Hard to believe that this is indeed the last day of 2012! As such, it is always fun to sit down and celebrate the successes that Posh Pets Photography enjoyed this year and to look forward to the excitement in store for 2013. So first, the recap…

1.  This little blog is now 2 years old! And, it is a very well-behaved 2 year old to boot! I checked the statistics and there have been 163 posts (including this one) … quite astounding to me as I remember thinking when I started that I would not have much to write about. I’ve loved sharing all the news and wonderful sessions along the way.

2.  Posh Pets Photography definitely grew this year and I had the privilege of working with some amazing clients, photographing their beautiful furry faces. Nothing makes me more happy to hear that I have created images that they love (and often have a hard time deciding upon)! Thank you so much to each and every one of you!

3.  This year was the first year I got to work with some amazing companies and artists on commercial projects that featured animals. They included Canada PoochDeadmau5 and the City of Toronto. I have so enjoyed this work!

4.  I appeared on Animal House Calls with Ann Rohmer! That was a nerve-racking experience, but we seemed to have survived,  and it was wonderful to highlight the available animals at TAS.

5.  As you may remember, Posh Pets joined the Beautiful Beasties Project 52 in March 2011 and we continued the Friday posts throughout 2012. The little group seems to be constantly growing as others have heard about it and I know that I look forward to the new themes and seeing how each of us interpret it. If you have not been following along, visit this blog every Friday and see what all of the fuss is about!

6.  I got published this year! Posh Pets Photography was featured on the Hair of the Dog, and The Daily Dog Tag blogs.

7.  I spent the year photographing the adoptables at Toronto Animal Services – North Region. In all, there were 359 furry faces photographed – lots of dogs, even more cats, as well as a couple of birds, 2 guinea pigs, a pair of bunnies and a hamster. Looking back, it makes me smile to see that we started the year photographing Maestro (a brown tabby) and ended with and image of Ginny (also a brown tabby) – symmetry is good. I am also so happy to say that 343 of those guys have found their homes. As always, if you are thinking of getting a pet, please consider adoption!

8.  Sadly, we said good-bye to our boy Ripley in May of 2012. I will never forget him and his photos still make me cry for our loss. But, I knew deep-down that we would not be a one-cat-home forever. And, so it was. In November, Dean, myself and Lady Jane added Baxter Huntington to our family, who has turned out to be the most wonderful kitty we could ever ask for. He will never replace Ripley, but I think Ripley would approve.

So, those are the highlights of 2012! Were there some things you missed? Then, join us and sign up for free e-mail updates in the box below!

For 2013, we have some exciting things planned…and tomorrow, I am going to tell you all about them. In the meantime, go out and enjoy that snow that has finally made it to Toronto…!

Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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