Toronto dog photography artwork


The Posh Pets® Standout is a beautiful archival lustre print, fused onto a wooden base, and laminated with a satin finish. It is therefore protected to spend the rest of its days happily displayed on your wall. Every time you pass by it, you will smile at the beauty of your pet.
standout fine art pet product
Toronto dog photography standout
The base is approximately 2″ with lovely finished edges. You can request the edge of your Standout in one of four colours – black, brown, white, or pale grey – so your prints will definitely complement the room you choose to hang it in.
keyhole for fine art photography
With its clean lines, they are perfect for a more modern decor and come ready to hang. A relatively easy and simple job too – with a keyhole slot located at the top edge. No messing around with complicated hanging hardware! Just measure and hang. You can even decide upon a “cluster” of different sizes, creating a beautiful grouping for your wall.


Toronto dog photography standout art
Not sure where to start? We would be happy to design one along with you during your Ordering Consultation. After all, wouldn’t you love to have one of these hanging in your home?

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