Project 52 – In The Kitchen… | Toronto Pet Photography

Project 52 – In The Kitchen… | Toronto Pet Photography

For this week’s theme we were encouraged to capture “the kitchen” as it was our pet’s “favourite place” because they know “delicious food will be served there”.  Images of them eagerly waiting their meals were encouraged.  So, here is a behind the scenes look at how dinner is served in the Posh Pets‘ household.

As most of our blog readers would know by now, we have two cats.  Lady Jane is 16.5 years old and rules the roost. Baxter is a laid-back 3 year old who views Lady Jane as his entire world. Through this relationship, they have taught each other things. One of the pieces of knowledge that Lady Jane has imparted is that we do not drink in the kitchen. This is a tradition that began with Ripley who, in his later years, loved water. So, we ended up putting an extra bowl in the home office which brought him such joy! In fact, he would rarely drink out of the very full, very fresh water provided in a lovely bowl in the kitchen. After he passed, Lady Jane quickly took up Ripley’s legacy and pretty much only drinks from the water bowl in the office as well. She has since taught Baxter this behaviour, and we now have a water bowl in the kitchen that rarely gets used in favour of the one down the hall.

Unfortunately, Lady Jane was very recently diagnosed with renal failure. We are trying to make changes to her diet and she is reluctantly taking her medications. As a result, she has recently also decided that we rarely eat our breakfast, lunch and dinner in the kitchen. We now will consider them in the office. Given her condition and the fact that we need to ensure she gets enough calories (she has lost quite a bit of weight), we have acquiesced. So, here is Lady Jane patiently waiting for her supper to be delivered to her (not in the kitchen…see her water bowl there).

grey and white cat in long hallway with water bowl

grey and white cat waiting for dinner

Because of Lady Jane’s condition and the fact that she is a very picky eater, she is getting fed multiple times a day. Baxter, on the other hand is still being fed only at breakfast and supper. He is being a very patient, somewhat obedient boy, and he never pushes her away while she is eating. He is, however, a little confused as to when he will actually get fed. So, now when I prepare any type of kitty food in the kitchen, he tries to figure out if it is his turn as well. Which means he needs a better look at what is happening on the kitchen counter. He knows he is not allowed on the kitchen counter, so he simply hops up on the piano just outside the kitchen wall and peers around to watch me rather intently. If he sees me preparing two bowls and things generally look good, he will hop down and eat his meal (which was always just outside the kitchen anyway).

silver tabby cat looking around the corner

So, there you have it! Our kitties waiting for their dinners…none of which actually happens inside the kitchen! So, we sort of completed this weeks assignment.   😉

This is the Beautiful Beasties blog circle, so there are lots more behind the scene’s antics to be had. Please start with this link to Petlense Photography’s Lina Tay and see what goes on in her house!

Here come the cats…! | Toronto Pet Photographer

Here come the cats…! | Toronto Pet Photographer

I am very excited to write Part Two of the crazy cartoon spotlight as this time we are featuring the felines! If you want to see the Part One about the doggies on the Posh Pets blog, please check out this link.

A bit of background…my friend and fellow creative, Daniela Easter, teaches students how to cartoon. It really does sound like a lot of fun! In February, Daniela had asked me for some of my kitty images so that her students would be able to have a base to work off of. I wish I had a group of student drawings to showcase, but unfortunately, it was graduation day and there was no time to scan the artwork before the students took them home. Sigh. But, I thought you might find it cool to see what the teacher is able to produce. So, here is Daniela’s work.

Here is the original image:

And Daniela’s cartoon:

Another original image:

And the cartoon version:

Again, if you have a young artist who would want to participate, Daniela conducts various classes in Brampton. These include 6 week curriculums and intensives for the March and Summer school breaks. Find all of the details about the art school – Progressive Art for Progressive Kids – here.

Project 52 – Grace | Pet Photography Forest Hill

Project 52 – Grace | Pet Photography Forest Hill

This week’s theme was to illustrate “grace” through an image. Now, my Lady Jane is anything but graceful, but she does have one habit she has picked up in the last year that nudges her in the right direction. When she is at rest, she crosses her paws. I do not know why she suddenly started doing this, but it does make her very cute. And,it is far more graceful a pose than the “one-back-leg in-the-air-so-I-can-lick-my-bum” position she is fond of demonstrating.

With that, this week’s image is one of those lovely little crossed paws.

The other image I wanted to share on this theme is of little Winston. As Posh Pets blog readers know, I volunteer my time to take images of the animals that are available for adoption each week at the Toronto animal shelter. Through that experience, I meet all kinds of animals – some are goofy, some are sad and some, like little Winston pictured here, have such poise of spirit (I would say “grace” in their manners) that you immediately want to take them home. Just take a look at the seriousness on his little face along with his charming pose! I am hoping that images like these will impress on people that shelter animals are not “damaged” pets. They are loveable little furry souls who could warm your heart and home. May everyone consider adopting the next time they are looking for a four-legged family member…

Well that is it for another week of Project 52 for Posh Pets! But, YOU are not done yet…please now check out the talented Dana Cubbage from Charleston, South Carolina. I can’t wait to see who “graced” her blog this week! And be sure to click through to see all the wonderful imagery from the rest of the Project 52 members.