Project 52 – Mirrors and Reflections | Toronto Pet Photography

Project 52 – Mirrors and Reflections | Toronto Pet Photography

First off, if you follow the Project 52 series each week, I am happy to report that Patches and April were adopted a few days ago!  Not together, which would have been just about perfect, but I am so happy that these older pets found lovely families to spend the rest of their lives with. If you missed their story, you can read it here.


This week’s theme was chosen by Posh Pets to see what we could do with mirrors or any other reflective surface. I cannot wait to see what the group came up with!

Here is Ripley. The one thing that people always comment on are his gorgeous eyes. After all these years, they are still as large and bright as they ever were and these images really show them off. He’s looking adoringly at himself in my compact mirror.

And then, there is Lady Jane – her tail, that is.  I really like this image because it just has the hint of a cat. What you do not see is the furry, loveable 15 lb. body attached to it!

Next up in the blog circle is Kelly Kennedy Coyle of Sweet Silver Photo. Please check her work out as well as the rest of the artists in our group – we love it when we get feedback!