Two Beauties in Need of a Home | Cat Photography Toronto

Two Beauties in Need of a Home | Cat Photography Toronto

Snowball and Mittens. Sisters. Bonded. Seniors.

These two kitties need to find a forever home soon. They have been far too long at the shelter and, while there have been inquiries to adopt them out separately, that cannot happen. When they are separated, they will not eat.

Snowball is the more outgoing one while Mittens is the quiet type. Both are polydactyls so their feet are oh-so-cute. They are both lovely snuggle-bums and can be picked up and cuddled. In fact, they love it! As is clearly evident, they also love to cuddle together.

If you would like a couple of older beauties, then these two are for you. Past the kitten stage, cats settle into a lovely routine that does NOT involve scratching your furniture, running crazily around your house or putting little teeth marks in everything they discover. Older cats are wonderful (we had two seniors, so I know of what I speak).

If you are not in a position to adopt, then please share their image around. (Their image is also on the Posh Pets’ Facebook page.) The more people who see them, the more likely it is that the someone who is looking for a pair will see them and they will find their forever home. They are at Toronto Animal Services (South Region) and their IDs are #617150 and #617151.

Snowball and Mittens thank you. They are waiting patiently. Together.