Today, I am very happy to spotlight one of our recent sessions – the lovely Abbey! Last time we featured her gorgeous brother, Chester, but Abbey is so beautiful she deserves her own Posh Pets’ post.

When I first heard that I would be photographing Abbey, I nearly squealed with delight – I absolutely love orange tabbies! It goes without saying that they tend to be very good-looking creatures with lovely personalities, but, I think the reason I am so drawn to them is because of our own orange tabby Ripley, who we lost a few months ago. In any case, any time I see an orange tabby, I just know that it will be wonderful!

Abbey patrols her territory like any respectable kitty, and she soon came by to determine what we were doing with her brother, Chester. When she saw that nothing was amiss, she went her way to explore a little more. However, when we returned from our park session with Chester, there she was, waiting in the driveway for her turn in the spotlight. On that beautiful evening, we got some lovely images of her which will forever grace the rooms of the home she shares with her humans. (I believe that some images are heading off to university this fall…) Just look at those eyes!

Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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