Project 52 – Selective Focus | Pet Photography

Project 52 – Selective Focus | Pet Photography

Ever heard of selective hearing? Apparently, it was an ailment I suffered from all through my teenage years…I listened to what I wanted, and simply “did not hear” the rest. (Of course, the parts that I did not hear were usually the good advice from my parents or anything else that would have been beneficial…)

Selective focus is similar, except it is done very deliberately. It is a technique to have the viewer focus on a particular area of the image, without the photographer having to say a word. This way the viewer can more easily hone in on the parts that are important and disregard the rest.

In honour of this theme, the Posh Pets‘ image was taken on Monday at the shelter. Here is little Kirby, who likes to play hide and seek with the photographer. He wasn’t particularly fond of the camera, so I had to use a long lens so that he would have his personal space. You can see though, that he always had his eyes on me, even as he took refuge in amongst the plants. Focusing on tiny, little Kirby threw the greenery out of focus and now you can clearly see his cute little expression, completely and utterly focused on me.

Kirby is also focused on finding his forever family. You are most welcome to come meet him and his shelter pals at Toronto Animal Services (North Region)!

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