Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming in Oakville | Grand Opening

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming in Oakville | Grand Opening

This past Saturday Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming celebrated their Grand Opening in Oakville, Ontario.

Did you know that this is the first Woof Gang to open in Canada? Yep! And what a party it was!

A dog photo booth – woof!

We set up a little photobooth in the front window of the store and photographed all the pups that came in for a visit. There were puppies, seniors and everything in between.

Congratulations to Tanuj and her team on a wonderful event – a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

And now, onto the pups who showed up to party!

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Dougie, the Boston | Southern Ontario Dog Photographer

Dougie, the Boston | Southern Ontario Dog Photographer

I love it when I get calls from people looking for the perfect gift for a dog lover and they have decided on a Posh Pets Gift Certificate. It’s a double-dose of awesomeness. Firstly, the givers are invariably incredible people who have really searched for a personal, completely customized gift for their family member or friend. And then, I have the opportunity to meet the dog or cat lover themselves and their adorable pet. What more could I ask for! It is in this way that I came to know Dougie (an obvious fan of the Maple Leafs), and one of the cutest, full-of-personality boston terriers I have ever met. His mom is pretty cool too and she loves Dougie dearly.

After some discussion, his mom picked Dougie’s favourite park on an early week-day morning for his session. It’s where he goes rambling almost every day, and given the fact that practically every single person we met during our session knew Dougie by name, I’d say he’s a bit of a celebrity.

Dougie was careful to be out in front showing us the way around. But, as the ever careful leader, he never got too far ahead. If we lagged a little too much, he would stop, turn around and patiently wait for us to catch up.

dog portrait in toronto

Often, we saw the back of him. Which gave him an opportunity to show off his great terrier derrière. (Hey, it rhymes!)

dog walking awayprovincial park dog photography

Dougie was more than happy to introduce me to ‘his’ lookout. And then he flashed his beautiful smile!

happy boston terrier

Dougie is a trooper too. Always up for fun, he was willing to stand in grasses that clearly came way, way, way over his head! And produce a head-tilt, no less!

dog with blue sky in ontarioThe fence post – the entrance to many awesome smells and trails to explore. Come on guys – what are we waiting for?

dog in bronte provincial park

We ended the session with some amazing portraits of this beautiful boy in a bed of red needles. This image hangs large in a place of honour in Dougie’s home.

awesome dog in red needlesboston terrier in bronte provincial park

It was such a pleasure photographing this little guy and creating an amazing folio box filled with fine-art matted prints. You can see more of the products Dougie has in his home on the Posh Pets Instagram page (@dogphotographer). I know that I smile whenever I see his charming face.

Has this post got you wanting to design a custom session for your pet? If so, the place to start is here.

Monty –  A Golden Doodle Boy…| Toronto Pet Photographer

Monty – A Golden Doodle Boy…| Toronto Pet Photographer

As a dog photographer, it comes as no surprise to anyone that I love dogs of all shapes and sizes. In case you haven’t noticed, Toronto and the GTA are full of dogs! I see them them everywhere – at dog events, riding in cars, pet stores and on the streets and in the parks.  Walking down the street, I am that person who will always stop to ask if I can pet your dog. But given the number of pets in Ontario, I realize that I only get to know a relatively few number. Which is why, I am always so thrilled when someone chooses me to create beautiful images of their furry face. Not only do Posh Pets clients get something they love – custom art work that centres celebrates their pet – but I get to spend time getting all up close and personal with another awesome dog. With my camera, an arsenal of lenses, a few treats and the ability to make ridiculous sounds, we always end up being the best of friends!

I initially met Monty and his mom at a DoodleRomp. I can’t tell you how happy I was when his Mom contacted me and I learned that I was going to have the supreme pleasure of photographing her gorgeous boy. We designed a session that featured images of Monty’s favourite places to hike as well as a few in his backyard. Monty did not disappoint – he showed his skills and enthusiasm for climbing up and down tree logs, over the crest of hills and down into river beds, over bridges and through tree trunks, all the while working the camera with his beautiful smile. His gallery was stunning and made it terribly difficult to choose the final images. But, we did it! Today, these portraits are hanging as framed prints in Monty’s home, where he can be admired by many.

Monty, thank you for inviting me on your hike! It was such a pleasure to get to know you and most importantly, see how much you are loved. Be good, my boy…and try and keep those white paws clean!

golden doodle in autumn scenehappy golden doodle doggolden doodle dog on shalegolden doodle dog headshotgolden doodle dog in tree trunk


Zolo | Oakville Golden Doodle Photography

Zolo | Oakville Golden Doodle Photography

Today I am so happy to share this long overdue blog post featuring Zolo and her amazing Posh Pets session!

The first time I met Zolo, I fell in love. Hard. Of course, she is one of the cutest little doggies, but what struck me about here was her gorgeous personality. This is a girl who is beautiful inside and out. So, as you can imagine, I was thrilled when her mom asked me to photograph her!

Our session started in Gairloch Gardens in Oakville, Ontario. Then we moved onto the Bronte Outer Harbour Marina, taking images along the way. The red door belonged to a kindly person who let us use their property just because knocked on the door! It is hard to resist the sweet face of a puppy! Zolo is a minature golden doodle and is the consumate poser.  Just look at her!Golden Doodle puppy sitting on a dockGolden doodle puppy sitting at Bronte Marina, OakvilleGolden doodle puppy at Gariloch Gardens, OakvilleGolden Doodle puppy standing on a tree stumpGolden Doodle puppy sitting on bench at Gairloch Gardens, OakvilleGolden Doodle puppy with red doorAs you can imagine, with all of this gorgeousness, Zolo’s mom had the hardest time picking the images from her beautiful Gallery. But, we got there eventually, and now, Zolo’s family can enjoy her beautiful images on their walls!

Just a reminder:  The beautiful Autumn season is upon us! If you are thinking of booking a Posh Pets Session to enjoy the beautiful Fall colours, contact me right away. We don’t have many Fall dates left, and the colours should be beautiful this year!