Welcome to a new year! For many people the start of a new year is filled with fresh promise, new projects and a chance to start again. And so, it is with Posh Pets Photography and the Beautiful Beasties Project 52 series. Each week, we’ll have a new theme where we try and create an image or images that represent that theme.

The theme for this week was introductions. We’ve been asked to introduce you to the beautiful pets we share our homes with and who will often be the subject of our photographs for Project 52. In our case, if you follow the Posh Pets’ blog, you will already know these two furry faces already. However, here is a chance to meet them again!

This is Lady Jane sitting so regally on my bedside table (where she knows I do not want her to be). She will be 17 years old in March and was diagnosed with chronic renal failure in October 2013. We’ve had a few crises since then and there were times when we were sure she would not see the end of 2013. At her peak, she was 17.3 lbs, but now she weighs a mere 9 lbs., and I reminded of this every time I pick her up. But, she is holding her own. It frightens me when she climbs to places she should not because she is not very steady and I fear for her little bones. But, she is a stubborn little old lady and if Lady Jane wants to sit on the bedside table, then that is where she will sit. You can see a little of that determination in her pose.

black and white image of cat sitting on bedside table

And this is Baxter Huntington, our 3 year old rambunctious, friendly, playful, in-your-face-and-give-me-affection cat. He likes to thwart any attempts I make at taking his picture by closing his eyes. (Yes, he has figured that out.) But, he loves us, loves his sister Lady Jane is just so darn cute that I can’t resist taking his portrait whenever I can! He loves to explore and has taught his older sister to go places where she never would have dreamed of venturing before. And at the end of the day, he grooms her and settles down to nap beside her, often with a paw laid gently touching some part of her body.

black and white photograph of tabby cat sitting on table

Both of our kitties originally came from the shelter and are wonderful furry family members. If you are considering welcoming a pet into your home, I wholeheartedly encourage adoption. You’ll be seeing a lot more of these two in the weeks and months to come!

This is a ‘blog circle’ which means that each photographer will interpret the week’s theme. You can start with Denver Pet Photographer, StinkDog Photos and get introduced to her crew. Then, if you like, follow the circle all of the way around until you end up back here with Baxter and Lady Jane.

Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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