Celebrating an Anniversary With a Family Dog Session!

Celebrating an Anniversary With a Family Dog Session!

I love receiving inquiries that are detailed and full of fun tidbits about my clients and this session was no different!

Mom explained that they had just celebrated their 20th anniversary and wanted to mark that ocassion with a family session featuring their dogs, two beautiful Bearded Collies, and some gorgeous spots in Toronto. It took a while to arrange the session because Mom and Dad are real honest-to-goodness opera singers! That means we needed to work around rehearsal and performance schedules. But, it finally came together and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it all turned out.

So, without any further ado, please meet Claymore and Poppy! Claymore (on the left) is a former show dog, so I was told that he often prefers to stand. But, you know, with a few tasty, smelly treats and we got a few sits.

two bearded collies with fall leaves

bearded collie show dog with friend

We started off the session in their backyard because that is one of their favourite places to hang out. The late afternoon sun was just peaking in on the steps as we started our session. Such great little posers!

dogs on steps

dogs posing on brick steps

Poppy is a pretty girl and has the most stunning eyes. This is truly her ‘spot’ in the backyard – she loves to sit here for hours. I think it is so cool that you can see one of her toys in this image. She likes to bury them around so she always has one close by.

dog portrait

dog portrait in the garden

We then went for a little drive to capture some gorgeous family portraits in a park they know well. We were pretty much at the end of the Autumn colours, but with a little ingenuity, you can find that splash of colour anywhere.

This image now hangs proudly on the wall in their home.

dog family in fall colours in ontario

Poppy and Claymore also showed me they can let loose and run!

dog running in fall colours

bearded collie dog running

And finally, some quiet, beautiful portraits of them together as the sun set.

brother and sister dogs

two dogs by rivers edge

These two were such superstars. (And Mom and Dad did not too badly either.) It was such fun working with them to create some pretty awesome artwork. You can read what Mom and Dad thought of the whole experience, in their own words, here.

If you are reaching a milestone that you would like to recognize with a session, let’s start the conversation!


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Project 52 – Humour | Pug Photography Toronto

Project 52 – Humour | Pug Photography Toronto

For this week’s theme of humour, I thought it might be fun to take you behind the scenes and see some of the “out-takes” of one of my favourite sessions. The in-between shots are sometimes the funniest and there are some “classic” poses that all pet photographers have come to know and love. I warn you: These will not win any awards, and they rarely make it into the Client Gallery. But, they certainly give me a chuckle nonetheless.  Here are 3 for you to enjoy!

First up, at some point in every session, the dog or cat will stick its tongue out at you.  As a pet photographer, you just have to develop a thick skin and not take this as any indication of what they think of you or your photography. Or the treats you decided to tempt them with.  Besides which, they look so cute doing it.

Secondly, there is the gratuitous bum shot.  There is always more grass to sniff or interesting things to look at than the photographer.  Again, it is good to not take it personally.  This particular pug showed me her bum so many times, I just decided to photograph it!  Her mom thought it was hilarious.

Lastly, I have named this one “Use the force, Luke”.  Somehow, she just looks like Yoda trying to move an x-wing out of a swamp.  (I hope I haven’t dated myself with this last description…no one reading this is actually asking, “Mom, what is she talking about?”  Please tell me no…)

Hope you have enjoyed these!  Please now go and see the work of Liz Stabbert and see what she has posted for this week!  And follow the blog circle all the way around until you end up back here! And, as always, please feel free to leave comments 🙂

Leila | Toronto Pug Photography

Leila | Toronto Pug Photography

It seems that I am behind blogging some of our recent client sessions.  Every session with Posh Pets is unique and special, so I like to give them all their moment to shine.  Today, is no exception!

This time around, I would like to introduce you to Leila, a lovely 3-year-old black pug.  One of the first things you will notice about Leila is that she is petite for her age and breed.  (Her Mom is sometimes stopped by strangers asking where they can get a pug like that.)  There is, however, a reason for her size – she has a few health issues.  But, as her Mom told me in the pre-session consult, it is as if “she didn’t get the memo that she is sick”.  Well, was she ever right!  Leila brought to her session boundless energy and a very obvious zest for life.  Which is why her Mom said that, in the past, she has only ever gotten images of Leila as a “blur”.  But we got some beautiful images for Leila’s mom as well as her original foster mom who Leila still keeps in touch with.

Leila, you are truly an example of how to not let our circumstances dictate how much enthusiasm we will have for life.  Nor how much love and enjoyment we can bring to others.  Here are some of your images.  Enjoy them with your family as they love you very much!


Next:  Not to be left out, Leila’s older brother Reilly got in on the action and his own photo session.  We will post some of his amazing images here soon!