Clients who purchase one of the Posh Pets’® Collections will receive their images on a branded USB – any other art work commissions will be provided via dropbox. When you receive your digital files, please remember to back them up. They are precious and form a part of your memories of the session. They come in their own beautiful packaging, but store them somewhere safe (many clients choose to place them in safety deposit boxes).
USB digital files from Posh Pets Photography

Can I purchase the files from my session?

We get this question a lot, so let’s just answer this quickly and easily. You will receive the digital file for every image you purchase, along with a Print Release for your personal printing needs. In fact, you will receive two files for every image you purchase – a print file and a web-ready file perfect for sharing on-line.

What does that mean exactly?

Simply put, if you purchase a 16×24 canvas, you will receive the file that produced that canvas. That will allow you to print off as many 16x24s (and smaller) you would like to share with friends and family. You will also receive a web-ready file – one that has the Posh Pets® Photography watermark and is optimized for sharing via e-mail and social media.

Remember that digital images are simply archival records of your session. Please enjoy your images as they were meant to be – as beautiful prints and Wall Art displayed in your home!

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