Bella, Maya & Windy | Pet Photography in the Dominican Republic

Bella, Maya & Windy | Pet Photography in the Dominican Republic

Last week, the Posh Pets‘ family got to the see sun! Getting away to enjoy sunny days, blue skies and sandy beaches is reason enough to go, but this time we had an extra special reason – my sister-in-law’s wedding in the Dominican Republic. Las Terrenas de Samana, to be exact, and just so you all know I am not kidding when I say it is gorgeous, here is what you see as you drive from the airport.

Samana Penninsula, Dominican Republic

Now, at this point, you would expect me to be sharing with you wedding photos. But nope, I’ve done a count – I have 51 images from the wedding and over 300 images of various dogs and cats!  (You know you are a pet photographer when…) So instead, let me introduce you to Bella, Maya and Windy, 3 “siblings” that make their home in the Dominican Republic along with their humans.  First up, was lovely Windy, who has a “sad puppy” face that melts your heart.

sad beagle face lying on floor

But, then she was quite accommodating and willing to pose like a super model.

beagle sitting beside green bushes

Beautiful Bella who won me over with her quiet spirit.

beautiful dog sitting by bushes

And then I met Maya who made me laugh…her papa was a mastiff and the result is that her head looks like it is too big for the rest of her body. But, she can certainly do the head tilt!

dog with head tilt mastiff

However, the goal of this session was to capture a family portrait of all of them together. I was told that they really, really, really wanted this image, and to tell you the truth, I had no idea if we could get it. During my short time on the island, it quickly became apparent that Dominican dogs are very different from Canadian dogs. Their entire lifestyle is different – they live outside where they can come and go as they like and are usually employed in protecting the property and their family. In short, they don’t play with toys, they don’t do tricks, they easily block out any noises that would assist you in getting their attention, and they are not accustomed to being ‘posed’ in any sort of fashion. But, it was a challenge we were going to take up.

I wish I had the space to share with you all of the ‘outtakes’ that happened before this image was finally created. We had tongues sticking out, faces turned away, doggie bums toward the camera and one fall into a very thorny bush (ouch!). But, in the end, my camera tells me that it took only 1/200 of a second to get this. Makes it sound easy-peasy, right?  😉

group shot 3 dogs and 2 peopleWe ended the high energy session in the blazing sun (read: very HOT) with this…a beautiful statement on the relationship the three dogs share with their people.

black and white sunny garden 3 dogs

Would you like to immortalize your ‘pack’ in a family portrait? We can do that in Canada too! See our Investment page for your options and then contact Posh Pets Photography here. Hope to welcome you to the Posh Pets family soon!

Project 52 – Summertime | Toronto Pet Photography

Project 52 – Summertime | Toronto Pet Photography

“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…”

This week’s image was to be something that reminds us of summer. If you live around here, you know that weather in Toronto this week was crazy! We had a fearsome windstorm and downpour on Sunday, felt the after effects of an earthquake on Tuesday and an amazing “light show” from a thunderstorm with tornado watch on Wednesday evening. What a way to end the summer!

But that is not how I remember summer.  Living in Canada where we enjoy a true snowy winter, my memories of summer are simple.  And so I present to you my image for this week – sunlight playing on lovely, green grass.

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Project 52 – Spots | Toronto Pet Photographer

Project 52 – Spots | Toronto Pet Photographer

Posh Pets’ theme for this week’s Project 52 was “spots”.  It was described in broad enough terms so as to allow for a wide range of interpretations.  Looking at our two cats, Ripley and Lady Jane, it was evident that they would more correctly be considered striped as opposed to spotty.  However, they definitely have their favourite “spots” that they like to hang out in.

Like most cats, a sun “spot” is one of their favourites.  So, in honour of such a spot, I present Ripley, basking in yesterday’s morning sun.  Enjoy!

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