Olive | A Dog Adventure in Cambridge, Ontario

Olive | A Dog Adventure in Cambridge, Ontario

It all started with a question. “How early are you willing to get up? Can we meet before sunrise?“, I asked.

It was the simple sacrifice of *just* a little more sleep that allowed us to be in position to catch the sunrise over the lake and create the image below.

pet photography kitchener waterloo

Olive showed up in her Boutique Session in a yellow collar – she has a different colour for each day of the week – and her Dad really wanted it showcased. During our Design Consult, he told me that he was a little concerned about whether we would be able to photograph her. Olive is an adventure dog and an independent girl. Her Dad describes her as ‘busy” and he wondered if she would be still enough for us to create one of my signature portraits. After he saw the first one at sunrise, he knew Olive was in good hands.

However, after that initial portrait, I let Olive be in charge of the rest of the session. With a little guidance from me, of course. Olive took me around and showed me all of her favourite places – and given that she walks here almost every day of her life, she had lots to show me. She would trot off only to turn around every now and again with a look of: Come on, guys! I’ve got tons of things to show you and we’ll miss it if you all keep dawdling.

pet photography kitchener waterloo cambridge

Given how early we were, there was still time to run before the heat became too much. I always think that dogs look so full of joy when they can just run.

(Side note: If action/running images is one of the things you are going to want to include in your session, I really do suggest we start early before the heat of the day sets in. And remember to pack lots of water. That way, it’s much more pleasant and safer for you and your dog.)

dog photography kitchener waterloo
Pet Photographer in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge, Ontario

It was one of those perfect Summer mornings where the light was beautiful and the sky was a dramatic blue. Olive’s coat literally glistened in the sun! Especially after she had taken a dip in the lake.

adventure dog photography in Cambridge, Ontario

This location offered a great variety of backdrops, including the cool shade of the forest. With that early morning sun peaking in amongst the trees, we had the perfect environment for one final, stunning portrait.

Olive’s canvas and framed prints now grace the walls of the home she shares with Dad. The Wall Art together with her Posh Pets® Folio, allows her to show off what a much loved doggie she is!

“Olive, thank you so much for taking me on your morning adventure with you. You have one of the most beautiful places to explore and I cannot wait until our Winter Session!”

Do you have an adventure dog? If you would like us to join you on an outdoor adventure with your dog, a Boutique Session is the place to start. Details are below:


Where it all begins

  • Pre-session Design Consult that ensures we create images you will be thrilled with.
  • The result is gorgeous custom artwork the life your pet shares with your family.
  • A personal Ordering Consultation to ensure you select the right images from the gallery.
  • Please note: The Creative Fee covers time and talent to photograph a maximum of four (4) subjects, which can be any combination of people and up to two (2) pets who live within the same household. Additional subjects may be photographed for a small additional fee.
  • Examples of portraits from Posh Pets Boutique™ Sessions can be found here.

Introducing…Posh Pups in the City™ – Toronto Edition!

Introducing…Posh Pups in the City™ – Toronto Edition!

No doubt about it – Posh Pets® Photography loves our home city, Toronto. It’s a great city full of great dogs, cats, and their people. It’s busy and vibrant and boasts an easily identifiable skyline. And, it simply looks spectacular in photographs!

Toronto skyline in Autumn

To celebrate our home city, we’ve been working on a project for some time now – finding a way to incorporate that awesome cityscape into images with YOUR dogs. We’ve been quietly scoping out locations and enlisting the help of many urban pups and their intrepid humans.

This has not always been easy. As you know, the Toronto skyline boasts one of the tallest buildings in the world, the CN Tower. Finding a perspective that will allow me to place a sitting dog who is about 12 inches high, in the same frame as a 1,815.4 ft building can be a challenge. Even large breeds are not really all that big when you place them beside architecture.

These images celebrate that truly quintessential urban pup. You know the one…they embrace the city lifestyle. They know their neighbourhood…Uptown, downtown, the Annex, The Beach, Cabbage Town, Liberty Village…you get the idea. Toronto is their home. Or, they lived here at one point and haven’t forgotten their roots.

If you are looking to create a Posh Pups in the City™ image(s) in your Boutique Session, then you are in the right place. You might have a location in mind, or we can research and explore an awesome spot together. We will create something that you will be happy to display on your wall for years to come! Let’s do this…

PS: If you have an urban feline that loves the outdoors, does well on a leash, we would absolutely love to meet them too. Posh Cats in the City™…why not? Me-ow!

Toronto skyline with 3 dogs
dog family portrait with Toronto skylineDogs portrait with lake ontario and Toronto skylineDog with CN TowerDog at Cherry Beach in front of CN Towerdog on rock in front of Toronto skyline

Gus – Boutique Session | Toronto Dog Photographer

Gus – Boutique Session | Toronto Dog Photographer

Do you have one incredible portrait of your dog or cat? Often when I ask that, the answer to that question is, simply, no.

It is an important question. Most of us have a lot of fun shots documenting everyday life on a smartphone. Those funny, little moments. But, how many of us own an amazing fine art image that showcases your pet’s personality and would be worthy of being displayed on a wall in your home or cottage? Or, one that celebrates the relationship and life you’ve created with your pet at a particular moment of their life? Those images are precious, especially once that phase of your dog’s life (be it puppyhood, the prime of their life, or the senior years) have passed. And, it is what Posh Pets™ Photography specializes in.

It’s how I came to meet Gus on a drizzly afternoon. It had threatened rain all morning, but we decided to go ahead with the session, mostly because Gus was soon going to be moving south to the United States. His human told me later that he looked at a number of pet photographers, but wanted more than just a ‘head shot’…he wanted a portrait of Gus. So, please meet Gus, a beautiful wheaten terrier with a selection of his Autumn portraits.

Wheaten terrier playing in leaves

The leaves had mostly fallen off the trees, but the colours on the ground made Gus’ coat look stunning. We went for a walk in his favourite park – the only strange part to Gus was that we kept stopping to create an image every so often. He was more than happy to do so, as long as there was adequate ‘compensation’ in the form of yummy treats!

wheaten terrier in Torontodog portrait in autumn colourswheaten terrier portrait in Canada

He’s such a happy boy, but I was told that Gus’ greatest quality was his loyalty. He loves his family fiercely. It also became apparent that he can strike a pose…I mean, just look at that sexy leg. 😉

wheaten terrier dog with leg extendedprofile photograph of wheaten terrier

And, he can also pull off a great head tilt.dog in a field on rainy afternoon

Canadian dog photography

Of course, we ended the session with the requisite ‘head shot’, capturing Gus’ gorgeous eyes.

dog headshot

In the end, Gus’ family purchased two beautiful wall portraits and a gorgeous folio box, filled with art prints. The portraits will take their place beside the portraits of Gus’ predecessor.

Has this whet your appetite to create gorgeous images of your furry family member? If so, and you would like to arrange a session with Posh Pets™ Photography, the place to start is here.

Bart – Posh Pets Heritage™ Session | Cat Photographer in Toronto

Bart – Posh Pets Heritage™ Session | Cat Photographer in Toronto

Celebrating the life, love and legacy of your pet.™

As a pet photographer, I get quite a number of requests for sessions with cats. I love our kitty friends – their quiet and calm demeanor, the grace with which they carry themselves and the nuances of their individual personalities. My sessions with them are always a joy.

I met Bart on a quiet summer afternoon in August. Those perfect days when it is not too hot, the sun is shining and no one is running tools to disturb the quiet peace of the neighbourhood. Bart was a 15 1/2 year old black beauty with a kind and gentle nature. He had been adopted by his humans when already full grown (I love it when people fall in love with the adult adoptables!) and had lived a wonderful life with his feline brother, Toby, and his human family.

When his mom first contacted me, she told me worriedly that Bart was a black cat and very difficult to photograph. He was exclusively an indoor cat, so he needed to be photographed inside. Additionally, he had recently been diagnosed with cancer and she really wanted some beautiful images that would highlight his gorgeous eyes and ensure that they had tangible, physical memories to hold onto when the time came to say good-bye.

We spent a couple of hours that afternoon photographing Bart in all of his favourite spots in the home. He was quite happy and was engaged for his photo session. I am always amazed by pets who ‘seem to know’ and therefore muster up the energy to give their families this last gift of photographs. As I was leaving his home, I gave him one quiet cuddle and told him to be a brave boy and let his family know when the time came.

Four weeks later, Bart said his final good-bye at home, surrounded by his loving family.

As I delivered Bart’s final artwork, we talked about what a great life he had, how hard the past couple of weeks had been on everyone, but how right the decision had been to have him photographed professionally. As always, I left the meeting with tears in my eyes.

“Bart, you have left a huge hole in the hearts and lives of those who loved you. I was privileged to have met you and to photograph you. I will remember you with fondness, always.”


Celebrating the life, love and legacy of your pet.™

  • High-priority sessions reserved for pets that become ill or are simply elderly. We make every effort to schedule these on short notice.
  • An opportunity to take time out of your busy schedule to spend some quality time togehter, celebrate the life you have shared and create images you will treasure forever.
  • Please note: The Creative Fee covers time and talent to photograph a maximum of four (4) subjects, which can be any combination of people and up to two (2) pets who live within the same household. Additional subjects may be photographed for a small additional fee.
  • Examples of portraits from Posh Pets Heritage™ Sessions can be found here.
DoodleRomp – SwissRidge Kennels | Guelph, Ontario Dog Photography

DoodleRomp – SwissRidge Kennels | Guelph, Ontario Dog Photography

This past Saturday was perfect weather! Which was great because Posh Pets was thrilled to be at the annual SwissRidge Kennels Doodleromp event, this year being hosted by the Pine Tree Pet Care Centre in Guelph. Doodles from all around were there for one huge play date with their litter mates, their cousins and distant relatives. And to raise money for Autism Dog Services who do great work in selecting, training and providing service dogs to families. It was a great turnout!

SwissRidge Kennels doodleromp group shot

Each year Doodleromp raises money for a worth cause. Last year’s recipient received his service dog, Ollie from Swiss Ridge Kennels. It’s quite apparent that Shay and Ollie have become fast friends 🙂

doodle service dogautism dog services ollie

Shay got to show off some of the tricks he and Ollie have worked on together. Some of the other doodles wanted to come up and personally congratulate them.

autism dog services

Others had tricks to show off as well.

bernedoodle shaking a pawgolden doodle with cheese on his nose

But, many spent the day running and chasing and playing…

chocolate brown doodle runningbernedoodle runningtri-colour doodle running

…while others found a cool piece of shade to relax in.

golden doodle under tentgolden doodle smilewhite doodlebernedoodle smile

golden doodle relaxing

Gibbs was one of the stars – he is so petite and cute. I saw more than one person who wanted to tuck him in a bag and carry him off. Look at that pink tongue!

mini bernedoodle tongue

I even had a brush with celebrity in the form of Riggins. He has his own book Golden Boy and his mom is author Sandy Rideout. I was so pleased that he agreed to sit and pose for a casual portrait. And, he turned on the charm when he flashed his awesome smile!

golden doodle portrait

Of course, the amazing Zolo was there, holding court. Her human is Karley Gittens, an awesome graphic designer, who also works tirelessly to organize the DoodleRomp event each year. I photographed this beautiful girl a couple of years ago when she was still a puppy. It was so nice to be able to catch up with her again.

golden doodle

Blizzard is Zolo’s younger brother and a new addition to the family. He easily outweighs her, but is such a loveable boy!

bernedoodle portraitbernedoodle portrait standing

Jax was a tiny 4-month old puppy last time I saw him (which was last year’s Doodleromp). He has grown into a gorgeous boy. His picture then…

…and now.

jax the golden doodle

I also got to meet tiny, petite Basil and her little human who were happy to stop for a quick portrait.

basil the mini doodle

By the end of the day, everyone agreed – it was a great Doodleromp!

doodle and his human

High Park Sakura | Toronto Dog Photographer

High Park Sakura | Toronto Dog Photographer

Being a pet photographer means that naturally my blog is full of the dogs and cats of Southern Ontario. However, this week, I got to photograph something a little different…

For a few days each year, Toronto blooms with colour as the Sakura (cherry blossom) trees make their appearance in various parts of the city. By far, one of the most famous and therefore busiest locations is High Park. This year was no different. On a beautiful May afternoon, many were out enjoying the beautiful weather and of course, photographing the trees.

high park toronto crowds enjoy cherry blossoms

The blossoms are beautiful and I just love the colour pallet they create. Here are just some of the images I was able to create in about the hour I was able to visit.

cherry blossoms at High Park, TorontoToronto's best pet photographerCherry blossoms in High Park May 2015Sakura trees in High Park, Toronto, OntarioSakura Trees in Canadacherry blossoms at high park toronto

Not to be missed is the magnificent Magnolia tree in the main area with the Cherry Blossom trees.

Magnolia tree in High Park, Toronto in May 2015magnolia tree at high parkMagnolia tree in Canada (Toronto)

By now, they say the peak is over. But, there is always next year! Given that the trees are at their peak for only a few days, it’s good to plan ahead. You can anticipate their progress in High Park each year by following this page. And then, plan to get up early, take public transit and bring your camera!

Moses – On The Beach | Canada Dog Photographer

Moses – On The Beach | Canada Dog Photographer

I have to be honest, I let out a little squeal after Moses’ mom booked his Posh Pets session. Not only did it sound like he was a superstar, but his mom was more than happy to get up early (and I mean really early) for our session so as to catch the early morning light. On a Sunday, no less. Sometimes, you just know that a session is going to be epic.

Moses, a gorgeous border collie, makes his home in Whitby along the water. We decided during his pre-session design consultation that we would photograph him in his favourite park and beach. It took some doing, but we figured out where we had to be and at what time to take advantage of the first rays of the sun above the horizon. And when we got there, as I had been promised, Moses knew how to pose like a star.


We then headed down to Moses’ beach. The early morning sun along with the spectacular colours of fall made for a stunning backdrop.

toronto border collie on beachborder collie dog on beach

Border collies are a high-energy breed, so Moses just had to show me he knew how to run.

border collie runningborder collie running on beach

At the end of the beach, these maple trees were putting on a full display. (This hangs as a large art piece on his mom’s wall now.)

border collie at sunrise

Now, this is where I have to tell you an intersting little story…like a lot of pets in the world, Moses has a nickname. His proper name may be Moses, but over time he has acquired the nickname Momo. The thing is, you may have heard of another, more famous, border collie named Momo. Also known as “the hiding border collie”, he is an internet sensation and the muse of photographer Andrew Knapp who runs a blog called Find Momo that is – you guessed it – filled with awesome images of his Momo. The twist is that Momo is “hiding” in the photographs and it is your job to see if you can spot him. I can say from personal experience, it can sometimes take a great deal of time to find him! Well, here I was with a border collie named Momo on a glorious morning…we couldn’t let the opportunity pass. So here is  our own tribute to Moses’ more famous namesake. Can you find him? Hope we make the real Momo proud!

border collie on rocky shoreline

Back in his park, Moses posed for another set of portraits showing off his winning smile!

border collie portraitborder collie photography

After getting up early for a full morning of running, posing and fun, that afternoon I was sent a picture of a sleeping Moses. Apparently he passed out soon after getting home – I guess modelling is hard work. But, the images were worth it…

You know, I would love to meet your furry face in the wee hours of the morning! If that sounds like your kind of session, contact me here. Of course, if you would rather sleep in and book an afternoon session, that is fine too 🙂

Chubusz – Fun in the Snow! | Toronto Dog Photographer

Chubusz – Fun in the Snow! | Toronto Dog Photographer

In case you haven’t heard, let me tell you: it has been COLD in Posh Pets land! For most of this year, I have watched heavily-bundled people and lot of bundled up dogs too, go for their daily walk. You can always tell the dogs who would rather be sitting at home, cuddled up on a couch – the slow gait, combined with the frequent stopping and looking up at their human tell me that they are only going for a walk because they think their people need it. However, they are dogs that simply love the snow and cold and cannot wait to get out and have some fun! And, my furry little client, Chubusz (pronounced Chub-oosh), is such a dog.

During our Pre-Session Consultation, Chubusz’ mom shared with me how much he loved the snow and cooler weather. In fact, Summer, with its accompanying heat, rendered Chubusz and almost exclusively indoor dog. So, it made absolute sense that we plan a Winter session.

We started our time together at his gorgeous home where Chubusz showed me all of his favourite ‘spots’. He loves the couch, but where he looks most regal is right here – on the rug in front of the fire place.

spaniel lying on rug before fire

After posing like a model (and receiving lots of treats as payment), we all headed outside into the snow! This boy showed me how much he loved to run. And run. And run. Finding a stick to run with, was just the icing on the cake.

dog running in snow with stick

We ended up with a snow-covered muzzle and lots of smiles.

smiling black dog against blue background

Finally, once the humans were cold, we ended up back home where Chubusz settled in for a nice, long sleep…

black spaniel lying on his bedChubusz was such a gentleman and an absolute joy to photograph. The weather was perfect, the snow clean and white and the images we created…beautiful! Chubusz’ family now has gorgeous art work to treasure forever.

Are you looking to capture the joy of Winter with your furry face? Contact me here.

Monty –  A Golden Doodle Boy…| Toronto Pet Photographer

Monty – A Golden Doodle Boy…| Toronto Pet Photographer

As a dog photographer, it comes as no surprise to anyone that I love dogs of all shapes and sizes. In case you haven’t noticed, Toronto and the GTA are full of dogs! I see them them everywhere – at dog events, riding in cars, pet stores and on the streets and in the parks.  Walking down the street, I am that person who will always stop to ask if I can pet your dog. But given the number of pets in Ontario, I realize that I only get to know a relatively few number. Which is why, I am always so thrilled when someone chooses me to create beautiful images of their furry face. Not only do Posh Pets clients get something they love – custom art work that centres celebrates their pet – but I get to spend time getting all up close and personal with another awesome dog. With my camera, an arsenal of lenses, a few treats and the ability to make ridiculous sounds, we always end up being the best of friends!

I initially met Monty and his mom at a DoodleRomp. I can’t tell you how happy I was when his Mom contacted me and I learned that I was going to have the supreme pleasure of photographing her gorgeous boy. We designed a session that featured images of Monty’s favourite places to hike as well as a few in his backyard. Monty did not disappoint – he showed his skills and enthusiasm for climbing up and down tree logs, over the crest of hills and down into river beds, over bridges and through tree trunks, all the while working the camera with his beautiful smile. His gallery was stunning and made it terribly difficult to choose the final images. But, we did it! Today, these portraits are hanging as framed prints in Monty’s home, where he can be admired by many.

Monty, thank you for inviting me on your hike! It was such a pleasure to get to know you and most importantly, see how much you are loved. Be good, my boy…and try and keep those white paws clean!

golden doodle in autumn scenehappy golden doodle doggolden doodle dog on shalegolden doodle dog headshotgolden doodle dog in tree trunk


SwissRidge Doodle Romp – Part I | Schomberg, Ontario Dog Photographer

SwissRidge Doodle Romp – Part I | Schomberg, Ontario Dog Photographer

What did you do this weekend? Us? So glad you asked! Our weekend at Posh Pets was pretty awesome! We had the chance to attend SwissRidge Kennels 2nd Annual Doodle Romp in Schomberg, Ontario and it was a blast! Each year, the SwissRidge Kennels family gets together and raises money for a worthy cause – this year it was to help two young boys raise funds for a service dog. You can read all about Ciaran and Shay here.

The skies threatened rain, but these events happen rain or shine! So, although the day started out overcast, neither the dogs or humans seemed to mind. There was lots of meet and greets at what is essentially, a large family reunion. Here’s the first part of our summary…!

To start off, let me introduce Blizzard (on the left) and Zolo (on the right). Zolo is a former client of mine and these two dogs are the furry kids of the hard-working event organizer, Karley Gitten of Gitten Creative. I loved seeing them again!

swissridge kennels doodle romp

More guests arriving for the start of Doodle Romp. The grounds here are spectacular and the event was designed for fun for both human and dog. There was a treasure hunt, contests, food and awesome vendors.

swissridge kennels doodleromp schomberg

I’m afraid I have forgotten the name of this little one – but you sure were cute! (Update:  This is Finn! Finn’s mum reached out to me and let me know the name of her gorgeous boy!)

posh pets swissridge kennels doodleromp

This is Motley and he reminded me of how much our world has changed. You see, I have never met Motley in person, but I already knew quite a bit about him. Such are the results of the social media world we live in. It was great to finally shake paws.

swissridge kennels berndoodle

It’s hard to resist the allure of a puppy and Jax certainly delivered. All 12 weeks of him!

best doodle puppy photographer

George was such a character and came all the way from New Jersey to attend the event. He’s young and still learning, but he it’s obvious he knows how to work the camera!

doodle puppy photography

Cash was a gentleman and looks like a miniature golden retriever. He really is a labradoodle (and a good-looking one too!), and I absolutely adore his look!

labradoodle photographer

This is Blizzard, Zolo’s brother. I photographed Zolo before Blizzard arrived, so this was our first meeting. Blizzard certainly had LOTS of fun and, although no longer freshly groomed, was a stunning boy!

berndoodle photographer canada

Another one of Jax. Just because… 🙂

doodle puppy photography toronto

Here’s another beauty whose name escapes me! Such a clean, white coat! (Edit:  I am told that this lovely furry face is Bailey. How DO you keep your coat sooo clean?)

best labradoodle photography ontario

And this is Ollie. This boy is training to be a service dog. Given his lovely personality, I have no doubt he will be a hero!

fine art dog photographer

So, there you have it! Some of the furry faces I met on Saturday. Share the images and if anyone can identify the dogs I missed the names of, please let me know! And…stay tuned for Part II!

One puppy, two puppies, three puppies, four | Toronto Pet Photographer for Canadian Dachshund Rescue

One puppy, two puppies, three puppies, four | Toronto Pet Photographer for Canadian Dachshund Rescue

Being a pet photographer is something I absolutely love, especially when I can donate my talents to those who need it the most. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting four, little doxie girls who have not had the best start in life. They are part of the QC15 – fifteen dogs who were rescued by Canadian Dachshund Rescue from a Quebec puppy mill. These four little ones were part of that group and they came to the Posh Pets Photography studio for their glamour shots.

As you can expect, they have a few health problems and each of them are receiving extended treatment. Of particular concern is their mange, which has resulted in them being almost completely hairless (and will probably remain so for the rest of their lives). But, a lack of hair does not stop them from being curious, friendly, sweet and downright cute.

So, without further ado, please meet Josephine, Aimee, Isabelle and Pearl

dachshund puppy  in boxdachshund puppy peeking over boxtoronto dog photographer dachshund puppycontemporary dog photographer dachshund puppy

If you would like updates and their progress and to help support their treatment, please consider a donation to the Canadian Dachshund Rescue. You can do so by following the link here.



Finn & Kona – A Gorgeous Autumn Senior Session | Southern Ontario Dog Photographer

Finn & Kona – A Gorgeous Autumn Senior Session | Southern Ontario Dog Photographer

We at Posh Pets love senior pets! There is something about the senior furry faces amongst us that is so endearing. It’s the maturity and calmness that comes from having seen it all before that allows them to slow down and enjoy the moment. The loyalty, trust and love they have for their human family and the fondness they have for routine. Somehow, they have made peace with the world and are happy with their place in it.

On a gorgeous fall afternoon last year (I am a little behind on blogging client sessions!), I had the privilege of travelling to Picton, Ontario to photograph two beautiful ladies. It was the halfway point between Toronto and their home in Ottawa. I am somewhat ashamed to say that I have lived in Southern Ontario almost all of my life and driven the highway to Quebec more times than I can remember, but I have never gotten off the highway and explored Prince Edward County. It is absolutely stunning and I will definitely be going back!

Amidst all of that beauty, I met Kona and Finn who are 11 and 13 years old respectively. Age is never kind to people or dogs, and their mom had warned me of the challenges that lie ahead.  Kona has a bit of an obsession over shadows and reflections…anything that flickers can hold her attention for long periods of time and it can be difficult to break it. Finn is almost deaf and has a combination of a heart murmur and weak legs which meant we needed to take our time and go at her pace. Truthfully, their mom was worried we would have a hard time getting any sort of decent images.

As is often the case with pets, they prove us wrong – Kona and Finn were amazing. We were out on the water for some of the session, and while the afternoon sun hitting the water caught Kona’s attention a couple of times, it was nothing we couldn’t manage. And Finn was a trooper, showing off her best smile for the world to see. Come see some of the beautiful images that now grace their home…

We started on the dock and you Kona’s personality shone through – she is such a ham! I think she is actually smirking at me in this image.


Finn took her professional portrait session very seriously, showing me how gorgeous she is.


Nothing quite like feeling the sun on your face, eh Finn?

dog smiling in the sun

Then it was Kona’s turn for a professional portrait…with a little lean just to make it more ‘her’.

dog leaning on dock

They have a beautiful relationship with each other. At this age, you have to cherish the moment and take in the beauty of the world around you.

two dogs peering out at lake

The splendour of Fall!

husky and pointer sitting in leavestwo senior dogs in fall leaves in southern ontario

Finn showed us her best smile…

smiling husky dog

…while Kona decided to mix it up and make sure I got a full show of her best howl.

pointer dog howling in leaves

And, finally, this beautiful black and white art piece of Kona showing the world that THIS is how you run.

black and white image of running pointer dog

One final note – I have a lot of clients who want images when Southern Ontario bursts into full colour, usually during a small window of time in late September and October.  As a result, those Sessions dates are popular and are booked quickly. If you are thinking of a Fall Portrait Session for your furry faces, now is the time to contact Posh Pets and reserve your date. I look forward to meeting you all!