Our Project 52 challenge this week was entitled “from the ground up”. In other words, try a new perspective and angle by photographing animals from the ground and aiming your lens UP at them. It sounded like fun, until you realize that I have two cats. Two senior cats who spend their days sleeping and lounging with the occasional water and food snack. Ever tried to get under a cat and photograph them? When they are laying down? Well, that is what Ripley and Lady Jane had to contend with this week and I probably need some kind of chiropractic assistance after all of the positions I contorted my body into!

This first image is Ripley looking down on me from the bed. I knew the image I wanted – just his little face with lots of negative space. The lens flare was just a bonus!

And then there is Lady Jane who lazes around all day. Literally. I’ve watched her for the past week like a hawk trying to see her in some kind of action and she really just has a chill, zen feeling about her. So, this is her shot. I am on the ground. My camera is on the ground. But then, so is Lady Jane…

Now, please take a look at what California Pet Photographer, Karla Ogilvie as she looked UP this week!

Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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