Park & Bark Event | May 11, 2019

Park & Bark Event | May 11, 2019

We had a ton of fun last Saturday with Andrea Bertucci, a real estate agent who serves the Leslieville area, at the first Park & Bark event of 2019. For those who do not know, Park & Bark is a dog festival and outdoor market that works its way around Toronto parking lots on select Saturdays throughout the year. The event is free and well-behaved dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome. There will be 3 more events this year, so be sure to check one of them out!

This past Saturday, the weather was near perfect and the dogs were plentiful. Andrea and I shook paws with lots of happy dogs, met awesome owners, doled out treats and gave cuddles. We photographed so many great pups and raised money for a good cause – the Toronto Humane Society. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday!

Here is a roundup of the visitors we met…

Celebrity Sightings

We had some bonafide dog celebrities show up and show us their best side. This is DEXTER and pretty mum who coordinated their denim outfits just for their photo. He is kind of a big deal in these parts – Dexter was named #TorontoTopDog for 2019! But for all of his fame, he is really a down to earth kind of guy. Go follow his Instagram (@dexosaurus)  to follow his adventure and see where you can meet him next. (hint: it is the biggest dog festival in North America)

CB2 Dog Photography

Next, was GUCCI and WINTER, also known as @thefloofywoofs on Instagram. Photographing dogs in a parking lot with lots of other pups and distractions around is never easy…getting two together is even more of a challenge. But these two made it happen because they are stars!

BEAUFORD (@bisforbeauford) is a senior snout near and dear to my heart. While we have *known* each other for years on Instagram, this was our first time meeting in real life! Three years ago, Beauford was given a devastating diagnosis and prognosis. Since that time, he has been checking items off of his #bucketlist, all the while defying the odds. It was so good to see this precious boy! And his winning smile is second to none!

Tiny Paws Dog Rescue Canada

These two are best friends in real life and absolutely had to have a photo together. HARLEY is the tri-colour corgi on the left (@harleythecuriouscorgi) and MYLO, Duke of Eglinton (@mylo_corgi) is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi on the right. Both smiley, happy boys eager for their model turn!

Not to be forgotten is CHARLIE (@charchar_westie) who also chose to wear denim for the occasion.

Find the full photo gallery here:

There were so many more beautiful, happy, furry faces, so take a look through the whole set here. The first one is ALICE, the sweetest little puppy who, even though it was her first time at such an event, showed she is a natural when it comes to being photographed.

Want a chance to have your pup, kitty, ferret or…  photographed in studio by us? Find out about our in-studio sessions, below.


Available on only select days during the year. Shorter sessions perfect for those looking for a couple of portraits of their favourite family member. Find out when the next one is by signing up for the invite list.


Pampered Pooches – Part 3 | Toronto Dog Event Photography

Pampered Pooches – Part 3 | Toronto Dog Event Photography

This post is going to be HUGE. It is the third, and final, instalment of the Pampered Pooches festival and all of us at Posh Pets were thrilled to meet all of you! If you missed them, you can find Part 1 and Part 2 here.

With this many dogs, names are hard to remember. If you would like me to mention your dog’s name, please let me know in the comments below and I will update the post.

So, with without further ado, here are the rest of the cuties we met…

The sun came out in the afternoon and the dogs loved basking in the sun.

white dog toronto

So many soulful, sweet faces!

boxer dog in toronto

A gorgeous greyhound!

liberty village greyhound photography

This little girl was eager to please.

white dog girl in Toronto

This duo were getting lots of attention wherever they went.

Rottweiler and Pittie in Toronto, Canada

Nothing like a little white dog!

toronto pet photography event

And a sweet poodle girl.

posh pets photography toronto event

A little terrier with bows in her hair.

yorkie dog photographer in toronto

Everytime I look at this face, I smile. Samson, you are one cute pooch!

happy smiling dog photography

A little scruff nut came to visit.

scruffy dog photographer in toronto

As did a gorgeous malmute.

malamute dog photography in ontario

A happy Boston!

laughing boston dog in Canada

Tongues were out and smiles were big.

beautiful dog photography

What a cutie!

gorgeous dog photography

A little more serious pose. I think he was worried that I might not hand the treat over 🙂

bold dog photography

Such soft, clean hair. Not easy when you are white!

fine art dog photographer in toronto

This little poodle had the most beautiful coloured coat.

fine art pet photographer in Toronto

Another dachshund…

dachshund dog photographer

Then the puppies came along…this frenchie was sooooo cute.

frenchie puppy portraits

A beagle with soulful eyes…

beagle dog portraitsCanada dog photographer

A happy beagle boy!

best dog photographer in Toronto

Such a mournful look. Don’t worry…there are more treats.

golden labrador dog portraitmessy hair on a dog photographer

Even in the chaos, you can still get a head tilt.

beautiful dog head tilt

This little guy was just happy to be here.

posh pets event photographer

Another frenchie puppy with the most awesome colouring…

posh pets photography dog event

Busy figuring out what else was coming…

pampered pooches TO event

There were lots of Bostons that came out.

little boston dog headshotfrenchie dog headshot

Okay lady, take my picture.

GTA dog event photographersouthern ontario dog eventsouthern ontario puppy eventbeautiful dog photographyhappy dog photographyCanadian dog photographer

I tell really good jokes 🙂

award winning toronto dog photographer

This fluffy GSD puppy named Dino came to visit us. Those little tufts of hair are just wonderful!

german shepherd dog in liberty village

award winning dog photographerawesome toronto dog photographyawesome dog photographer in Toronto

A sleepy customer…

soulful dog photography in Torontofine art dog photography in Ontariocommercial dog photographer in torontocommercial dog photography in TorontoGTA photographer for pets

Puppy. What more can I say?

mississauga dog photographer

And a wrinkled little brow. Just makes you want to cuddle them, doesn’t it?

downtown dog photographer in Toronto

Someone looks like they just got groomed for the event! One regal looking schnauzer…

the beaches dog photographer

A little shih tzu named Oreo who also looks like he had just gone to the salon…

eastern Toronto photographer

Well, this guy let me know what he thought of everything!

Canada dog photographyaward winning dog photographyaward winning pet photography

Whew! I think I got everyone! Again, THANK YOU for coming out and helping to make Pampered Pooches a great success!

Pampered Pooches Wrap-Up Part 2 | Toronto Dog Event

Pampered Pooches Wrap-Up Part 2 | Toronto Dog Event

Welcome to Part 2 of the Posh Pets Pampered Pooches wrap up which happened on Saturday! If you missed it, you can find Part 1 here.

Again, I am unsure of many of the names, so if you know these doggies, please leave a comment below and let me know their details (of course, let me know which picture you are talking about). I’ll be monitoring the comments and will definitely edit the post with names as I receive them.

As anyone knows, wherever there are large crowds of people gathered it is important to have good security. Well, Pampered Pooches had some of the cutest security around for the day. His name is Sneakers and he belongs to Kristen of TheDen Toronto. (They have some of the coolest workshops around – design and make your own wedding rings, anyone?) Here you can see Sneakers ‘on patrol’, checking out the booths as we were setting up in the morning.

security patrol at Pampered Pooches

He also came to the Posh Pets booth to ensure our water and treats were good. I am happy to say we got a ‘Pass‘!

security dog at festival in Toronto

I’m thinking of renaming this post to “dogs-in-arms”, simply because there were a lot of furry faces being carried around. Finding yourself in a sea of legs can be overwhelming when your little. But, when you have an awesome human who is willing to scoop you up, it is oh-so-good.

Mark head tilt

This one could be a model – she has the gaze just right!

dog in arms

Happiness written all over this girls face!

smiling happy dog at toronto pet festival

This little one is Penny and she is a gorgeous Cavalier King Charles puppy. If I could have distracted her human long enough, I would have tucked her in my bag…

tiny king charles cavalier puppy

A frenchie puppy is always a good thing.

posh pets festival

A little senior chihuahua – love the grizzled faces!

chihuahua being carried at Toronto dog fest

Could I be any happier?

happy curly white dog

Look at those ears!

beautiful white dog posh pets

At first glance, Zona appears to be big enough to walk on her own four feet.

smiling dog in sunlight

But, given half the chance, she too is happy to be picked up and cuddled. She even shows her appreciation by showering you with kisses! Here she sneaks in a few with her dog walker Katherine, who runs the awesome Katie & Co. If you live in the Toronto area and need a dog walker, check out her website for more info.

dog licking girl with a kiss

These two opted for the stroller and had quite a bit to say about it!

two dogs in a stroller in liberty village

Their sister, on the other hand, likes to be personally carried. She deserves it – after all, she is a bit of a celebrity, and her next star turn I am told, is the role of Toto in the Toronto production of The Wizard of Oz.

toto in wizard of oz

Max is 3-year old beautiful boy who has helped so many others with his work as a therapy dog. Unfortunately, he is facing some health issues of his own, so it was easier for him to enjoy the festival from the vantage point of his pram.

dog in pram stroller

This little dude was quite happy to walk, strutting about and showing off his brand new striped harness. He had just received it and boy, did he look good!

pug in striped harness toronto

And sometimes, even if you don’t need to be picked up, it is just enough to know that your human is near by.

grey and white rat tail terrier

There are still more furry faces to go. Stay tuned here and we’ll be posting Part 3 soon!

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Toronto Pet Photographer

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Toronto Pet Photographer

Pet photography is alive and well in Toronto these past few weeks! With all of the trees showing their best fall colours, we at Posh Pets have been busy as little beavers meeting lots of furry faces for their sessions. Even with the flurry of activity, we cannot forget about all of the lovely animals waiting for forever homes at Toronto Animal Services. It is such a pleasure each week to hand out treats and nice cuddles and belly rubs to the new dogs and cats I meet.

A lot of the animals in the following images are not quite ready for adoption. There are still some health-checks to be done and sometimes they have to be scheduled for their spay or neuter. But, if you are looking for a new family member, keep a close eye on the TAS website where their photo will be posted as soon as they become available. Rest assured, they are all lovely and would love to meet you just as soon as they can!

One other thing…if you adopted your pet from TAS – North, we would love to hear about it. Head over to the Posh Pets’ Facebook page and send us an update and/or a photo or two. Happy endings are just awesome!

canada's own doberman dog photographerToronto's best german shepherd dog photographerGTA Border Collie pet photographerToronto's best poodle dog photographer

photo of cat sitting in dog housedog laying on green grassmini poodle by wall in TorontoToronto doberman dogGTA orange cat on tilestoronto black shih tzu on grasstoronto black and white cat on bedcalico cat in Torontohusky dog sitting on grass in TorontoToronto's best white catontario little white pomeranian dog

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Dog & Cat Photographer

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Dog & Cat Photographer

It would appear that this is the week that Summer decided to make its appearance in the land of Posh Pets (Toronto). Up until now, we have had an unseasonably cool summer. But not this week – lots of temperatures in the 30s with humidex levels in the 40s. I think it took some of us by surprise. It’s also a good time to remind everyone – leaving a dog or any pet in a locked car for even ‘a few minutes’ can be deadly. Try waiting for a friend in your car without the doors open or the air-conditioning blowing and you’ll see what I mean. Keep those precious furry faces safe! We did however, have a chance to have the dogs outside at TAS (in the shade) and take some lovely portraits. And the kitties make an appearance this week too – camp is over and we have use of the Cat Pod back where the cats roam and interact with each other. So nice to see you guys again! These guys and girls are all available from Toronto Animal Services – North. If you would like to meet one of them, give TAS a call and they will set up a meet-and-greet for the both of you. Enjoy your last week of summer! bichon poodle sitting in grass by wallblack cat posing posh pets photographygraceful boxer dog standingcute cat in tree housecattle dog puppy sitting in grassrelaxing brown tabby cat pet photographer

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographer in Toronto, Ontario

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographer in Toronto, Ontario

What beautiful weather it was in Posh Pets land this week! And so many gorgeous furry faces to meet and photograph and images to share with  you!

This group is available from Toronto Animal Services – North Region and you can arrange a meeting by contacting them directly. We’ll also be featuring their beautiful images on the Posh Pets Facebook page and via our other social media channels. Thanks so much for sharing them around!


american bulldog sitting on grassblack and white cat photopoodle dogblack and white catbrown tabby catpekingese doghusky doggerman shepherdlhasa apso rottweiler shepherd dogbeagle dog with green bushrottweiler mix sitting with bush

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographer in Ontario, Canada

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographer in Ontario, Canada

This week had quite a variety – 4 dogs, 2 cats, a hamster, a rabbit and a bird! They are all available from Toronto Animal Services (North), so contact them to arrange a meet-and-greet. There is more information on the TAS website as well as the Posh Pets’ Facebook page…so please have a look!

First up was the hamster! Cookie Dough is obviously quite tame and enjoys human interaction.

Then I met the appropriately named Birdie, a little budgie.

Then there was Ginny, a beautiful brown tabby cat.

Pepsi is one curious kitty cat, and loves to climb all over you to get to the treats!

Whitley is great, even though he is in need of a haircut. His eyes practically disappear!

Thoughtful little Plato is here contemplating the secret to happiness in life. And he thinks it probably has to do with having a home of one’s own.

Dorrie is a sweetheart! She is a little timid and shy when you meet her, but warms up within 20 minutes. She plays “fetch” with her balls and hoards her toys in her bed. She needs someone worth of the loyalty and devotion she has to give!

And here is Jingles, looking magnificent against his royal blue background!

Last, but not least is Monroe, the Westie on high-octane gas. This guy likes to go, go, go! During his photo session, there was no getting him to sit for a picture, so we simply let him loose and had him run straight at me!

Calendar Girls & Boys – Canada Pooch Calendar Cuties Photography Shoot | Toronto Pet Studio

Calendar Girls & Boys – Canada Pooch Calendar Cuties Photography Shoot | Toronto Pet Studio

We had planned the date and location for weeks – 10 dogs on October 27, 2012 in High Park, Toronto for their calendar shoot for Canada Pooch. The weeks leading up to the shoot were glorious fall days full of sun, colourful leaves and the crisp fall air. But all that chaged the week of the shoot. For that was the week that “Frankenstorm” decided to make its appearance in Toronto and the eastern seaboard was pumelled by Hurricane Sandy. Copious amounts of rain fell from the sky day after day…

With no time to lose, there was a last minute change in venue to Pawsway (which is an awesome place to take your dog, by the way!). There, we could be inside (read: dry!) and out of the rain (read: warm!). But, it did also mean that we would have to change our plan and have more of a ‘commercial’ look to our images.  The decision was made to photograph them against a white background in line with the Canada Pooch website.

The day arrived and it was pouring cats and dogs outside. But, inside we had so much fun meeting all of the pooches and the pooch-parents who had braved the elements to come. Seeing all of these furry faces dressed up in the latest Canada Pooch outerwear…well, everyone felt like a model! As you can imagine, there was was a lot of excitement in the air as dogs and people were meeting each other for the first time and everyone wanted their pooch to do well. But they needn’t have worried – take a look at the results below and I think you will agree that everyone did marvellously!

Here is a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at what the Posh Pets’ set looked like before everyone arrived…

And here is cover boy, Foley. Or rather, his covers. This beautiful boy managed to get both the front and back pages of the calendar.

The petite Belle who was a last-minute replacement. But, this girl is a natural…took to modelling like she was born for it!
 Charlie, who gave us a run for our money! I am sure that this boy has some border collie in him…this guy loves to move!
 Sweet, little Eva. She was a doll to work with!  But, she is wearing a top secret style that is part of the Canada Pooch so her image will be ‘revealed’ later…

Leo likes to do tricks – and he showed us quite a few! Here he is, executing his awesome paw shake.

We tried for a “looking back” shot with all of the dogs. But it was Lucy who rocked this angle!
 The following brothers were Malbec and Pinto (someone loves wine!). Here, Malbec shows us his serious, GQ look…
…while brother Pinot is an absolute ham!
We also met a pair of sisters, both sporting the soon-t0-be released Canada Pooch styles. All I can tell you is that Lucy strutted her stuff in yellow…

…whereas Poppy liked the feel of the wind in her hair!

And here was little Sacha, who was probably the calmest of the group. She just sat and posed for us!

How can you get your hands on these images (including the ‘secret’ ones)? The calendars are available for $20.00 each from Canada Pooch directly and 10% of proceeds will go to Toronto Animal Services. If you are interested, please contact Canada Pooch directly at [email protected] by November 30, 2012. They will give you all of the details! It is a great deal – some great dog imagery and a way to help the TAS take care of less fortunate doggies!

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographer Toronto

Adoptables – Toronto Animal Services | Pet Photographer Toronto

After just realizing that Posh Pets did not post last week, here are two week’s worth of cuddly, furry adoptables! They are available from the Toronto Animal Services (North Region), so if you are looking to find out a little more, please contact them  directly. They will be happy to give you the information you need. These guys and girls will also be featured on the Posh Pets Facebook page if you are looking to see more of them.

From this week…

And here is last week’s large gang! Most are still available for adoption!

Thanks for visiting and please share these images around – you never know where a forever home may be found!

Freya | Toronto Maltese & Poodle Pet Photographer

Freya | Toronto Maltese & Poodle Pet Photographer

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing a true little lady. The lovely Freya is a maltese/poodle mix who has aged so gracefully. Being a little older now, Freya is most comfortable in her home – and what a gorgeous home she lives in! So, believe me, it was a joy to conduct her custom photo session inside, away from the winter elements.

Her mom, Shari, really wanted to update an image she had from when Freya was a wee little puppy; one that would capture the essence of their relationship. A relationship that has developed into something very special through the years. We were on the bed, on the gorgeous chairs and we even snuck a few outside. So, with no further ado, Posh Pets would like you to please meet the wonderful little Freya!

Freya…I hope you know that you are adored, cherished and very much loved by your mom. Thank you for the privilege of capturing your sweet personality during an afternoon visit. May you have many more wonderful years ahead of you!