High Park Sakura | Toronto Dog Photographer

High Park Sakura | Toronto Dog Photographer

Being a pet photographer means that naturally my blog is full of the dogs and cats of Southern Ontario. However, this week, I got to photograph something a little different…

For a few days each year, Toronto blooms with colour as the Sakura (cherry blossom) trees make their appearance in various parts of the city. By far, one of the most famous and therefore busiest locations is High Park. This year was no different. On a beautiful May afternoon, many were out enjoying the beautiful weather and of course, photographing the trees.

high park toronto crowds enjoy cherry blossoms

The blossoms are beautiful and I just love the colour pallet they create. Here are just some of the images I was able to create in about the hour I was able to visit.

cherry blossoms at High Park, TorontoToronto's best pet photographerCherry blossoms in High Park May 2015Sakura trees in High Park, Toronto, OntarioSakura Trees in Canadacherry blossoms at high park toronto

Not to be missed is the magnificent Magnolia tree in the main area with the Cherry Blossom trees.

Magnolia tree in High Park, Toronto in May 2015magnolia tree at high parkMagnolia tree in Canada (Toronto)

By now, they say the peak is over. But, there is always next year! Given that the trees are at their peak for only a few days, it’s good to plan ahead. You can anticipate their progress in High Park each year by following this page. And then, plan to get up early, take public transit and bring your camera!

Project 52 – Blur | Toronto Photographer

Project 52 – Blur | Toronto Photographer

This week’s theme was blur. I remembered this same theme from April 2011, but what a difference a year makes! This time, I wanted to try something different. Something painterly. Something abstract. But done completely in-camera. So, I took out my camera and played around with settings until I got something I liked. This is what I love about Project 52 – the opportunity to shoot for yourself and try new things!

With that, please enjoy “blur”..the 2012 edition!

PS: If you are wondering what the subject matter was, it was some beautiful, colourful spring flowers that my husband brought home for me earlier this week. What a sweetheart he is :)!

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Project 52 – Colours of Spring | Toronto Photographer

Project 52 – Colours of Spring | Toronto Photographer

After a fairly mild winter, it seems that spring has been slow to really get started. The grass is green, the trees are budding and the little animals are scurrying too and fro…and then last Monday we had snow!  Not to mention that I was nursing a bad flu this week, and therefore spent hours inside, in bed. So, for this week, Posh Pets went with something very different from the normal subject matter to capture the colours of spring.

My husband brought home these lovely tulips the other day and seeing as I was in no shape to be traipsing outside, they became the focus of my camera. Please enjoy!

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