All dogs are special to their families. There is no doubt about that. But, some dogs have managed to wiggle in and find their place where no one else could. Zoe, a gorgeous blond shepherd, is that kind of dog.

Zoe came into her family’s lives after the death of the previous family dog. While the rest of the family was thrilled to have another dog around, Heather wasn’t so sure. The sting of saying good-bye was still there and she did not want to become attached to another puppy. But, as dogs are wont to do, Zoe patiently won her over. And now, 10 years later, she is definitely Heather’s dog.

Zoe moves a little slower now – 10 years is a long time. There is a little arthritis and not so much jumping and running. But, there is still love and loyalty. And an infectious smile and a zest for life that only a dog can have!

Zoe, it was a privilege to photograph you – you are a gorgeous soul! I am so glad that we had the honour to meet you and have a part in recording the life you share with your family. It is so obvious and simple. They love you. And, you love them. I know that your family will treasure these images always!

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