Favourite Image from 2012

Favourite Image from 2012

I don’t often post non-pet related images on this blog – it is the Posh Pets Blog after all! But, I am a photographer and therefore create images that do not always include a furry face. Recently, I came across the suggestion to take a look at your body of work for the previous year and decide which photograph was your favourite. I went into this exercise thinking that I would need to choose my favourite image from each client session and from those, choose a winner. Of course, that initial strategy completely disregarded the fact that my other passion is traveling and I always travel with camera in hand.

As I went through my images, I realized that my favourite would be coming from a place I had visited. Thankfully, this project was limited to places we had travelled to in 2012 – otherwise, I would have had quite an overwhelming project on my hands! This year alone, we visited Jordan, Israel, Egypt, The Netherlands, and various cities in The United States. And while they all had their amazing sights and experiences, The Netherlands stood out to me.

We hadn’t consciously decided to visit The Netherlands. While looking for tickets to Israel, we came across a flight on KLM which, of course, took us through Amsterdam. We had never been there, and so in about 2 minutes we decided to take 4 days to explore the country. And wow, I was so happy we did!

I was not prepared in any way for what greeted us. The Netherlands has this amazing vibe to it. I love how the green space appears to be intact, the architecture phenomenal, the roads wider, the air cleaner – which is most likely a bi-product of the fact that it would appear that every Netherlander uses a bicycle! Needless to say, we loved it!

While in Rotterdam, we had the opportunity to sail up the river to the Unesco World Heritage Site of Kinderdjik. Kinderdjik boasts 19 windmills which date from 1740 and is the largest concentration of windmills in The Netherlands. As one can imagine, these also the most photographed windmills in The Netherlands, if not the world.

When we arrived, the light was perfect. The day was beautiful and the windmills stood in all their glory. And, so here is my version of a famous scene…my favourite image from 2012!

And, once more in black and white. I love the mood in this one.