Tails of the World 2023

Tails of the World 2023

In May 2023 we participated in the 2nd annual fundraising session called Tails of the World. In conjunction with 74 photographers from 14 countries, over $65,000 was raised for local rescues around the world!

(See the end of this post if you would like the chance to represent Toronto in 2024.)

Highlights of 2023

* We were thrilled to be featured by Susan Hay on Global News (click here)! She helped so much by shedding light on this important project.

* We expanded to 3 locations and were blessed with beautiful weather for all dates.

* We beat our previous goal from 2022 and raised $1400 for Fetch + Releash.

A Huge, Big Thank You

We could not have done it without the amazing pups and people who participated. So many got up early, travelled far, and followed maps to make this happen. And everyone was absolutely on time for their session!

So…without further ado, here are the 12 dogs respresenting TORONTO in Tails of the World book for 2023.

(Psst…want to see the rest of the 785 dogs and still raise money for rescue? You can purchase the book here.)

Beauford & Betty

two golden retrievers in Tails of the World Toronto


GSP in Tails of the World Toronto


Pomeranian in Tails of the World Toronto


dogs in front of Toronto skyline

Bernice & Walter

saint bernard and shih tzue in Tails of the World Toronto


harlequin dane in Tails of the World Toronto


frenchie in tails of the world Toronto


Samoyed in tails of the world Toronto


bernedoodle in Tails of the World Toronto


rescue dog in Tails of the World Toronto

We will be launching 2024 soon!

Get on the list and know when the applications go live!

Finlay | West Highland Terrier Photography Session

Finlay | West Highland Terrier Photography Session

I’d like to introduce you to Finlay! As you can see, he is one of the cutest breeds out there – a west highland terrier and all-round great guy who knows a thing of two about posing!

westie dog in fall leaves

Good things come to those who wait…

We met for 30 minutes on an early winter afternoon in Toronto, just as the sun was dipping below the horizon for his long-delayed petite session. You see, this has been booked just before COVID turned our life upside down and the world began that long shutdown. Mum works in healthcare and that has meant long, long hours and endless days of work for the last few years. Coupled with keeping herself and her patients healthy, it wasn’t until the end of 2022 that schedules came together in such a way that we could finally meet up.

And when we did, Finlay was ready to run! He showed us what an athlete he really is and how much he loves his orange ball.

westie running with chuckit ball

I love to shoot action with dogs who are up for it. The concentration, the energy, and the expressions we capture are second to none. Here is Finlay just before the catch…and yes, he got it!

west highland terrier chasing his orange ball

But also, gorgeous portraits.

Once we had finished running and running and running, Finlay was ready for his portraits. Finding a bit of modern, architectural lines is always a nice edition to a portrait. It draws your eye in to look at the adorable subject.

westie dog standing on architectural wall

This was the last shot of the session. The sun was low, but it lit up the tall grasses behind Finlay. Put him on a rock and asked him to smile…and we were done!

sun-drenched backlight with west highland terrier on rock

Want to see what Finlay’s Mum had to say about his session? Click here.

Limited Edition Petite Sessions are held on ONE or TWO days per year. Want to know when the next one is happening? Get on the waitlist here.