coming back down here to photograph this boy…

And so we did. After our introductions, we took an ambling little walk down the road back to this spot. This portrait was one of the first frames that I took and it told me that Bo could definitely pose.

dog photographer ontario

I want to create images that you are thrilled with. So, the one question I ask every client is this: If you could only have just one image, one epic, hero shot, what would it look like?

Mum answered easily: Bo, sitting in front of our farmhouse.

I couldn’t be happier with what we created. This image is now displayed proudly on the wall in their Toronto house.

dog photography ontario

If you could only have just one image, one epic, hero photograph, what would it look like?

The rest of the property was no less gorgeous. Bo has his own lake, his own dock to enjoy the sun on and plenty of room to explore.

dog photographer ontario

Lots of green grass for laying in to ponder life’s mysteries – Where is that deer I saw this morning? Who is making all of that racket in the bushes over there? What if I never find out ‘who’s a good boy’?

dog photography ontario

By the end of the session, Bo was a tired pup. He had modelled, he had run, he had given it his all and now all he wanted to do was sleep. And a model deserves his rewards.

hamilton dog photographer with boy

Thank you Bo for inviting us into your world and allowing us to come and explore with you.


Where it all begins

  • Pre-session Design Consult that ensures we create images you will be thrilled with.
  • The result is gorgeous custom artwork the life your pet shares with your family.
  • A personal Ordering Consultation to ensure you select the right images from the gallery.
  • Please note: The Creative Fee covers time and talent to photograph a maximum of four (4) subjects, which can be any combination of people and up to two (2) pets who live within the same household. Additional subjects may be photographed for a small additional fee.
  • Examples of portraits from Posh Pets Boutique™ Sessions can be found here.

Indy, Fenway and Sydney | 3 Furry Friends on a Hamilton, Ontario Farm

Indy, Fenway and Sydney | 3 Furry Friends on a Hamilton, Ontario Farm

~ Pet Photography Hamilton Ontario ~

I’m always happy when I hear that I’ll get to work with multiple-dog families. There is something so special about dogs that have been brought together and forged a relationship with each other and with their humans. So, I was beyond excited to meet Indy, Fenway and Sydney!

Choosing The Perfect Location

When I talked to Mum and Dad during our Design Consult, it was important that the setting for their portraits be rural, reminding Mum of when she was growing up on a farm. Mum had in mind where she wanted to have them photographed and once we had that location confirmed, we set off for our session.

I almost squealed out loud when I saw the hay bales. And then we all laughed getting 3 dogs up on them, with Dad hiding behind, in order to make sure that everyone was safe and remained in place. I am always amazed at how committed clients become to getting the image. Thanks Dad for climbing up and over that hay bale!

dog photographer ontario
Indy was the youngest (1-year old at the time), but definitely the biggest. With his huge paws and goofy personality, he was just a large, furry ball of loving. He’s a Swissridge doodle from the breeder of the same name, but I think of him as an adorable teddy bear.
dog photography ontario
Fenway was a petite, little 3-year old who definitely seemed to ‘get it’ – that this was all about showing off her best side and posing like a pro. I do not think that this little one could take a bad photo and she made my job look really easy. She is also from Swissridge Kennels like her brother Indy and a beautiful bernedoodle. When the wind caught her hair, I knew we had a winning portrait!
dog photography ontario
Then there was dear, sweet 13-year old Syd. I have a special place for seniors and Syd was no exception. I loved this cockapoo with his arthritis and his heart issues…he was so precious. I would truly have scooped him up and taken him home if Mum and Dad had not been keeping such a close eye on him. His smile was infectious and we drew quite a crowd when I was photographing him.
dog photographer ontario
Now, I’d be remiss if I did not mention another, less furry, subject that I photographed that day. This young man is Ben and he is quite honestly probably the easiest person I have ever photographed. Kind, polite and accommodating, he was willing to do anything we asked him to do, and it is quite obvious how much he loves his dogs. He was also an invaluable help in working with the pups and keeping them focussed during our session. I think I would like Ben to be with me on all of my sessions…he has the makings of the perfect assistant.
hamilton dog photographer with boy
Last but not least, I’ll leave you with this image. As the evening drew to a close, we positioned Fenway and Indy (Sydney was a wee bit tired at this point) on a long gravel road. A portrait of two dogs with a beautiful farm behind them.  Just like Mum remembered. Just like Mum wanted.
dog photography ontario
Thank you Indy, Fenway and Sydney for all of the energy and joy you brought to your session. My 3 little musketeers. You are loved. You are amazing. I can’t wait to see you all again!

Looking for pet photography in Hamilton, Ontario? Please contact us, below.


Where it all begins

  • Pre-session Design Consult that ensures we create images you will be thrilled with.
  • The result is gorgeous custom artwork the life your pet shares with your family.
  • A personal Ordering Consultation to ensure you select the right images from the gallery.
  • Please note: The Creative Fee covers time and talent to photograph a maximum of four (4) subjects, which can be any combination of people and up to two (2) pets who live within the same household. Additional subjects may be photographed for a small additional fee.
  • Examples of portraits from Posh Pets Boutique™ Sessions can be found here.