It seems that I am behind blogging some of our recent client sessions.  Every session with Posh Pets is unique and special, so I like to give them all their moment to shine.  Today, is no exception!

This time around, I would like to introduce you to Leila, a lovely 3-year-old black pug.  One of the first things you will notice about Leila is that she is petite for her age and breed.  (Her Mom is sometimes stopped by strangers asking where they can get a pug like that.)  There is, however, a reason for her size – she has a few health issues.  But, as her Mom told me in the pre-session consult, it is as if “she didn’t get the memo that she is sick”.  Well, was she ever right!  Leila brought to her session boundless energy and a very obvious zest for life.  Which is why her Mom said that, in the past, she has only ever gotten images of Leila as a “blur”.  But we got some beautiful images for Leila’s mom as well as her original foster mom who Leila still keeps in touch with.

Leila, you are truly an example of how to not let our circumstances dictate how much enthusiasm we will have for life.  Nor how much love and enjoyment we can bring to others.  Here are some of your images.  Enjoy them with your family as they love you very much!


Next:  Not to be left out, Leila’s older brother Reilly got in on the action and his own photo session.  We will post some of his amazing images here soon!

Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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