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If you are looking to take home incredible photographs of your dog(s), then you are in the right place. We are Toronto dog photography and the premier portrait studio specializing in creating breathtaking portraits of your pack. We preserve the memory of your curious puppy, the strength of your adult dog in their prime, and the quiet of your wise senior. In Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. For all of your dog’s life events, we will be here.

Outdoor Dog Photography

Let’s head outside to your favourite Toronto landmark (the CN Tower is a favourite!) and get stylish photographs of your urban dog. Or, go and connect with nature with your adventure dog during a hike through one of the amazing parks in the GTA. Or, for a more low-key approach let’s meet at your cottage to create images that show off your property.

At-home Indoor Lifestyle Dog Photography

Home is where the heart is because that is where your dog lives. Let’s go inside and search out all of those special nooks where your dog spends her days and nights surrounded by the things and people she loves best.

Studio Dog Photography 

It begins with deciding where you will hang your portrait. Cues from your decorating style and your dog will help us choose the perfect background colour. More often than not, we bring the studio to you, making this the perfect session for those that have pups who like being at home. It also often gets combined with some time outside your home so that you get the best of both worlds.

Sounds wonderful, but my dog cannot be off-leash. Does that mean we have to have the session in our backyard?

Not at all. At this point, you have no doubt checked out the gallery of images and seen all of those perfectly-behaved pups? Well, here’s the secret: 90% of those dogs were on-leash, connected to their owners when the photo was taken. Through the magic of editing, the leash ‘disappeared’ in the final portrait. We can do the same for you.


Outdoor / At-home lifestyle sessions (Posh Pets Boutique™) and Posh Pets Studio™ sessions begin at $1450.

Sessions can be combined upon request.

We travel extensively throughout Toronto, the GTA, Southern Ontario and beyond.

Slobbery Kisses

“I just received my photos last week and they are breathtaking…they captured the very essence of my girl’s personality and our relationship so perfectly.”
- Shelly

Take the time now.

Tell us what a dog-tastic session looks like.

Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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