Olive | A Dog Adventure in Cambridge, Ontario

Olive | A Dog Adventure in Cambridge, Ontario

It all started with a question. “How early are you willing to get up? Can we meet before sunrise?“, I asked.

It was the simple sacrifice of *just* a little more sleep that allowed us to be in position to catch the sunrise over the lake and create the image below.

pet photography kitchener waterloo

Olive showed up in her Boutique Session in a yellow collar – she has a different colour for each day of the week – and her Dad really wanted it showcased. During our Design Consult, he told me that he was a little concerned about whether we would be able to photograph her. Olive is an adventure dog and an independent girl. Her Dad describes her as ‘busy” and he wondered if she would be still enough for us to create one of my signature portraits. After he saw the first one at sunrise, he knew Olive was in good hands.

However, after that initial portrait, I let Olive be in charge of the rest of the session. With a little guidance from me, of course. Olive took me around and showed me all of her favourite places – and given that she walks here almost every day of her life, she had lots to show me. She would trot off only to turn around every now and again with a look of: Come on, guys! I’ve got tons of things to show you and we’ll miss it if you all keep dawdling.

pet photography kitchener waterloo cambridge

Given how early we were, there was still time to run before the heat became too much. I always think that dogs look so full of joy when they can just run.

(Side note: If action/running images is one of the things you are going to want to include in your session, I really do suggest we start early before the heat of the day sets in. And remember to pack lots of water. That way, it’s much more pleasant and safer for you and your dog.)

dog photography kitchener waterloo
Pet Photographer in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge, Ontario

It was one of those perfect Summer mornings where the light was beautiful and the sky was a dramatic blue. Olive’s coat literally glistened in the sun! Especially after she had taken a dip in the lake.

adventure dog photography in Cambridge, Ontario

This location offered a great variety of backdrops, including the cool shade of the forest. With that early morning sun peaking in amongst the trees, we had the perfect environment for one final, stunning portrait.

Olive’s canvas and framed prints now grace the walls of the home she shares with Dad. The Wall Art together with her Posh Pets® Folio, allows her to show off what a much loved doggie she is!

“Olive, thank you so much for taking me on your morning adventure with you. You have one of the most beautiful places to explore and I cannot wait until our Winter Session!”

Do you have an adventure dog? If you would like us to join you on an outdoor adventure with your dog, a Boutique Session is the place to start. Details are below:


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  • Pre-session Design Consult that ensures we create images you will be thrilled with.
  • The result is gorgeous custom artwork the life your pet shares with your family.
  • A personal Ordering Consultation to ensure you select the right images from the gallery.
  • Please note: The Creative Fee covers time and talent to photograph a maximum of four (4) subjects, which can be any combination of people and up to two (2) pets who live within the same household. Additional subjects may be photographed for a small additional fee.
  • Examples of portraits from Posh Pets Boutique™ Sessions can be found here.

Washburn – A Perfect Gentleman | Toronto Dog Photographer

Washburn – A Perfect Gentleman | Toronto Dog Photographer

I’ve been saving this post for some time. It actually took place earlier this year as we were in the depths of last Winter, but as I went through scheduling posts, I wasn’t sure anyone would want to see pictures of snow in the middle of July! Especially given that Summer never really started here in Toronto this year. Washburn was just too special to not have him appropriately introduced to you all.

Washburn is important to me because he shows the results of some of my volunteer work. I first met him when he was a wide-eyed adoptable at Toronto Animal Services and I photographed him in the hopes of him finding a really wonderful family to call his own. I’m so happy to now know that he did! Sarah, his ‘mom’ reached out to me when she found his original adoptable image on this blog and an e-mail conversation ensued. She told me all about how Washburn was now doing and sent me wonderful updated pictures of him. You can only imagine how thrilled I was to learn that I would have the opportunity to meet Washburn again because Sarah booked a Posh Pets Boutique Session! Arrangements were made, a date was set and we got to spend a couple of hours together on a sunny, yet crisp, winter morning in Toronto, capturing Washburn’s lovely personality and happy home with his new family.

We started our session with a majestic pose that showed off his stylish collar and harness – Washburn is a very fashionable gentleman,you know. I love looking at this image and all of that golden morning light behind him.

dog in snow with golden morning light

It was important to get some portraits of Washburn with his new forever family. Washburn’s life is wonderful and he is a far cry from being a little adoptable at the shelter. Truthfully, he has changed his Mom and Dad’s lives as much as they have changed his. And just look at his little raised paw!

young couple with dog on bridge

No Posh Pets Session would be complete without some running and being silly! That stick was bigger and heavier than Washburn, but he insisted on bringing it with us the entire way. It made navigating narrow spaces a little more difficult, but no less fun.

pug running with stick in his mouth

Of course, if you have snow, you need to dance! Washburn was happy to show off some of his signature ‘moves’…

dancing dog in the snow

We finished the morning with some other locations and were able to capture this beautiful portrait of the little man.

magestic dog posing in trees

Washburn, I wish you so much love and happiness in your new life – you deserve it. Your Mom and Dad love you so much and will take the best care of you.  And I know you will keep them laughing and smiling every day. Live life well, my dear boy.

Looking for a winter session of your own for your furry face or as a gift for someone you know? Your first step is here.

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographer Canada

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographer Canada

Here are the results of this week’s visit to Toronto Animal Services – North. So happy that the weather is getting milder and the furry faces (and the humans) can spend a little more time outside!

These are available from TAS – North, so please contact them directly to inquire about them. As always, there is some information such as ID number and other little details on the Posh Pets’ Facebook page. Enjoy and see you next week!