Five Ways to Enjoy Family Day With Your Pet | Toronto

Five Ways to Enjoy Family Day With Your Pet | Toronto

Toronto skyline with CN Tower.
girl with golden retriever dog

Family Day is the youngest statutory holiday in Ontario, as it was only added in 2008. The official reason for another holiday? Well, according to the website, it is because people “work very hard and they deserve more time to spend with the people they love”. What’s this about only people? Because in my books, family definitely includes the dogs and cats and any other furry creatures we share our lives with.

So, without any further ado, here is my rundown on how and where to create epic Family Day weekend memories with your pet.

1. Get outside

Got a favourite park or discover a new local spot! Take your time ambling, sniffing and building that human-canine bond. If you have a dog that loves to run, bring a ball, a frisbee or find a stick. No matter what you do, you will both enjoy the fresh air and get a little exercise.

Family Day at High Park in Toronto, Canada.

2. Discover a National Park

This might take a bit more than a day to do and some advance planning, but you have the whole weekend together! Did you know that there is free admission into Canada’s National Parks this year? You do have to apply for the Discovery Pass, which, in my experience, takes a few weeks to come in. But, this could be one of those amazing #travelwithdog memories you will remember for years to come.

Discovery Pass Canada - Travel With Dog

3. Enjoy the night life

The Toronto Light Festival in the Distillery District is being held from January 27 – March 12, 2017. Completely pet-friendly, come out at night and see the place lit up! If you choose to go Sunday night, you can enjoy sleeping in Monday. Your pet will love the luxurious decadence of lazing about in bed with you.

4. Appreciate warmth

For the ones who are not fans of the cold, spend the day at Purina Paws Way for their Family Day celebrations. The Woofjocks Canine All-Stars will be performing at 12 pm, 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm. There will also be special games, crafts and activities for the whole family, including furry ones. Free admission.

Family Day at Purina Paws Way in Toronto, Canada

5. Do some serious shopping

A lot of retailers of all things pet allow dogs and cats in their stores. But, it does not have to stop there. The Bloor Street location of Holt Refrew has a dog-friendly policy so that your favourite canine can help you pick out the perfect outfit. Afterall, their bark of approval is everything. Woof!

Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street, Toronto

A bonus…

Want to capture these Family Day weekend memories for all time? Sign up here for the Tips for Taking Drool-Worthy Pictures of Your Pet With Your Phone – a free pdf showing how to work with your phone to get great imagery. Have fun out there!