Poppy + Henry | Dog Photographer in Toronto, Ontario

Poppy + Henry | Dog Photographer in Toronto, Ontario

I’ve photographed this lovely family through the years as dogs changed – it has always been the highlight of my year. The goal is always one beautiful family portrait and we have tried to make each year unique and different from the one before it. We don’t travel to any epic locations, but with a little scouting have always ended up with something that is beautifully framed for the wall.

Here is the 2022 version that was taken just steps from the family home:

Dog family photographed on rocks in Toronto, Canada

The Dogs

Poppy is a senior now and she’s moving a little slower than the last time I saw her. But she is still beautiful and still willing to do whatever we ask of her. We had to help her a little to get up on the rock, but once there, she was happy to rest and pose.

senior dog photographer in the GTA, Ontario

Henry is a little older and wiser now than last time – he was a puppy and made us work for the final family photo! He makes us laugh with his ever-changing expressions and easily distracted demeanor. It’s a lot to ask from a dog in a public park to focus his attention on YOU, but we made it work.

adult dog photographed in park in Toronto

Relationships are everthing.

I always tell clients that I will never force anyone to get in photos with their dogs, but that I ask that you come dressed to do so because it gives you options. I truly believe that relationships are what makes our time with dogs so special – they are important parts of our families and our lives. Capturing the essence of that is what I live for.

Poppy is, and always has been, Daddy’s girl. And his care and attention to her needs are such a wonderful joy to observe. A quiet moment together and loving caress…Poppy laps it all up.

Dog dad and senior dog share a quiet moment

As for Henry, some ‘photographer secrets’ will be spilled here…

By the end of our session, Henry had managed to get his paws dirty. Like, really dirty. Called upon to sit with his mum, he managed to transfer the dirt and hair from him to all over her pants and blouse. So…a little retouching was in order. That’s what you get when you hire a professional – a little finesse to achieve an elevated reality and wonderful portraits.

Portrait of dog mom and bearded collie dog.

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Marcie | Family Pet Photography in Mississauga, Ontario

Marcie | Family Pet Photography in Mississauga, Ontario

I’d like to introduce you to Marcie!

When I asked her Mum and Dad – as I often do – what breed is she, I was told that she was a cross between a Husky, Shepherd, Malamute, and Lab. Well, that must be the recipe for cuteness! Add to that her adorable 1-ear-up-1-down, as well as her 1 sparkly blue and 1 brown eye…yep Marcie’s got it all.

She also turned out to be a master poser. I mean, just look at her!

dog posing in Fall leaves

Professional photographer tip: You’ll notice that Marcie has her collar on in her portrait above. To have the collar on in the final images is a personal decision and one that I leave up to my clients. In this case, Marcie’s tag matched the surroundings, was hanging beautifully, and had her name showing. That combination made it an easy yes to keeping it in the final portrait.

Autumn in Southern Ontario

We chose the Fall Colours as our backdrop and waiting for the perfect day. As you may recall, last year’s display was absolutely spectacular! I’m not sure I remember an Autumn as good as 2022 – beautiful weather, vivid colours, and a season that went on and on.

It was on one of these crisp Autumn mornings that we all met to photograph Marcie and the 2 humans she loves the most. My assignment was clear: capture the relationship this family shares together without a lot of perfectly posed shots. I have to say: Those elements all came to gether in this image of them walking through the forest with Marcie looking adoringly at her people. It’s probably my favourite one from our session.

couple walking in fall colours with their rescue dog

And this one! A totally unscripted moment when Marcie came up to her Mum and Dad while we were planning out our next location. It’s capturing images like this that makes my heart sing. It is obvious how much Marcie loves her people and how much they love her. For rescue dogs like Marcie, this is the happy ending we all dream of.

Dog and couple on bridge.

Time to get wet!

Planning a session out is really important because you want everyone – including the dog – to simply think that this is the best day ever. It should be full of treats and praise and doing things they love doing.

In Marcie’s case, she has a LOT of energy. So, we walked and ran and did all kinds of fun things. But she also loves water! So, we could not let the session end without letting her wade in.

The best part of this photograph? That little trail of water hanging from her mouth. It’s all in the details.

Professional photographer tip: This is where good planning is key: Always leave these images to the end of your session because once doggo is wet, there is no coming back from it.

Dog playing in creek in Mississauga

Thank you Marcie for spending the morning with me and introducing me to your lovely Mum and Dad! I had so much fun with you and I hope you all have many wonderful adventures together!

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Autumn Sessions with Fall Colours

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