Project 52 – Humour | Pug Photography Toronto

Project 52 – Humour | Pug Photography Toronto

For this week’s theme of humour, I thought it might be fun to take you behind the scenes and see some of the “out-takes” of one of my favourite sessions. The in-between shots are sometimes the funniest and there are some “classic” poses that all pet photographers have come to know and love. I warn you: These will not win any awards, and they rarely make it into the Client Gallery. But, they certainly give me a chuckle nonetheless.  Here are 3 for you to enjoy!

First up, at some point in every session, the dog or cat will stick its tongue out at you.  As a pet photographer, you just have to develop a thick skin and not take this as any indication of what they think of you or your photography. Or the treats you decided to tempt them with.  Besides which, they look so cute doing it.

Secondly, there is the gratuitous bum shot.  There is always more grass to sniff or interesting things to look at than the photographer.  Again, it is good to not take it personally.  This particular pug showed me her bum so many times, I just decided to photograph it!  Her mom thought it was hilarious.

Lastly, I have named this one “Use the force, Luke”.  Somehow, she just looks like Yoda trying to move an x-wing out of a swamp.  (I hope I haven’t dated myself with this last description…no one reading this is actually asking, “Mom, what is she talking about?”  Please tell me no…)

Hope you have enjoyed these!  Please now go and see the work of Liz Stabbert and see what she has posted for this week!  And follow the blog circle all the way around until you end up back here! And, as always, please feel free to leave comments 🙂