Project 52 – Noses | Toronto Pet Photography

Project 52 – Noses | Toronto Pet Photography

Dogs follow their noses, especially the “hound” breeds. This week, Posh Pets was fortunate enough to photography a trio of beagles which provided lots and lots of noses to photograph. This image is a little more abstract/fine art than usual, but I really love it. And it showcases Marcy’s little nose.

Here is a top view of that same nose.

And here is the same nose WAY, WAY TOO CLOSE. Love this picture! This happens a lot during photo sessions – probably more than most people realize. And it always results in funny photos like this one. As well as the necessary business of wiping your lens clean of doggy nose schmutz.

But, just to show you what a beautiful girl Marcy really is, here is her adoption photo. Yes, unbelievably, she and her nose (and eyes, ears, paws and heart!) are all patiently waiting at the Toronto Animal Services for her forever home.

That is it for Posh Pets for this week! Now, please check out Kaylee Greer of Dog Breath Photography who is located just a little south of us in beautiful Boston, Massachusetts!  We cannot wait to see what noses she photographed this week!