The SuperDogs™ at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

The SuperDogs™ at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

A couple of weeks ago I had the great pleasure of watching The SuperDogs™ in action up close! It is always my favourite event at The Royal (as it is known) and I wish I had had time to see more than just the one show. I don’t know what – maybe because I truly love animals – but I actually teared up a couple of times when they were able to complete their performances. I’m a soppy mess, I know.
The dog arena at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto

The SuperDogs™

I got a chance to speak with David Acer who is the creative director of the SuperDogs™ and was really happy to hear that while the crowd obviously loves cheering on their favourites, it’s not about competition. When it comes down to the performance, “the dogs are really just going out there and having fun”, he said. And the crowd is encouraged to cheer whether or not a rail is dropped or a trick missed. Seeing that a large portion of the audience are children, this is a great lesson to learn in a informal, fun way.

Jumping over tunnels

This was the first event and you realize just how fast these dogs are. Not only at running with great speed forward, but also at making all the necessary calculations to clear the hurdles. Seeing them bob up and down is pure joy.
dog jumping over barriers
dog jumping over tunnels

Lava and Kat

We were also treated to these two who have a freestyle dance routine. Not only is it a great demonstration of Lava’s intelligence and athleticism, but it really showcases the bond the two of them have. I mean, they danced together with more style and grace than most people.
SuperDog dancing
SuperDogs ballet

The jumps.

This event is always a crowd favourite! All the dogs go through the jumps with the last one being the highest. And each round, they add a rail. The expressions of the dogs are the best – they range from great concentration to pure joy and exhilaration at having gotten over ‘clean’. They are all fast, so I didn’t catch all of them in flight, but here’s a selection:
SuperDogs jumping
SuperDogs agility
dog performing agility at Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
SuperDogs at Royal Winter Fair in Toronto
SuperDogs jumping rails
Photographing speedy dogs inside an arena with not the best lighting is a challenge for the photographer and the equipment. But what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! See you next year SuperDogs!