SwissRidge Doodle Romp – Part I | Schomberg, Ontario Dog Photographer

SwissRidge Doodle Romp – Part I | Schomberg, Ontario Dog Photographer

What did you do this weekend? Us? So glad you asked! Our weekend at Posh Pets was pretty awesome! We had the chance to attend SwissRidge Kennels 2nd Annual Doodle Romp in Schomberg, Ontario and it was a blast! Each year, the SwissRidge Kennels family gets together and raises money for a worthy cause – this year it was to help two young boys raise funds for a service dog. You can read all about Ciaran and Shay here.

The skies threatened rain, but these events happen rain or shine! So, although the day started out overcast, neither the dogs or humans seemed to mind. There was lots of meet and greets at what is essentially, a large family reunion. Here’s the first part of our summary…!

To start off, let me introduce Blizzard (on the left) and Zolo (on the right). Zolo is a former client of mine and these two dogs are the furry kids of the hard-working event organizer, Karley Gitten of Gitten Creative. I loved seeing them again!

swissridge kennels doodle romp

More guests arriving for the start of Doodle Romp. The grounds here are spectacular and the event was designed for fun for both human and dog. There was a treasure hunt, contests, food and awesome vendors.

swissridge kennels doodleromp schomberg

I’m afraid I have forgotten the name of this little one – but you sure were cute! (Update:  This is Finn! Finn’s mum reached out to me and let me know the name of her gorgeous boy!)

posh pets swissridge kennels doodleromp

This is Motley and he reminded me of how much our world has changed. You see, I have never met Motley in person, but I already knew quite a bit about him. Such are the results of the social media world we live in. It was great to finally shake paws.

swissridge kennels berndoodle

It’s hard to resist the allure of a puppy and Jax certainly delivered. All 12 weeks of him!

best doodle puppy photographer

George was such a character and came all the way from New Jersey to attend the event. He’s young and still learning, but he it’s obvious he knows how to work the camera!

doodle puppy photography

Cash was a gentleman and looks like a miniature golden retriever. He really is a labradoodle (and a good-looking one too!), and I absolutely adore his look!

labradoodle photographer

This is Blizzard, Zolo’s brother. I photographed Zolo before Blizzard arrived, so this was our first meeting. Blizzard certainly had LOTS of fun and, although no longer freshly groomed, was a stunning boy!

berndoodle photographer canada

Another one of Jax. Just because… 🙂

doodle puppy photography toronto

Here’s another beauty whose name escapes me! Such a clean, white coat! (Edit:  I am told that this lovely furry face is Bailey. How DO you keep your coat sooo clean?)

best labradoodle photography ontario

And this is Ollie. This boy is training to be a service dog. Given his lovely personality, I have no doubt he will be a hero!

fine art dog photographer

So, there you have it! Some of the furry faces I met on Saturday. Share the images and if anyone can identify the dogs I missed the names of, please let me know! And…stay tuned for Part II!