We are already at the half-way point in January – can you believe it? A new year with a fresh start always seems so full of promise and many take the time to set some brand new goals. But let’s face it, statistics show that the majority of the goals we make at the start of January don’t make it past the first few weeks.

So…how are you doing?

Well, wherever you are, we thought it would be fun to put a little pet twist on the whole idea of achieving goals: Help increase your chances of reaching your goals by involving your furry best friends!

dog looking up at camera

1. Exercise more.

Dogs and cats love routine and once you have established one, they seldom forget. And that helps us!

You can make it your goal to walk a certain distance with your dog twice a day, explore a new park or conservation area by going on a hike once a week or once a month, or schedule daily playtime with your cat. (A cat dancer in your hands while running around your home will have them following you. Or, if you have one of those lazy felines, try throwing their toy and then let them watch you retrieve it because kitty is not going to move for that – at least you are getting some exercise!)

Once your pet comes to expect the activity, they will prompt you. And there is nothing more motivating than seeing happy, wagging tail waiting for you to get moving.

2. Learn a new skill or hobby.

Want to learn how to paint? Pick some art that features animals or perhaps learn to paint from a photograph you have of your pet.

Want to learn carpentry? Research and find some plans to build a dog house, a cat tree, or a perch for your favourite bird. Even if your pet doesn’t need this item, there is no doubt a local shelter or rescue that would love a donation.

Want to become a chef? Learn how to bake natural dog and cat treats. Research the nutrition behind the foods we feed our pets and see if you can start incorporating some home-made simple additions to their diet.

Pick almost anything you want to learn and see if there is some way you can either be involving your pet in the process or letting them be the recipient of whatever it is you create.

3. Save money / Spend less.

No-buy or a low-buy month/year are quite the thing and you can find all kinds of helpful tips by doing a quick Google search.

What was helpful for me was to look at where I was spending my money. As in, what stores? You know all of those reward programs you might have signed up for? Sometimes by simply consolidating where you choose to shop for items, you can accumulate points or rewards at a greater rate which in turn, allows you to access rewards faster. So, see where you are shopping for your pet supplies and instead of going around to 3 different stores because that is where you have always bought that item, try purchasing everything from 1 store. You might end up finding that you save time, gas, and money.

And do not forget the benefit of having a planned reward. Most researchers now understand that having something to look forward to at the end of a challenge motivates us to complete it.

So…start with a reward. Plan something for you and your pet when you have met your goal of eliminating your debt or saving a certain amount. It can be something simple or grand. The only requirement is that the two of you enjoy it!

4. Read

Start a list of books you would like to read and schedule some time each week for a reading session. Pick a comfy, cozy spot – but here is the caveat – it has to have room for your best friend. If your dog or cat is the type that joins you on the couch when you watch TV, they no doubt will join you when you are reading. Reading sessions that turn into snuggle sessions are the best!

If you want to go more pet-centric, choose books that involve animals. If you like non-fiction, try books that teach you about your dog or cat and how you can enrich each other’s lives. See if there is a pet-friendly book club in your area. And if there isn’t one, why not start your own with fellow pet lovers?

5. Travel

Plan a trip that includes your dog or cat. You can have so much fun doing the research and planning – discovering pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and attractions is a joy. If you are new to this, start small by choosing somewhere closer to where you live and of short duration. That gives you a chance to discover what items you need while on the road, to become accustomed to the rhythm of travel, and ensure that everyone enjoys their time away.

If your destination is one that it simply would not be practical to bring your pet, try bringing a stuffed animal that looks like him/her and photograph ‘your pet’ during your travels. You’ll come home with a lot of fun shots to share!

If one of your goals for 2024 is to not let another year go by without having your dog or cat professionally photographed, here is where you start:


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