Project 52 – Joy | Toronto Pet Photographer

Project 52 – Joy | Toronto Pet Photographer

This week’s Project 52 theme was Joy. And, we at Posh Pets believe that  there is probably nothing more joyous than a dog enjoying the wind in his hair, running around with his beloved ball! Plus, this image shows green grass and beautiful sun – given the past few weeks we have endured in Toronto, it brings me great joy to just see something other than ice, snow and cold! I hope it brings you some joy too!

dog running on grass

As you may already know, this is a blog circle where each pet photographer interprets the given theme in their own way. Next in the blog circle is Emily Fuss Photography in Sarasota, Florida. Please click through to see what joy she found this week!

Project 52 – 2014 Edition | Ontario Pet Photographer

Project 52 – 2014 Edition | Ontario Pet Photographer

Welcome to a new year! For many people the start of a new year is filled with fresh promise, new projects and a chance to start again. And so, it is with Posh Pets Photography and the Beautiful Beasties Project 52 series. Each week, we’ll have a new theme where we try and create an image or images that represent that theme.

The theme for this week was introductions. We’ve been asked to introduce you to the beautiful pets we share our homes with and who will often be the subject of our photographs for Project 52. In our case, if you follow the Posh Pets’ blog, you will already know these two furry faces already. However, here is a chance to meet them again!

This is Lady Jane sitting so regally on my bedside table (where she knows I do not want her to be). She will be 17 years old in March and was diagnosed with chronic renal failure in October 2013. We’ve had a few crises since then and there were times when we were sure she would not see the end of 2013. At her peak, she was 17.3 lbs, but now she weighs a mere 9 lbs., and I reminded of this every time I pick her up. But, she is holding her own. It frightens me when she climbs to places she should not because she is not very steady and I fear for her little bones. But, she is a stubborn little old lady and if Lady Jane wants to sit on the bedside table, then that is where she will sit. You can see a little of that determination in her pose.

black and white image of cat sitting on bedside table

And this is Baxter Huntington, our 3 year old rambunctious, friendly, playful, in-your-face-and-give-me-affection cat. He likes to thwart any attempts I make at taking his picture by closing his eyes. (Yes, he has figured that out.) But, he loves us, loves his sister Lady Jane is just so darn cute that I can’t resist taking his portrait whenever I can! He loves to explore and has taught his older sister to go places where she never would have dreamed of venturing before. And at the end of the day, he grooms her and settles down to nap beside her, often with a paw laid gently touching some part of her body.

black and white photograph of tabby cat sitting on table

Both of our kitties originally came from the shelter and are wonderful furry family members. If you are considering welcoming a pet into your home, I wholeheartedly encourage adoption. You’ll be seeing a lot more of these two in the weeks and months to come!

This is a ‘blog circle’ which means that each photographer will interpret the week’s theme. You can start with Denver Pet Photographer, StinkDog Photos and get introduced to her crew. Then, if you like, follow the circle all of the way around until you end up back here with Baxter and Lady Jane.

Project 52 – In The Kitchen… | Toronto Pet Photography

Project 52 – In The Kitchen… | Toronto Pet Photography

For this week’s theme we were encouraged to capture “the kitchen” as it was our pet’s “favourite place” because they know “delicious food will be served there”.  Images of them eagerly waiting their meals were encouraged.  So, here is a behind the scenes look at how dinner is served in the Posh Pets‘ household.

As most of our blog readers would know by now, we have two cats.  Lady Jane is 16.5 years old and rules the roost. Baxter is a laid-back 3 year old who views Lady Jane as his entire world. Through this relationship, they have taught each other things. One of the pieces of knowledge that Lady Jane has imparted is that we do not drink in the kitchen. This is a tradition that began with Ripley who, in his later years, loved water. So, we ended up putting an extra bowl in the home office which brought him such joy! In fact, he would rarely drink out of the very full, very fresh water provided in a lovely bowl in the kitchen. After he passed, Lady Jane quickly took up Ripley’s legacy and pretty much only drinks from the water bowl in the office as well. She has since taught Baxter this behaviour, and we now have a water bowl in the kitchen that rarely gets used in favour of the one down the hall.

Unfortunately, Lady Jane was very recently diagnosed with renal failure. We are trying to make changes to her diet and she is reluctantly taking her medications. As a result, she has recently also decided that we rarely eat our breakfast, lunch and dinner in the kitchen. We now will consider them in the office. Given her condition and the fact that we need to ensure she gets enough calories (she has lost quite a bit of weight), we have acquiesced. So, here is Lady Jane patiently waiting for her supper to be delivered to her (not in the kitchen…see her water bowl there).

grey and white cat in long hallway with water bowl

grey and white cat waiting for dinner

Because of Lady Jane’s condition and the fact that she is a very picky eater, she is getting fed multiple times a day. Baxter, on the other hand is still being fed only at breakfast and supper. He is being a very patient, somewhat obedient boy, and he never pushes her away while she is eating. He is, however, a little confused as to when he will actually get fed. So, now when I prepare any type of kitty food in the kitchen, he tries to figure out if it is his turn as well. Which means he needs a better look at what is happening on the kitchen counter. He knows he is not allowed on the kitchen counter, so he simply hops up on the piano just outside the kitchen wall and peers around to watch me rather intently. If he sees me preparing two bowls and things generally look good, he will hop down and eat his meal (which was always just outside the kitchen anyway).

silver tabby cat looking around the corner

So, there you have it! Our kitties waiting for their dinners…none of which actually happens inside the kitchen! So, we sort of completed this weeks assignment.   😉

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Project 52 – Fall | Toronto Pet Photographer

Project 52 – Fall | Toronto Pet Photographer

We returned from Italy last week to my favourite time of year. In case you haven’t noticed, Autumn is clearly upon us here in Southern Ontario and this season’s leaves have been spectacular! Especially, if you can photograph doggies in them. So, I was very excited to learn that our Project 52 theme for this week was “Fall/Autumn”.

What a gorgeous day it was on Sunday when I got to spend time with the beautiful Kona. She had such fun showing me all of her favourite places at the cottage…

pointer running through forest in fall time

She also treated us to her best imitation of a wolf howl (in response to my withholding the treats). Fall is just such a beautiful time of year…I can honestly say that it is my favourite season!

german shorthaired pointer howling in leaves

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Project 52 – Silhouette | Toronto Pet Photography

Project 52 – Silhouette | Toronto Pet Photography

So…we had a visitor in our house this week. Although neither my husband or I knew it, Baxter had it all figured out.  He was fussing about, looking intently at the window. And then he simply got on the ledge to take a better look. I looked with him. Nothing. Baxter gave me this look of, listen, I am not the crazy one here. So, I looked again.

Well, right at the top of our window, behind the blinds was a tiny ladybug. How Baxter heard or saw her, I just don’t know, but he stood there looking up until we caught on.  My husband carefully caught her and set her free outside and Baxter was satisfied.

And yes, through it all I took a few images. My kitty silhouette for this week’s Project 52 theme.


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Project 52 – Colour | Toronto Pet Photographer

Project 52 – Colour | Toronto Pet Photographer

This week’s theme was simply “colour” and to find a way to feature that in our image.

Fortunately for me, there has been a change at the shelter where I volunteer each week – they have installed a brand new dog park! It features beautiful colours (oh-so-convenient for this week’s theme!) and lots of space for dogs to run and have fun. So, this week, I took this loveable guy out there in the sun and photographed him. When I saw this image in the back of my camera, it just made me smile.  What is not to like? A beautiful dog, a beautiful smile and just look at that gorgeous colour!

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Project 52 – Body Parts | Toronto Pet Photographer

Project 52 – Body Parts | Toronto Pet Photographer

Well, here we are back at Project 52 again! This week’s theme was ‘body parts’ – all the fun little details that make up our furry friends.

I have chosen this photograph of Baxter’s awesome paws. I’ve always loved those little paws…even when he uses them to wake me up by pushing against my nose in the morning! The pads are black and his legs are oh-so-long, so Baxter can just about reach anything he wants to. He uses them constantly to explore and play and communicate. But, when they are at rest, they are just the cutest little paws!

What’s the favourite body part of your pet?

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Project 52 – Hungry | Lifestyle Pet Photography

Project 52 – Hungry | Lifestyle Pet Photography

This week’s theme was to show the look of “Feed me!”

Well, I took these early on Sunday morning. About 6:30 a.m., which is when normal people (those without pets or kids) get a day or rest and sleep in. Unfortunately, Baxter has not yet learned to use a calendar, nor does he understand the word “weekend”. So, he is sure to get us up every morning, rain or shine!

Lady Jane has lived with us for 16 years now, so she is pretty convinced that breakfast and dinner arrive at prescribed times every day. In between, there is ample amounts of dry kibble and water, so that no one starves. Baxter, on the other hand, is new and is therefore sure that we have forgotten, are currently in the process of forgetting, and/or will forget sometime in the future that he needs food. In any case, he makes it his aim to ensure that we understand that breakfast and dinner are necessary to his existence and that he would be really grateful if it was served quickly and efficiently. Thus, every feeding session begins the same way…

The troops gather in the kitchen as I get their bowls ready and prepare their food. Baxter is front and centre, but that is Lady Jane in the bottom left. She is no fool – she knows it is breakfast and she has no intention of missing out. However, she will will watch while Baxter goes into full i-am-so-starving mode.

As I am not getting it nearly quickly enough, Baxter climbs up for a better look. I think he is trying to figure out what he can do to help me, as i am quite obviously having trouble dishing it out in a timely manner.

Yes, that is his left paw resting easily on the knob of our top drawer. He can actually reach our counter top while keeping his back paws firmly planted on the ground – he is that tall!

And finally, when breakfast is served, the clouds part, the sun appears, and angels can be heard singing. All is good and wonderful and right in the world. Until supper time when we do it all over again.

This is a blog circle which means that a worldwide collection of pet photographers have all interpreted this same theme. To see the next photographer’s images, please check out Tracy Sutherland Photography in Squamish, BC, Canada. From there, you can follow the circle all the way around until you end up back here!

Project 52 – Triptych | Beautiful Bird Photography

Project 52 – Triptych | Beautiful Bird Photography

After a couple of busy weeks, we are back with Project 52. This week’s challenge was to create a triptych, which comes from the greek adjective for “three-fold”. In other words, 3 images that are related or have a theme.

So, this week I have this colourful little bird. I have really started to enjoy photographing birds, and have come to appreciate that each of them are individuals with their own personalities. Take this little guy for example…he simply ‘mugged’ for my camera, so proud of his piece of food!

Did you know that, as a Posh Pets‘ client, you have the option of having us custom design a triptych from your session? The cool thing about triptych is that the images can be arranged to show the many facets of your pet’s personality and therefore will be completely unique to your furry face. Even better, triptychs look fantastic hanging on a wall!

As usual, this is a blog circle. That means each photographer has a different interpretation on this week’s theme and you can visit them all! To begin with, please go over to Pet Photographer Melbourne, Ragamuffin Pet Photography, and then continue through all of the links until you end up back here…we’ll be waiting.

Project 52 – Texture | Ontario Pet Photographer

Project 52 – Texture | Ontario Pet Photographer

This week’s challenge was to show off some texture.

One thing that I love about Baxter (among other things) is his amazing fur! It is so unbelievably soft, and along with his wonderful personality he is one gorgeous snuggle bum. For a challenge involving texture, what better subject than my beautiful boy!

And so, here is Baxter showing off his silvery, shimmery self – just look at the texture in that coat!

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Project 52 – Shoes | Canadian Pet Photographer

Project 52 – Shoes | Canadian Pet Photographer

When we were asked to incorporate shoes in our image this week, I knew exactly what shoes I would use! These are my fanciest, blinged-out, look-at-me-I’m-wearing-sexy-red-shoes pair that I own. They are beautiful and they make your leg look awesome!

Only one problem. I’ve never worn them.

See, I bought them on a whim. They were beautiful and, as I recall, they were part of an amazing sale. Unfortunately, they were, and are, the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever bought. My foot cramped up in the store just trying to get them on. For some reason though, I convinced myself that all of that would change if I brought them home and walked around in them. But, that didn’t happen. So, they sit in my closet, in a box on the shelf, looking sexy.

However, not all is lost. As you can see they photograph beautifully. And as an added bonus, when I brought them out to photograph them, my husband naturally asked, “When did you get the new shoes?“.  At which point, I could truthfully reply that I have had them for years.   🙂

Baxter, being a boy, thought they were pretty sexy too. So, here he is checking them out…

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Project 52 – Smile! | Toronto Dog Photographer

Project 52 – Smile! | Toronto Dog Photographer

So, this week found me driving the length and breadth of Arizona on a little vacation, enjoying the breathtaking Grand Canyon and Sedona. However, for this week’s Project 52 theme, I had to find a doggy that would “smile” for my camera. Fortunately, by the time we reached Lake Havasu City, it was a gorgeous spring day and I found a city full of people walking dogs…mostly in pairs. When I happened upon an off-leash dog park, I met Wally and Tyson, both who were willing to show me their great smiles!

Thanks so much to you both!

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