(Almost) California Girls! | Dog Photographer

(Almost) California Girls! | Dog Photographer

We spent a day in Lake Havasu City which is technically in Arizona, but shares its border with California. First thing I noticed:  this city belongs to the dogs! I have never seen so many people about with dogs, and most significantly, everyone seemed to be walking two. There were little groups comprising of 8 paws everywhere and, in speaking with a number of the humans, these little pairs were almost always related to each other.

Given the fact that it was a gorgeous day, I did get to have some impromptu “mini shoots” while we vacationed.  One of these was with Shasta and Sugarplum, who are a mom and daughter Shih Tzu duo, and whom I met by chance in the hotel lobby (this is a pet-friendly city and the hotels reflect that). Their mom told me that she had once taken the two of them to a pet store for pictures, but that the images were not what she had wanted. So, we decided to take 10 minutes for some quick photographs on the hotel grounds. So, in honour of the fact that today is  Family Day in Ontario (and some of the other provinces in Canada), please meet this little family…

First up was Shasta. She is 6 years old and is a quiet little soul, always observing.

Sugarplum is Shasta’s daughter and is 3 years old. She is a gregarious, attention-loving little thing. And she has the wind-blowing-in-your-hair-head-tilt-supermodel pose down pat!

After a few minutes, Shasta decided that this was going to be fun and relaxed into a lovely reclining pose.

…while Sugarplum flashed her gorgeous smile!

Towards the end of our time together, we were able to get an image of them together, which their mom just loved!

After their mom saw the images, she told me that she wished I lived closer so that they could experience a full Posh Pets Boutique SessionI honestly hear that a lot. The difference between a holiday photo in a pet store environment and  custom portrait photography is dramatic. Thus, I always encourage people to consider investing in portrait photography because it is a gorgeous way to capture the essence and life of our pets now, and for years to come.

Shasta and Sugarplum, I am so glad we met and your mom gave me the opportunity to photograph you. You are darlings and I know your mom loves the pictures!