Project 52 – Triptych | Beautiful Bird Photography

Project 52 – Triptych | Beautiful Bird Photography

After a couple of busy weeks, we are back with Project 52. This week’s challenge was to create a triptych, which comes from the greek adjective for “three-fold”. In other words, 3 images that are related or have a theme.

So, this week I have this colourful little bird. I have really started to enjoy photographing birds, and have come to appreciate that each of them are individuals with their own personalities. Take this little guy for example…he simply ‘mugged’ for my camera, so proud of his piece of food!

Did you know that, as a Posh Pets‘ client, you have the option of having us custom design a triptych from your session? The cool thing about triptych is that the images can be arranged to show the many facets of your pet’s personality and therefore will be completely unique to your furry face. Even better, triptychs look fantastic hanging on a wall!

As usual, this is a blog circle. That means each photographer has a different interpretation on this week’s theme and you can visit them all! To begin with, please go over to Pet Photographer Melbourne, Ragamuffin Pet Photography, and then continue through all of the links until you end up back here…we’ll be waiting.

Birds Of A Different Feather… | Pet Photographer In The Southwest Part I

Birds Of A Different Feather… | Pet Photographer In The Southwest Part I

We were vacationing in Arizona and California this past week and I had fun photographing some different animals other than the usual furry faces that pass in front my lens. This was my first time trying to photograph birds, which although was quite frustrating at the beginning (they move a lot more quickly than dogs and cats!), I found it can be quite addictive.

But first, this image. On our very first morning, we were treated to a beautiful Arizona sunrise! Apparently, there are not often clouds in the sky in Arizona, so this was a real treat!

We then went to the Desert Museum in Tucson to see some of the beautiful animals that make the Sonoma Desert and meet the birds! My first bird was a beautiful Red Cardinal.

Then, came a Stellars Jay

A Magnificent Humingbird

… and a Black Headed Grosberg.

A Rufous-Backed Robin

…and a pair of happy Doves!

I even got to photograph the Cactus Wren, which is so very ‘south-western’.

Lastly, I got to see a Screech Owl

…and a majestic Harris Hawk.

These were all beautiful birds and I would love to photograph some others! So, if you know any beautiful pet birds in need of a Posh Petscustom portrait photography session, have their humans contact me!

Now, stay tuned for another blog post where you can enjoy some of the other wild animals of the South West!