Paddington | Toronto Corgi Puppy Photography

Paddington | Toronto Corgi Puppy Photography

Is there anything quite like the unbelievable cuteness of a puppy session? All of that roly-poly goodness combined with snuggles and little legs can’t take them very far? I don’t think so.

So, it was with absolute delight that I spent an early summer afternoon in Toronto photographing petite Paddington during her cute puppy stage. The head tilt alone left me hopelessly in love. And when we got her running…well, it took everything I had not to simply plop her in the car and take her home with me. (In a way, I guess I did – one of Paddington’s images currently graces the masthead of this blog.)

It has been a few months since we took these images, so of course, Paddington has grown into a beautiful corgi girl. I get to see her quite regularly as she belongs to the owners of the pet supply store I frequent for my own furry faces, and she is almost always there to greet me with a kiss. But, her family is so very glad we were able to capture these images while she was still young. Come along and I think you will agree that it was worth it.

corgi puppy sleeping on dog bedcorgi puppy standing on deck chaircorgi puppy smiling in tall grass with sunlightcorgi puppy on path with head tiltcorgi puppy lying in grass with head tiltsmiling corgi puppycorgi puppy running in green grasscorgi puppy trying to get in backdoor of housecorgi puppy peeking over grass

If you are considering having a Posh Pets Photography puppy session for a new furry face in your life, don’t delay! The puppy stage is brief, but photographs can capture it forever.