Indy, Fenway and Sydney | 3 Furry Friends on a Hamilton, Ontario Farm

Indy, Fenway and Sydney | 3 Furry Friends on a Hamilton, Ontario Farm

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I’m always happy when I hear that I’ll get to work with multiple-dog families. There is something so special about dogs that have been brought together and forged a relationship with each other and with their humans. So, I was beyond excited to meet Indy, Fenway and Sydney!

Choosing The Perfect Location

When I talked to Mum and Dad during our Design Consult, it was important that the setting for their portraits be rural, reminding Mum of when she was growing up on a farm. Mum had in mind where she wanted to have them photographed and once we had that location confirmed, we set off for our session.

I almost squealed out loud when I saw the hay bales. And then we all laughed getting 3 dogs up on them, with Dad hiding behind, in order to make sure that everyone was safe and remained in place. I am always amazed at how committed clients become to getting the image. Thanks Dad for climbing up and over that hay bale!

dog photographer ontario
Indy was the youngest (1-year old at the time), but definitely the biggest. With his huge paws and goofy personality, he was just a large, furry ball of loving. He’s a Swissridge doodle from the breeder of the same name, but I think of him as an adorable teddy bear.
dog photography ontario
Fenway was a petite, little 3-year old who definitely seemed to ‘get it’ – that this was all about showing off her best side and posing like a pro. I do not think that this little one could take a bad photo and she made my job look really easy. She is also from Swissridge Kennels like her brother Indy and a beautiful bernedoodle. When the wind caught her hair, I knew we had a winning portrait!
dog photography ontario
Then there was dear, sweet 13-year old Syd. I have a special place for seniors and Syd was no exception. I loved this cockapoo with his arthritis and his heart issues…he was so precious. I would truly have scooped him up and taken him home if Mum and Dad had not been keeping such a close eye on him. His smile was infectious and we drew quite a crowd when I was photographing him.
dog photographer ontario
Now, I’d be remiss if I did not mention another, less furry, subject that I photographed that day. This young man is Ben and he is quite honestly probably the easiest person I have ever photographed. Kind, polite and accommodating, he was willing to do anything we asked him to do, and it is quite obvious how much he loves his dogs. He was also an invaluable help in working with the pups and keeping them focussed during our session. I think I would like Ben to be with me on all of my sessions…he has the makings of the perfect assistant.
hamilton dog photographer with boy
Last but not least, I’ll leave you with this image. As the evening drew to a close, we positioned Fenway and Indy (Sydney was a wee bit tired at this point) on a long gravel road. A portrait of two dogs with a beautiful farm behind them.  Just like Mum remembered. Just like Mum wanted.
dog photography ontario
Thank you Indy, Fenway and Sydney for all of the energy and joy you brought to your session. My 3 little musketeers. You are loved. You are amazing. I can’t wait to see you all again!

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SwissRidge Doodle Romp of 2017 | Toronto Dog Event

SwissRidge Doodle Romp of 2017 | Toronto Dog Event

What a day was the SwissRidge Doodle Romp of 2017. Each year the ‘doodles’ of SwissRidge Kennels come together to raise money for a worthy cause and enjoy one huge ‘play date’ in Guelph for their extended family. I met pet parents who packed up their doodle(s) in a car or van, arranged travel documents and crossed the border from Pennsylvania, Illinois, Maine and Massachusetts, got on planes from Calgary, and in cars from all over Ontario and the GTA. Getting a photo of such a large group is a lot of fun!

Below, you can find some of the individual furries I was able to capture as they went about meeting old and new friends, running about and sniffing butts. I tried my best to remember the names of those I met, but without having written anything down, it is quite likely I have mixed some up. And then there were those who I did not know who mum and/or dad were. If you can provide further information, I would be happy to make the corrections.

So, without any further ado, please meet…

Toronto Service Dog Photographer


Best dog photographer in GTA

Tiny little Rowdy!



Toronto pet photographer, Posh Pets Photography

Finn – the kind of chocolate that is perfectly GOOD for you!

Best Toronto Dog Photographer


Premier Toronto Dog Photographer




Someone receiving a little cuddle from a reassuring hand.

This is Rocky who is never far from his mum’s side.



Friends meeting…


Toronto exclusive dog photographer

Bernie – the beautiful black beauty!

Toronto commercial animal photographer

Eala, running with the wind in her hair!

Dog action photography in Toronto, Canada


Toronto commercial pet photographer

Rocky getting a well-deserved belly rub.

Toronto commercial dog photographer

Pearl & Stella

tiny doodle photographer


Would you know your doodle by their “doodle butt”?


Thanks for making it such a good time and see you next year!

A bonus…

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DoodleRomp – SwissRidge Kennels | Guelph, Ontario Dog Photography

DoodleRomp – SwissRidge Kennels | Guelph, Ontario Dog Photography

This past Saturday was perfect weather! Which was great because Posh Pets was thrilled to be at the annual SwissRidge Kennels Doodleromp event, this year being hosted by the Pine Tree Pet Care Centre in Guelph. Doodles from all around were there for one huge play date with their litter mates, their cousins and distant relatives. And to raise money for Autism Dog Services who do great work in selecting, training and providing service dogs to families. It was a great turnout!

SwissRidge Kennels doodleromp group shot

Each year Doodleromp raises money for a worth cause. Last year’s recipient received his service dog, Ollie from Swiss Ridge Kennels. It’s quite apparent that Shay and Ollie have become fast friends 🙂

doodle service dogautism dog services ollie

Shay got to show off some of the tricks he and Ollie have worked on together. Some of the other doodles wanted to come up and personally congratulate them.

autism dog services

Others had tricks to show off as well.

bernedoodle shaking a pawgolden doodle with cheese on his nose

But, many spent the day running and chasing and playing…

chocolate brown doodle runningbernedoodle runningtri-colour doodle running

…while others found a cool piece of shade to relax in.

golden doodle under tentgolden doodle smilewhite doodlebernedoodle smile

golden doodle relaxing

Gibbs was one of the stars – he is so petite and cute. I saw more than one person who wanted to tuck him in a bag and carry him off. Look at that pink tongue!

mini bernedoodle tongue

I even had a brush with celebrity in the form of Riggins. He has his own book Golden Boy and his mom is author Sandy Rideout. I was so pleased that he agreed to sit and pose for a casual portrait. And, he turned on the charm when he flashed his awesome smile!

golden doodle portrait

Of course, the amazing Zolo was there, holding court. Her human is Karley Gittens, an awesome graphic designer, who also works tirelessly to organize the DoodleRomp event each year. I photographed this beautiful girl a couple of years ago when she was still a puppy. It was so nice to be able to catch up with her again.

golden doodle

Blizzard is Zolo’s younger brother and a new addition to the family. He easily outweighs her, but is such a loveable boy!

bernedoodle portraitbernedoodle portrait standing

Jax was a tiny 4-month old puppy last time I saw him (which was last year’s Doodleromp). He has grown into a gorgeous boy. His picture then…

…and now.

jax the golden doodle

I also got to meet tiny, petite Basil and her little human who were happy to stop for a quick portrait.

basil the mini doodle

By the end of the day, everyone agreed – it was a great Doodleromp!

doodle and his human

SwissRidge Doodle Romp – Part I | Schomberg, Ontario Dog Photographer

SwissRidge Doodle Romp – Part I | Schomberg, Ontario Dog Photographer

What did you do this weekend? Us? So glad you asked! Our weekend at Posh Pets was pretty awesome! We had the chance to attend SwissRidge Kennels 2nd Annual Doodle Romp in Schomberg, Ontario and it was a blast! Each year, the SwissRidge Kennels family gets together and raises money for a worthy cause – this year it was to help two young boys raise funds for a service dog. You can read all about Ciaran and Shay here.

The skies threatened rain, but these events happen rain or shine! So, although the day started out overcast, neither the dogs or humans seemed to mind. There was lots of meet and greets at what is essentially, a large family reunion. Here’s the first part of our summary…!

To start off, let me introduce Blizzard (on the left) and Zolo (on the right). Zolo is a former client of mine and these two dogs are the furry kids of the hard-working event organizer, Karley Gitten of Gitten Creative. I loved seeing them again!

swissridge kennels doodle romp

More guests arriving for the start of Doodle Romp. The grounds here are spectacular and the event was designed for fun for both human and dog. There was a treasure hunt, contests, food and awesome vendors.

swissridge kennels doodleromp schomberg

I’m afraid I have forgotten the name of this little one – but you sure were cute! (Update:  This is Finn! Finn’s mum reached out to me and let me know the name of her gorgeous boy!)

posh pets swissridge kennels doodleromp

This is Motley and he reminded me of how much our world has changed. You see, I have never met Motley in person, but I already knew quite a bit about him. Such are the results of the social media world we live in. It was great to finally shake paws.

swissridge kennels berndoodle

It’s hard to resist the allure of a puppy and Jax certainly delivered. All 12 weeks of him!

best doodle puppy photographer

George was such a character and came all the way from New Jersey to attend the event. He’s young and still learning, but he it’s obvious he knows how to work the camera!

doodle puppy photography

Cash was a gentleman and looks like a miniature golden retriever. He really is a labradoodle (and a good-looking one too!), and I absolutely adore his look!

labradoodle photographer

This is Blizzard, Zolo’s brother. I photographed Zolo before Blizzard arrived, so this was our first meeting. Blizzard certainly had LOTS of fun and, although no longer freshly groomed, was a stunning boy!

berndoodle photographer canada

Another one of Jax. Just because… 🙂

doodle puppy photography toronto

Here’s another beauty whose name escapes me! Such a clean, white coat! (Edit:  I am told that this lovely furry face is Bailey. How DO you keep your coat sooo clean?)

best labradoodle photography ontario

And this is Ollie. This boy is training to be a service dog. Given his lovely personality, I have no doubt he will be a hero!

fine art dog photographer

So, there you have it! Some of the furry faces I met on Saturday. Share the images and if anyone can identify the dogs I missed the names of, please let me know! And…stay tuned for Part II!

Zolo | Oakville Golden Doodle Photography

Zolo | Oakville Golden Doodle Photography

Today I am so happy to share this long overdue blog post featuring Zolo and her amazing Posh Pets session!

The first time I met Zolo, I fell in love. Hard. Of course, she is one of the cutest little doggies, but what struck me about here was her gorgeous personality. This is a girl who is beautiful inside and out. So, as you can imagine, I was thrilled when her mom asked me to photograph her!

Our session started in Gairloch Gardens in Oakville, Ontario. Then we moved onto the Bronte Outer Harbour Marina, taking images along the way. The red door belonged to a kindly person who let us use their property just because knocked on the door! It is hard to resist the sweet face of a puppy! Zolo is a minature golden doodle and is the consumate poser.  Just look at her!Golden Doodle puppy sitting on a dockGolden doodle puppy sitting at Bronte Marina, OakvilleGolden doodle puppy at Gariloch Gardens, OakvilleGolden Doodle puppy standing on a tree stumpGolden Doodle puppy sitting on bench at Gairloch Gardens, OakvilleGolden Doodle puppy with red doorAs you can imagine, with all of this gorgeousness, Zolo’s mom had the hardest time picking the images from her beautiful Gallery. But, we got there eventually, and now, Zolo’s family can enjoy her beautiful images on their walls!

Just a reminder:  The beautiful Autumn season is upon us! If you are thinking of booking a Posh Pets Session to enjoy the beautiful Fall colours, contact me right away. We don’t have many Fall dates left, and the colours should be beautiful this year!