Coping with the loss of a pet through photography.

Coping with the loss of a pet through photography.

Celebrating the life, love and legacy of your pet.™

There are probably few things worse than knowing you are running out of time, especially when it involves someone that you love dearly. Sadly, we are often caught by surprise when we are told that our pet is seriously ill. In a moment, all that time we thought we had, suddenly disappears, and we realize that we need to preserve the memories of our relationship with that furry family member. Knowing just how important it is to remember and celebrate your relationship is the reason behind the Posh Pets Heritage™ Session.

When I first spoke with Olivia about her Bella, she told me that she was her 11 year old black labrador, that she had had her she had her since she was a puppy. These two had grown up together. She also shared that Bella had only just been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and that the prognosis was not good. Could I create a session that would celebrate their relationship?, she asked. Of course., I assured her.

We made arrangements quickly and Olivia chose the park where she and Bella regularly went for walks. We took our time since Bella did not have the energy she had once had. Although, the sight of a ball still brought a light to her eyes and she chased it once or twice. Treats were, of course, graciously accepted. So, we walked and talked, stopping here and there to photograph Bella in her element with Olivia.

Olivia wanted me to be sure to capture the white muzzle and beautiful eyes of her dear Bella in a portrait. The dried reeds provided a beautiful backdrop against her black coat.

black labrador portrait

Even though some would consider the weather less than ideal, we were able to capture absolutely gorgeous images!

formal black labrador dog portrait

We then went on to document some sweet portraits of Olivia and Bella together.

dog rolling on grass with girl

girl hugging black labrador dog

portrait of a chinese girl and black labrador

girl hugging dog

We even got in a few kisses! Olivia was Bella’s world (and vice versa), so this was no surprise.

black labrador giving a girl a kiss

Inky, Bella’s older brother, also came along so he could be photographed along with her. He may only have a few months on Bella, but he practically dwarfs her in size.

dog best friends

dog family portrait

I’ve said it before, but I will say it again: I am always amazed at how a dog will rise to the occasion. Despite the fact that the medication and her illness left her fatigued, Bella showed us that she could still chase a ball.


dog carrying ball

And, she still had the ability provide the loveliest of expressions for a portrait.

black labrador sitting in a pile of leaves

We ended the session with a few more images of Bella and Olivia together on a forest path.

girl hugging dog in a forest


The final portrait was of lovely Bella herself. In her park. The way Olivia wanted to remember her.


A week later, I received the e-mail I dread to receive: Bella had said her final good-bye, surrounded by the family she loved. I had already edited Bella’s images and ordered her folio box as well as her wall art, and Olivia was understandably eager to receive them. While they will never replace having Bella at her side, the images from our session will ensure that the memory of Bella stays alive in her heart.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, please do not hesitate to contact me and arrange a Posh Pets Heritage™ Session.


Tribute – Rico | Dog Photographer Richmond Hill

Tribute – Rico | Dog Photographer Richmond Hill

It was with such sadness that I write today. For I wish to introduce you to Rico –  a gorgeous dog, a loved family pet and a profound loss.

We met Rico, an 8-year old Golden Retriever on a hot day in June. Before we got to his home, he had already had quite a busy day.  In anticipation of his photo session, he had just been to the groomer so that his coat glistened in the sun.  His human “sisters” had recently returned from the United States so that they could be photographed with him, and that had meant much excitement as he welcomed them home. Also, devastatingly, just 4 weeks earlier, he had been diagnosed with advanced lymphatic cancer. It really was no surprise then, that Rico was a little tired that day. But as ill as he was, Rico’s love and attachment for his family shone through.

For those who say that a dog does not smile, I ask you to look at Rico’s images. That is a doggie smile!  Between frames, Rico would lie down to rest. Or, nuzzle the closest family member. Endearingly so, it became evident that every one of those smiles was for the family that he had shared his life with. For a couple of hours on that June day, Rico gave his family a precious gift – himself.

Two weeks later, Rico was gone. When the end came and the most difficult of decisions had to be made, Rico was surrounded by the family he loved.  We had a very emotional Ordering Session. Looking at these images again, his Mom said to me, “you have captured every look and expression he had in his 8 years of life”.  We talked about what he had meant to the family. We laughed. We even cried.  In the end, the family chose the images that had Rico with his “humans”.  I have no doubt that they will be displayed prominently on every wall in the home.

Rico, you were at the core of a loving, close-knit family.  A family who misses you dearly – every single day. But your love, loyalty and legacy are forever captured in these images which will be treasured always.  Good-bye, sweet Rico.


Rico, laughing at the photographer!  (I think he liked our jokes…)


Rico’s best smile.  Just look at those soulful eyes!