This week’s theme made me smile as I knew exactly the image I wanted to capture.  While cats are known for their ability to jump, they tend to have the reputation for being independent and aloof. In other words, not cuddly. Well, Ripley is a bit of a contradiction in terms for a cat. At 17 years of age, he is not so much into jumping anymore, but he is an absolute suck when it comes to getting cuddles from my husband. I just knew that this was what I wanted to photograph. And so, I present Ripley, nestled into Dean’s shoulder for his daily morning cuddle.

We always can tell how relaxed Ripley is by his paws. I love how he crosses his little paws, one over the other, when he is relaxed and really enjoying his hug. When he does this, we know it will be a long one!

Now, please check out fellow Canadian photographer, Ann Kearns to see if her crew was jumping or cuddling…or both! And then follow the blog circle all the way back here. Have a great Friday and weekend!

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