It is not everyday that Posh Pets is called upon to photograph a celebrity (we are not “pup-parazzi”!), but we got the opportunity a few weeks ago when we were asked to photograph Professor Meowingtons. For the uninitiated, Meowingtons is the happy feline belonging to Joel Zimmerman, who is more famously known as Deadmau5. According to my most recent look at his facebook page, Professor Meowingtons has 99,997 fans! So yes…he is kind of a big deal.

He is also a lovely cat. I hope I am not ruining his reputation here (not sure of his preferred on-line persona), but in person he is a gorgeous, cuddly, totally chill kitty. He was the most lovely host on the day we descended upon his home and graciously allowed us to set up lights and a background, and photograph him for a special project. No, I do not know all of the details of the project. But, this I do know – Professor Meowingtons lives a good life with Deadmau5.

We were asked to produce some images of Meowingtons, on white seamless, staring hard at the camera as well as a few profiles. So, nothing too fancy. But, I am very happy to share one of my favourite images of him. Enjoy!

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