Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Toronto Pet Photographer

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Toronto Pet Photographer

As a pet photographer who loves to photograph dogs outside, I have asked myself (along with the many who make their home in Toronto) many times in the last few weeks, “Will this cold weather never end?” And again on Monday, this was the basis of my conversation with each of these furry faces during the brief moments that we could stand being out in the elements. I promised them that the nicer weather (and a forever home!) were just around the corner if they just held on a little longer. To ensure that my promises were not in vain, please share their images far and wide so that they have as good an opportunity as possible to be seen by the special person looking to bring them home. I, and each of them, thank you!

I’ve never photographed as many puppies in one week as I did during my time on Monday. Kaya and Duncan are both only about 15 weeks old, and Morty is still a young boy at 9 months old. On the other end of the spectrum is Clarence who is a lovely 9 year old guy. Along with their feline friends Thor, Amos, Luchio, Ameira and shy-girl Veronica, they have lots of love to give.

Each of their images will be posted on the Toronto Animal Services website as well as be featured on the Posh Pets Photography Facebook page during the week. Questions about anyone in particular? Please contact TAS directly who can give you the latest updates on their statuses.

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you all back here next week!

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One Year Later… | Pet Photographer in Canada

One Year Later… | Pet Photographer in Canada

Today marks a sad anniversary – it was exactly one year ago that we said good-bye to our Ripley. It was a bright, sunny spring morning, much like this one. But for Dean and I, it was the end of an era.

It seems like yesterday that the three of us made that last car ride together. In fact, we still tear up when we think about him, as the pain is yet just below the surface. But, in reality, a whole year has passed and I realize that so much has changed since then.

For one thing, there is no doubt that the sharp pain has eased for all of us. We no longer come through the front door expecting to have Ripley greet us, nor do I wake up in the night looking for the feel of his soft weight against my legs. Lady Jane, too, finally stopped grieving for her brother and began to be her old self again. And, as I always secretly knew, we were in time, ready for the biggest change of all. We welcomed 2 year old Baxter into our home and into our hearts. (One the unexpected results was that, as a result of the new playmate and the increased physical activity, Lady Jane has lost some weight. She now runs and just a few weeks ago, managed to jump on the dresser in our bedroom – a place she has not been up on in over 10 years. Talk about a change!)

Initially, my biggest fear was that I would forget about Ripley – his little habits and the stories we shared. I wanted so desperately to emblazon his memory in my mind. Consequently, right after his death, we took a notebook and through our tears, wrote down all of the things that had made him special. Every memory we could come up with, even the small, silly ones. And, as Dean and I would remember additional stories, we would continue to write. It helped in the healing process and allowed us to slowly let go, knowing Ripley’s life story was safe. However, we soon realized that we should do this for all of our kitties, keeping records as we go. So Lady Jane, and now Baxter, have their own special memory books. And we take photographs…so many photographs.

But, for all of the progress we have made, the truth is, I don’t think there will ever come a day when I don’t think about our Orange Boy. He was our very first pet together, and because he came into our lives just 3 months after Dean and I were married, Ripley had been there practically from the beginning. We loved him so much, and he, us. He will always be a part of our story.

Ripley, for all of our brave faces, how we still miss you! But, this I promise you: you will never be forgotten. Afterall, you never forget your first.

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Dogs, Cats and…Pigs!

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Dogs, Cats and…Pigs!

This week was the first time that Posh Pets Photography photographed guinea pigs! They really are very cute and these two in particular, Molly and Millie, are sisters that would love to be adopted together. And there were a lovely group of furry faces, both canine and feline…so something for everyone. Don’t forget that Toronto Animal Services is offering 2-for-1 adoption fees for all cats who find forever homes until August 15, 2012. So, if you have been thinking about a new family member, don’t delay!

All of these lovely furry faces have more information about them on the Posh Pets Facebook page, so go ahead and check them out. Of course, you can always contact Toronto Animal Services (North Region) directly if you want to meet any of them!

Chester & Abbey | Part I of A Wonderful Dog and Cat Photography Session in the Park!

Chester & Abbey | Part I of A Wonderful Dog and Cat Photography Session in the Park!

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of meeting the wonderful Chester and Abbey, a beautiful Sheltie and lovely orange tabby cat. Both are currently 8 years old and share their lives with the human members of their family, who quite obviously love them dearly. They also get along with each other famously!

We started their custom photography session in their backyard to capture some of the environment where they spent a lot of their time. But then we moved to a lovely park in Port Credit to take advantage of the beautiful late afternoon light. Chester was a true gentleman, posing as if he were born to it. And he even got to run around a bit. I heard from his mum that he certainly slept well that night!

Chester, you are a delight to spend time with! I love the fringes around your ears and your lovely soft expressions. Your spirit is golden and your’smile’ lights up a room…never change. Thank you so much for allowing us the honour of photographing you!

Here are a few Posh Pets’ favourites of Chester from that afternoon.

PS: We’ll showcase Abbey next time!


Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | GTA Pet Photographer

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | GTA Pet Photographer

It was a hot morning on Monday when I went in to photograph this week’s adoptables. Dog tongues were hanging out as we found some relief in the shade of a tree. Even the indoor kitties with their fur coats were evidently feeling the heat – I watched as one guy had all four paws in the large water bowl and was happily creating a wave pool with his paw, while simultaneously drinking. His feline friends looked on with curiosity mingled with disdain as he played with their water source.

So, with that, here is this week’s line-up…they are all available and eagerly waiting to meet their forever families at Toronto Animal Services! There is more information about each and everyone of them on the TAS site as well as the Posh Pets’ Facebook page. Please share their furry faces far and wide and let us know if one comes into your home – we love to hear the happy endings!


Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Dog Photographer in Toronto

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Dog Photographer in Toronto

What a lovely morning to head down to the Toronto Animal Services (North Region) and meet a fresh group of furry faces! We headed outside before it got too hot to photograph the doggies and then back inside to see the kitties. I loved meeting (and cuddling) all of you!

Here are the doggies!

And here are the kitties!

Thanks so much for checking these guys out. Please feel free to share their images with anyone who would enjoy them and especially for those who are looking for a special pet in their life. As always, they will be featured on the Posh Pets Facebook page throughout the week where you can read a little more about them. If you would like to see them in “person”, please contact Toronto Animal Services (North Region) directly at (416) 338-8723.

See you next week!

Ripley | Toronto Pet Photographer

Ripley | Toronto Pet Photographer

I really cannot believe that the day has arrived when I have to write this. And if I press “publish”, it will somehow be more final. It hurts too much, so I will try to say it quickly and simply.

Today, at 8:59 a.m., we sent Ripley, our 17.5 year old tabby on his final journey. With as much love as he could bear.

I, personally, have never had the weight of such a decision on my shoulders and I am not sure that either my husband, Dean, or I handled it well. In other words, we were (and are) a mess.

We had no idea that Ripley was even sick until we took him to his vet this past Wednesday morning. What we had erroneously thought to be a little bit of constipation or issues with his anal glands, turned out to be far more serious. In fact, that was not an issue at all. After x-rays and an ultrasound, we were shown that most of his organs were in some state of failure. And his poor, little heart was really only in a constant state of fibrillation, and therefore not pumping vital blood and oxygen to the other parts of his body. Add to that, he had a very serious arrhythmia which put his whole system under additional stress. Hearing this, we decided not to contemplate any heroic measures, but to simply treasure whatever remaining time we had with him. So, at our request, his vet was able to stabilize him enough that we could take him home with us Thursday evening, along with some medication to make him comfortable.

Ripley seemed to be happy to be home Thursday night, but by Friday we knew something was horribly wrong. He could not sleep. He never did eat since returning from the hospital and he shifted his position often as if he was uncomfortable. We watched him and stroked him and cried over him until we knew that we had to make the final gesture to help him.

This morning, Ripley woke me up by pawing gently at my leg. I tried one last time to feed him, which he refused. So, Dean and I began the process of getting ready to take him on his final car ride. I truly believe that Ripley knew the time had come. He seemed to go through a routine to look at all of his favourite places. But when he stopped to nuzzle and kiss his sister, Lady Jane, it made our hearts stop. They had a quiet “moment” when I think he said his good-bye.

At the vet this morning, we held him and told him what an incredible boy he had been. He was from the Toronto Humane Society so, yes, Ripley was a rescue. He was a year old when we got him and were privileged to have loved him for over 16 years. And, even though his physical heart failed him in the end, he loved us until his final breath.

I do not quite know how I will get over the loss of feeling him sleeping on my feet every night of his life, or the way he would truly cuddle you when picked up. I have many, many photographs that will remind me of what he looked like, but I fear that I will forget the sound of his “voice” when he would talk. And his beautiful eyes…everyone remarked on his his lovely eyes. At this point, I am simply hoping that the huge hole left in my heart will slowly heal.

Ripley, I cannot write enough words to tell you how much you are missed. Not a day will go by when we will not think of you and remember how incredibly wonderful you were. I hope, in the end, you simply understood and felt how much you were loved. 

Go gently into that good night, my boy…

A special thank-you to the vets and staff of Westbridge Veterinary Hospital in Mississauga, Ontario. And especially to Dr. Cathy Buller who has been Ripley’s primary vet since the day we brought him home. Having you there at the end, made it just a bit easier.

Orange tabby on bed in Toronto, Canada
Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Lifestyle Pet Photographer

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Lifestyle Pet Photographer

Today may be a holiday for most happy people in Canada, but Posh Pets still headed off to Toronto Animal Services – North Region to photograph the furry faces awaiting their forever homes. It was a gorgeous day outside which is entirely appropriate the for the holiday weekend that, in the minds of many, starts the summer season!

Please note that a number of the dogs are not quite ready for adoption – in most cases they are going for their spay and neuter tomorrow. But then, it will be all systems go! Please feel free to contact Toronto Animal Services directly and inquire about any of these lovely guys and gals here.

Enjoy your holiday!

Project 52 – From the Ground Up | Pet Photography Toronto

Project 52 – From the Ground Up | Pet Photography Toronto

Our Project 52 challenge this week was entitled “from the ground up”. In other words, try a new perspective and angle by photographing animals from the ground and aiming your lens UP at them. It sounded like fun, until you realize that I have two cats. Two senior cats who spend their days sleeping and lounging with the occasional water and food snack. Ever tried to get under a cat and photograph them? When they are laying down? Well, that is what Ripley and Lady Jane had to contend with this week and I probably need some kind of chiropractic assistance after all of the positions I contorted my body into!

This first image is Ripley looking down on me from the bed. I knew the image I wanted – just his little face with lots of negative space. The lens flare was just a bonus!

And then there is Lady Jane who lazes around all day. Literally. I’ve watched her for the past week like a hawk trying to see her in some kind of action and she really just has a chill, zen feeling about her. So, this is her shot. I am on the ground. My camera is on the ground. But then, so is Lady Jane…

Now, please take a look at what California Pet Photographer, Karla Ogilvie as she looked UP this week!

Project 52 – Jumps and Cuddles | Ontario Pet Photographer

Project 52 – Jumps and Cuddles | Ontario Pet Photographer

This week’s theme made me smile as I knew exactly the image I wanted to capture.  While cats are known for their ability to jump, they tend to have the reputation for being independent and aloof. In other words, not cuddly. Well, Ripley is a bit of a contradiction in terms for a cat. At 17 years of age, he is not so much into jumping anymore, but he is an absolute suck when it comes to getting cuddles from my husband. I just knew that this was what I wanted to photograph. And so, I present Ripley, nestled into Dean’s shoulder for his daily morning cuddle.

We always can tell how relaxed Ripley is by his paws. I love how he crosses his little paws, one over the other, when he is relaxed and really enjoying his hug. When he does this, we know it will be a long one!

Now, please check out fellow Canadian photographer, Ann Kearns to see if her crew was jumping or cuddling…or both! And then follow the blog circle all the way back here. Have a great Friday and weekend!