The Dog Park | Pet Photography in Toronto

The Dog Park | Pet Photography in Toronto

In case you haven’t heard, things “they have been a-happening” at Toronto Animal Services – North. Just two weeks ago, construction began on a new “dog park” that will be coming to life. As I understand it, the hope is that construction will be completed by the end of June. I am absolutely thrilled to consider the possibilities of getting images of the dogs running and having fun each week – this is a pet photographer’s dream!

So here are a few images from the first two weeks. I will be sharing more as this project progresses…

Week 1

The had just broken ground and the new “tunnel” was already taking shape! Lots of digging and levelling going on as the bulldozers did the heavy lifting.

Week 2

Gravel is laid and outlines where the new rubberized training track will be. New enclosed play areas for smaller furry faces and the tunnel/hill combo appears to be completed and has new grass laid for all the little paws that will run on it!

Stay tuned for more photos next week!