Project 52 – Favourite Toy | Pet Photographers in Toronto

Project 52 – Favourite Toy | Pet Photographers in Toronto

Play is a wonderful way to spend some time with your pet – it is part of the bonding experience and can be a great de-stresser for you as well. However, it is important to remember that each animal is an individual with differing likes and preferences. But finding out what they enjoy to do is all part of the fun.

Since welcoming Baxter into our home, we have had to make adjustments to accommodate his energy! We had forgotten what it was like to have a 2 year old around and Baxter simply loves to interact and play. We have, however, found his most favourite toy in the whole wide world. As in, please play with me all of the time. Want to know what it is? Well, enjoy this 15 second clip (turn the sound up for full effect 🙂 ) …

Yes, the classic game of chase the red dot…Baxter thinks that this is what he was born on earth to chase!

He is a smart little furry face – he has figured out that he needs us to ‘engage’ the little red light. He is lightening fast and would make an excellent hockey player (good little Canadian cat!) because he anticipates where the red light will be, as opposed to where it currently is. What he hasn’t figured out is that he will never, ever catch it.

And, of course, once all of the play is over, it is time for naps…what a life!

If you are planning for a Posh Pets‘ session and your furry face has a favourite toy, bring it! Not only will it help us keep his or her attention, but by incorporating their favourite toy in the images, their personality can shine through!

This is a blog circle, so there are many more images (and toys) to look at! Let’s start with the wonderful Charleston SC dog photographer Dana Cubbage and see what her guys’ favourite toys are!