Hard to believe that another week has slipped by!  But that is a good thing in Toronto – it means we are inching ever closer to the nicer weather.  It also means we had another theme to work with at Posh Pets for our on-going Project 52.  This week’s theme was blur.

If you spend any time with photographers, you will come to realize that they are generally obsessed with “sharpness”.  They can wax poetic about how “sharp” a lens is, the “sweet spot” of any particular lens and how to properly “sharpen” a file for print.  But, this week we needed to produce blur.  And, more importantly, to ensure that it was not mistaken for the dreaded out-of-focus image.  It was also important for us that the blur be created in-camera and not as part of some manipulation done with Photoshop.

So here’s our take on blur.  Thankfully, my subject was patient.  You should see the outtakes! (You are welcome to post your guesses on how we created the blur!)


Next, take a trip a little to our south to New Jersey to see Stacey Axelrod of Wacky Dog Photo’s image.  Please start here and follow the circle all around. When you get back,  you can post your guess!

Toronto pet photography mini sessions

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