Posh ‘Tails’ – Washburn | Toronto Dog Photographer

Posh ‘Tails’ – Washburn | Toronto Dog Photographer

Are you an animal lover that enjoys a happy ending?  Then I have a story for you!

For anyone who follows the Posh Pets‘ blog, it becomes pretty clear that I have a special spot in my heart for rescue and shelter animals. Each of those little furry faces are precious! And so, I volunteer with various organizations, taking pictures of their adoptables in the hopes that someone special will see their beautiful faces and give them a home. Truth is though, although each week many of the animals become someone’s pet, I often do not know what became of them. I choose to believe that they live out their lives in a home surrounded by love, warm, dry beds and full bellies…

So, it really warms my heart when someone reaches out to me and let’s me know how “my” adoptables are doing. That happened this week.

First of all, let me introduce you to this gorgeous guy…

Pug Sharpei dog mix sitting in snow

I looked up my records and so I know that I first photographed him on the very last day of 2012, so December 31. As you can see, we had snow on the ground at Toronto Animal Services and I remember that we scooted outside briefly to photograph a lot of different doggies that day. But, just look at that face! He was beautiful and searching for the right home. Well, I am happy to share that he found it.

Sarah, who wrote to me this week, shared this…

Hi! My name is Sarah.

I was browsing your site and was very excited to discover that you actually photographed my dog Washburn (used to be Brock) back in January of this year when he was doing his, I think, first of two stays at TAS.

My heart skipped a beat at seeing his adoptable photo.

It was always in the back of my mind to contact someone that had contact with him about how much he’s changed both mine and my boyfriend’s life. When I saw his picture on your site I kinda clicked the contact button without thinking. We originally saw his picture on the TAS site when we were on our way to an adoption event and had thought he would be too big for our little apartment. (He was listed as a Shar pei/mastiff mix) Little did we know he was more pug than mastiff and a perfect little man. We haven’t looked back since he came into our lives.

I want to thank you for taking the time to give exposure to dogs like our little Wash. Without people like you these special animals would have a harder time finding their forever homes. I doubt I’d be able to do what you do as I would have to take everyone home with me 🙂

You’re simply amazing.

Awwww…Sarah, thank YOU! It was just about the nicest e-mail to receive. Sarah also included some lovely pictures of Washburn to show us how he is doing now. This is one happy furry face!

Photo Credit: © Sarah Sullivan

Photo Credit: © Sarah Sullivan

Image provided by Sarah Sullivan

Image provided by Sarah Sullivan

Know any other animal lovers that could do with a little pick me up? Please share this story with them…you and they will be glad you did!

PS:  If any of “my” other adoptables are out there…please feel free to reach out and say hi.